Imatges de pÓgina


Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity.


Being a Collection and Explication of all the

Texts in the NEW TESTAMENT, rela-
ting to that Doctrine.

CH A P. I.
of GOD the FATHER.

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The Paffages of the New Testament, wherein
He is stiled the One or Only God.

AT. xix, 17. Why callest thou me,
Good ? * There is none Good,
but One, [*Eu, One Perfon,]
that is God.

* See this explained, No 340,702,

17, 13 † So the word' necessarily signifies; Neither can




Chap. the word [God, ) or any other word than that of [l'erfon,] be understood in this place.


Mar. xii, 29. The first of all the Commandments is; Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is One Lord.

Our Lord and Saviour Ο Κύρια και σωτης ηJesus Christ, (Says Atha- dôv Inošs Xpisos en tois

μών Ιησάς natus,) in confirmation εαυτέ ευαγγελίοις φησί, βεof the Words of Mo. Jes, fays in his Gotpels, βαιών τα Μωσέως βήμα

' ses, , that the Lord God is One τα, ότι κύριοι ο Θεός εις and, I thank thee, O Fast Fooaegêmać

και, ther, Lirl of Heaven and σοι, πάτερ, κύριε το όραEarth.

vš sy tñs jūs. Atbanas. And again; The Son contra Gentes. (Says be ) when he came

PEAG wir Q & ýàs, eauinto the World, glori- zdy

, årra' * wariga idófied not Himself, but his Father; saying to a cere Exoev, néy or rèv tagstain Perfon who came σερχομύω, Τι με λέγεις to him, Why callest thou áza güv; šdcię czegos

, ci me, Good? there is none rencis, & Dabs TorgivóGood, but One, that is lewą Özy żow Tôvti, God: And to another, τρία εντολή και το νόμο that asked Which is the μείζων, ότι "Ακεε Ισραήλ, great Conimandment in the Law; giving this An- usia 8 Osós, os repic

κύρια ο Θεός. fwer, Hear o Israel, the cis 637. O

Lord tly God is One θητας διδάσκων, ότι δε Lord: And teach- πατήρ με μείζων με δι', ing his Disciples, saya' Athanas. Orat. 3. contra ing, My Father is grea. Arianos. ter than I.

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3. Mar. xii, 32. There is tOne God, and

there is none other bút He.

† Viz. Stri&ly and properly, in the absolute and supreme Sense, 'AUTÓJEG. As Athanafius well comments upon this place. For, (faith be,) there is “F1578 Br's 637, 9 x için One God, and there is a na Gurdin aurð. "OTE None other but He: And γεν μοι G. λέγεται δααwhen the Scripture faith, The Beds, ij Eis Teds the Father is the Only God, 631, x T) 'Ezce Tecēm and that there is One God, and I am the first, and i was izce Meta Taüte, xaI

i μετα ταύτακαam the lat, thefe things λώς λέγεται. “Εις ο θεός are well spoken : For He was pura is apôtés (312 is the One God, and the 'Cox cisevziçeriv To vš Only one, and the First: Mézetai un évoito. Es And these things do 28'ij autós es Tô 'Evi not destroy the Divinity of the son: For He 116ico ing Móvc, is of

Ενός also is in That One and 'Exès is Méve a nipóty is

in First and Oniy God, as wúva 26Q is oopía i being the only Word and at cuyasu.z cov. Atba: Wisdom and Brightness of nas. Orat. 3. contra Arianos the Glory of Him who is the One God, and the Only one, and the First. Joh. v, 44

and seek not the Honour that cometh from God only;[ Tð Móve Rif, from the Only God]




xvii, 3. That they might know Thee the f Only true God, and (that they might know] Jesus Christ whom Thou hast fent.

The True God, (faith Τον αληθινόν και όντως Arbanasius,) who is most ČVTQ Jedy, Tð Xpics

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trictly and abfolutely, πατέρα. Athanaf. contra such ; even the Father of Gentes. Cbrift.

And again: The Knowledge faith be) of the νον αληθινόν Θεόν γνώσεως,

Της προς το ένα και μόOne And Only True God, λέγω και τα Χρισπα1 I mean the Father of them. Id. Ibid. Chrift.

. . . And again : He whom

Τον παρ' ημών προσκυwe preach and worlhip, νέμμον και κηρυττόμμον, (faith her) is the Only τέτον μόνον είναι Θεόν αTrue God, the Lord of ληθή, τον και της κτίσεως all Creatures, and the κύριον, και πάσης υποσάAuthor of all Being: And Who else is That, but rews dineispzóv. Tis και αν

, the moft Holy Father of 6ξιν έτG., αλλ' ή οπαChrist, even He who is váyicij ETTEPÉXGive más far above all derivative σης γεννητής οσίας και το Being? who, as an ex- χρισ οατήρ και όξις καθάcellent Governor, go- αερ άριες κυβερνήτης, τη verns and preferves eve- ιδία σοφία και τα ιδίω λίrything every where, and difpoles and does every γω τω Κυρίω ημών Ιησο thing according to his Χρισώ τα πανταχύ κυown Pleafure, by his own βερνά σωτηρίως, και Wifdom and his own κοσμά, και ποιεί, ως αν Word, even by our Lord αυτώ καλώς έχειν δοκή. Jesus Christ .

Id. Ibid. And long before Him, O- Λεκτέον και αυτοίς, ότι rigent; To these then tóte pefi àu16JEQ Otós (fays be) [viz. Toho change Κατ διόσες κι ο σωτής φη15 with believing Two Gods,] we must reply,

σιν εν τη αρος ή πατέρα that He which is God of ευχή, ίνα γινώσκωσί σε Himarelf, is That Godl; For και μόνον αληθινόν Θεόν. which reason our Saviour way @ To so id 'Autófays in his Prayer to his θες, μετοχή της εκείνα



Father, that they may gebintJEOT OS fuor',

a θεοποιέμμον know Ibee the Only True έχο Θεός, άλλα θεός κυGod: But whatsoever is

ομώτερον αν λίγοιτο. ΟGod, besides That Selfcxistent Person; being so rigen. in Job.pag. 45. Hueonly by Communication of His Divinity, cannot so properly be called That God, but rather a Divine Person &c.

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Rom. iii, 30. Seeing it is of One God, which &c.

+ The meaning in this place is only, One and the Same God both of the Jews and Gentiles.


xvi, 27. To God Only Wise, [Gr. Móvą Copco Osco, To the Only wise God,] &c.

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1 Cor.viii; 4,6. There is none other God, but One. For though there be that are called Gods Many and Lords Many ;

to Vs there is but One God, (viz.] the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord, (viz.] Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

Though there be Gods Many, faith Mr. Mede, (that is, many Celestial and Sovereign Deities,) and Lords Many, (that is, many Baalims, Lords-agents and Presidents of Earthly things;) yet to us Christians there is but one Sovereign God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we to Him, (that is, to whom as Supreme we are to direct all our Services ;) and but one Lord Jesus Cbrift, one Lord-agent (instead of their many Baalims and Damon-Mediators,) by wbomi are all things which come from the Father to us,

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