Horĉ Lyricĉ: Poems, Chiefly of the Lyric Kind, in Three Books, Sacred : I. To Devotion and Piety, II. To Virtue, Honour and Friendship, III. To the Memory of the Dead

W. Whetstone and B. Edmond, 1753 - 299 pàgines

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Pàgina ix - Such a nation might truly say to corruption, thou art my father, and to the worm, thou art my mother and my sister.
Pàgina x - Among the bushes they brayed ; Under the nettles they were gathered together. They were children of fools, Yea, children of base men : They were viler than the earth. And now am I their song, Yea, I am their byword.
Pàgina 226 - Twixt her wild passions and her will ; Haunted and hagg'd where'er she roves, By purling streams and silent groves, Or with her Furies, or her Loves. Then our own native land we hate, Too cold, too windy, or too wet ; Change the thick climate, and repair To France or Italy for air : In vain we change, in vain we fly ; Go, Sylvia, mount the whirling sky, Or...
Pàgina 87 - Hark, how he prays (the charming sound Dwells on his dying lips) " Forgive ! " And every groan, and gaping wound. Cries,
Pàgina 284 - ... depths of woe ; Young mothers, who your darling babes have found Untimely murder'd with a ghastly wound ; Ye frighted nymphs, who on the bridal bed...
Pàgina 170 - Safe from the smiling and the frowning world. Yet once a day drop down a gentle look On the...
Pàgina 79 - Now let me mount and join their song, And be an angel too ; My heart, my hand, my ear, my tongue — Here's joyful work for you.
Pàgina 185 - Glittering stones, and golden things, Wealth and honours that have wings, Ever fluttering to be gone, I could never call my own: Riches that the world bestows, She can take, and I can lose; But the treasures that are mine Lie afar beyond her line. When I view my spacious soul, And survey myself a whole, And enjoy myself alone, I'ma kingdom of my own.
Pàgina 128 - I am held in his embrace, There's not a thought attempts to rove : Each smile he wears upon his face Fixes and charms and fires my love.
Pàgina 8 - tis in vain to seek for bliss ; For bliss can ne'er be found, Till we arrive where Jesus is, And tread on heavenly ground.

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