Imatges de pÓgina

liarity expressly condemned in Scripture.--(5) Author-
ship:-claims of Women in this respect.--(6) Theatrical
talent.--(7) Woman concluded to possess less mental
strength; opinions of female writers as to this point.—(8)
The true sphere of Woman is of the heart.

ze-li Fedraty of works of fiction to an
Bu te minÅ (6) Novels are, under
nuk bended as a crusade against morala



the indication for outward ornament natural in

te 'textby mimicry of the French in dress-

katheted indience of ornament: bow far beauty

- 3 ladeirzey of present modes in female

Day Abelity and tastelessness of the age, in this
pela com a par-45) History, on the subject of
sala de distinguished writers. -(6) Fashionable
pohled in its effect on health.-17) A word
the partising entraragance. -18) Love of dress, as


en the mind.



Latakkie want of female discrimination in an

sette miste kl. - 2 A description of women's

- lad real merit described. -- () Comparison

bores de bain elasses of men, in the way of parallel.-15)

real taintary stringing from female prejudice on

ho) True sexual characteristics.-17) High in-

tant pere discrimination with regard to men on

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GALLANTRY. $ 1.-Gallantry, as observed towards the sex, false in itself and degrailing to its ohject.—(2) (auses of this spuriocs gallantry. Beauty, the loadstone with many; to others, the wealth and worldly influence of the sex are powerful attractions. – 43) The principle of gallantry unknown to the ancients: its folly and falsehood exposed.(1) The poets, in writing of Women, have confesseilly idealized. Hurtful tendency of such effusions.- (5) Severer, if not always truer, estimate of the sex, in graver and higher walks of literature.

(HAPTER IX. ABUSE OF THE MARRIED STATE. $ 1.-Worldliness of the present age in the affair of Marriage. (2) The misery entailed on persons united in such manner. - (3) Women, seldom more amiable for the endowments of' fortune. –(4) Matrimony, by no means in itself procluctive of human misery. 3) The married shoull Hield to each other : this duty of conciliation especially incumbent on the wife.- (6) Vast importance of deliberation in entering on this state of life.

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