Imatges de pÓgina

-tion of this little work especially to Mr. Shankar Narayan Koppikar, Assistant Master, Hiyh School, Karwar, whose valuable help. it is impossible to overrate.

I owe a great apology for many typographical mistakes which have crept into the book, Any suggestions towards the inprovement of this treatise will be very welcome and will be carefully consiilered, should a second and further editions be called for:

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1. Shabdamanidarpana 1.300.30 ST OF ) by

Keshiraja: 2. Hosagannada "Nudigannadi ( BOARD Q.

to) by Mr. Krishnamacharya. 3. Kannada Vachana Koumudi (F38370.

2.ja ) by Mr S. Ramakrishnaya. 4. Kannada Kaipidi (yu Fous, o) by Mr. D.

N. Mulbagal. 5. Canarese School Grammar ( 7 op BFCO)

Printed at the Basel Mission Press. 6. Vyakarana Bhodhini (a 27890 I sa p^.?) by

Mr. T. S. Maben. 7. "An Elementary Grammar of the Kannada or Canarese Language by the Rev. Thomas

Hodson, 8. Vagvidhayini (sors 2003 ) by Mr. M.

Ramaswami. 9. Translation Series [ D. P. I. Bombay] by

Rao saheb.: S. M. Ankle, 10. Canarese Proverbs op soeg 2003), print.

ed at the Basel Mission Press Mangalore.

11. Kannada-English Dictionary by Rev. F.

Kittel: 12. A Dictionary, Cadarese and English, by the Rev. W. Reeve (revised etc: by the Rev.

", D. Sanderson.) 13. English and Canarese Dictionary by the

Rev. F. Ziegler. 14. First Book of Sanskrit by Dr. R. G.

Bhandark ar. 15. A Higher Sanscrit Grammar by Mr. A.P. Kale. 16. Sanscrit Grammar by Dr. F. Kielhorn. 17. A New Manual of English Grammar by

the Christian Literature Society for India. 18. English Grammar, "Style and Poetry, by

Richard Hiley.

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