Imatges de pÓgina

erga Deum, castitatem, patientiam, &c. Confessio Fidei Augustana, Art. xviii. [Grotii Op. fol. vol. iv. Lond. Pitt. 1679.]


1. Give a brief account of the Septuagint version of the Bible.

2. Who compiled the Vulgate?

3. From what Versions already in existence ?

4. Give an account of the Hexapla of Origen.

5. What do you mean by the Sixtine Vulgate ?

6. What learned men were engaged in this revision ?

7. Which is the authorized Version of the Romish Church ?

8. What are the Jewish Talmuds ?

9. Give an account of the Massorah, and of the Mishnah,

10. Mention some of the principal Jewish writers in early times.

11. Which is the more celebrated work, the Talmud of Jerusalem, or that of Babylon?

12. What is the literary character of the Vulgate translation ?

13. Give a short account of the principal English translations of the Bible.

14. What circumstances gave rise to our present Version ?

15. Who were the principal persons employed in its formation ?

16. Was the canon of the Alexandrian Jews, in early times, the same as that of the Jews in Palestine?

LITURGIES, &c. 1. What is meant by the Sursum Corda?

2. Shew that the Church of England has not departed from the practice of the early Church in the administration of her Sacraments.

3. The derivation of the words church, chancel, surplice, collect, lesson, liturgy, bishop, absolution.

4. Explain the offices of sub-deacon, acolyth, and exorcist.

5. What is the nature and design of Confirmation ?

6. What are the Rogation days?
7. Why are they so called ?
8. What are the Ember days?

9. Explain what is meant by the Dominical letters.

10. What do you mean by Common Prayer, Offertory, Clergy, Mass, Breviary, and Horæ, in liturgical works?

11. What objections have been urged against “ The Churching of Women,” and how are they refuted ?

12. What is meant by the term “ Ordination ?"

13. Are the clergy, properly speaking, a Priesthood ?

14. What is the signification of this wond?

15. Define the word Presbyter.

1. Who framed the English Liturgy ? 2. Who composed the “ Te Deum ?"

3. Give a short history of the Apostles' Creed.

4. What do you mean by the Liturgy ?

5. Explain the meaning of the word Litany.

6. What reformers objected to the use of our present ecclesiastical dresses ?

7. Who are the principal writers on the English Liturgy ?

8. What argument do we derive from our Communion Service, in defence of our Church ?

9. Who wrote the General Thanksgiving?

10. When was the Liturgy first read in English?

11. Who compiled the Alexandrian Liturgy ?

12. What Saints'-Days are retained in the Reformed Church of England ?

13. What principle was pursued by the Reformers in selecting the Saints’-Days ?

14. Who framed the Service on the Martyrdom of Charles the First ?

15. What objections are made by Separatists to the Service for the Visitation of the Sick ?

16. How are these objections met ?

17. How might discipline be restored to the Church ?

18. Is the maintenance of sound dis. cipline compatible with the interference of a secular government in the management of the Church ?

19. What writers have formed the principal metrical Versions of the Psalms in English ?

20. State the comparative merit of these Versions.

21. Mention instances of obsolete forms of expression in the Book of Common Prayer, and state the manner in which you would explain them.

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