Imatges de pÓgina

been the endeavour of the compiler, to embody a complete system of divinity and sound ecclesiastical discipline in the compilation, so that a student who had fairly investigated its contents, would have no reason to dread any Theological examination.

It will be found, that the general division of the subjects has not, in all cases, been adhered to. Where, for instance, an inquiry relating to Church doctrine or discipline has appeared to arise naturally from a Scripture fact, it has been placed in juxta-position with it.

The passages at the close of the volume are also selected, as specimens of those given by the ablest and most strict Theological examiners. It will be observed, that the translation of such documents involves not only some classical scholarship, but a knowledge of the phraseology of the New TestamENT and of the FATHERS OF THE CHURCH. The student must be careful not to be theologically wrong, while he is classically right; and in reference to the rendering in another tongue of these and of similar quotations, it will be necessary to consider not only what is elegant in language, but what is sound in divinity. In translating Creeds and Confessions, this precaution is especially necessary. The slightest change of phraseology may put in jeopardy some vital principle of Christianity, and break, or at least attenuate, a link of that invisible chain of intermingling doctrine and discipline, which unites the members and forms the ONENESS of the Catholic Church

The Feast of
Saint John the Evangelist.






1. What were the countries respectively peopled by the descendants of Japheth ?

2. What hypotheses have been formed concerning the exact situation of Tarshish?

3. Give a short account of the theories concerning the situation of Paradise.

4. Where is Mount Ararat? Shinar ?

5. In whose time before the flood did idolatry probably commence? Give your reasons for this answer.

6. Are the discoveries of Geology inconsistent with the Mosaic account of the creation ?

7. Trace the course of the wanderings of Abraham. Through what countries did he pass?

8. The date of the call of Abraham. The date of his death.

9. In what sense is the ark a type ?


10. Give an account of the principal opinions which have been held by learned men concerning the person of Melchisedek.

11. What were the respective positions of the twelve tribes in Palestine ?

12. What was Noah's prophecy concerning Canaan? How has this been literally fulfilled ?

13. What were the cities founded by Nimrod ?

14. Under what names is Noah supposed to be known in pagan mythology?

15. What were the names of the principal Canaanitish tribes dispossessed by the Israelites ?

16. “By one man's disobedience many were made sinners.” Prove the equity of this. In other words, is the involving of Adam's posterity in the consequences of his transgression, contrary to the principles of justice universal among mankind ?

17. Is the designation of “ Eve" by Adam supposed to imply any act of faith on his part ?

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