Journey of the Russian Mission from Orenbourg to Bokhara

Spectator Press, 1840 - 96 pàgines

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Pàgina 57 - Devol is the modern name of Deavolis. It is situated on a river of the same name, which falls into the Apsos five miles below Berat. The pass is now called the Boghaz of Tzangon. Achrida and Deavolis were the two cities which commanded the two roads leading from the Adriatic to Thessalonica. Anna Comn.
Pàgina 1 - Baschires intended to form the escort : but the party could not be assembled before the middle of September, and the fine season was passed away. From economical motives, we had at first intended to use carts for the carriage of provisions, &c.
Pàgina 37 - Negri supported by two chamberlains, advanced to within 12 paces of the khan, whom he addressed in Persian, presented his credentials through the Couch-beghi; the officers of the mission remained standing with their backs to the wall, on each side of the door. The Couch.beghi immediately presented the emperor's letter to the khan ; the prince read it aloud ; after which he requested Monsieur Negrito order some of the soldiers to enter the anti-chamber, who left their arms outside ; on seeing them,...
Pàgina 19 - Imd singing melancholy impromptu words to airs not less so. They also have historical songs, which celebrate the great actions of their heroes, but these are chaunted only by professional singers, and I greatly regret not having heard them. I often told the Kirghiz I would willingly hear...

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