Reports of Cases Upon Appeals and Writs of Error in the House of Lords: ... 53 Geo. III. 1813 [-58 Geo. III. 1818], Volum 6

W. Clarke and Sons, 1819
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Pàgina 150 - wife for life, and, on her death, the principal to be laid out in the purchase of lands to be settled to the same uses as his other real estates: and he appointed his wife sole executrix, who, as the bill alleged, duly proved the will. And the bill alleged that the late Lord
Pàgina 70 - premises, or into any part or parcel thereof, in the name of the whole to re-enter, and the same to have again, repossess, and enjoy as in his or their former estate ; and
Pàgina 24 - and to and for the several intents and " ' purposes hereinafter mentioned, expressed, and " ' declared, of and concerning the same; that is to " ' say, in trust, after deducting all taxes, repairs, "
Pàgina 83 - became purchasers of a quite new and different estate ; and instead of tenants in tail in remainder, became tenants for life, with remainder to their first and other sons in tail male; the life estate being the gift of the settlor, and also the estates of the sons, who had no estate before and took originally.
Pàgina 263 - invested in purchase of freehold and copyhold estates, of which the mother was made tenant for life, with remainder to her first and other sons in tail, &c. The Pursuer was the first son. The father died. The mother advanced
Pàgina 313 - that at two terms in the year, Whitsunday and " Martinmas, by equal portions, beginning the " first term's payment thereof at the first term of " Whitsunday or Martinmas after my death,
Pàgina 268 - agreements herein-after mentioned, expressed, and " declared, of and concerning the same ; that is to " say, to the use of the said James
Pàgina 73 - that it should be referred to the Master to take an account of what was due to the Plaintiffs for principal, interest, and costs, on the
Pàgina 327 - and T. C ), before suffering a recovery, executes a settlement on his marriage, by which he limits an estate for life to himself, with remainder to the first and other sons of the marriage in tail male,
Pàgina 4 - the wife's estate, and the equity of redemption is reserved to the husband and his heirs, without recital or special circumstance to show the intention to make a new settlement of the estate ; the husband has the equity of redemption, as he before had the legal estate, only jure uxoris.

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