Lieutenant General Karl Strecker: the life and thought of a German military man

Praeger, 1994 - 240 pàgines
For Karl Strecker the defeat at Stalingrad and his subsequent captivity were the climax of a lifetime of political and military frustration. At an early age Strecker dedicated his life to the service of his country, but during his lifetime his country underwent so many political changes that he often had trouble understanding what or whom he was serving. Strecker often found himself applying his hard-earned military skills in an undeclared civil war and in the successive world wars that destroyed German military power and ultimately led to a politically divided Germany. The battle of Stalingrad serves as the focal point of this story because, for Strecker, it represented the height of military futility.

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Streckers Stalingrad Experience
A Letters from Karl Strecker to Walter TerhardBommann

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ULI HALLER currently works for a television station in Seattle, Washington.

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