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3. GOSNELL, Printer, Little Queen Street, Holberta




general utility of a work of this nature supersedes the necessity of a Preface. But it may be thought necessary to say a few words concerning the manner in which the subjects are arranged.

In the rules in Vulgar Arithmetic, I have somewhat departed from the order generally followed, in order to render that science more intelligible, and easy of attainment, to those who choose to go regularly through it. Almost every writer on Arithmetic follows a different order in the disposition of his work; though every one must be sensible of the absurdity of teaching those rules which depend chiefly upon fractions, as Practice, &c. before the learner is acquainted with the do&rine of Vulgar Fractions. It may be observed, that any rule in Arithmetic may with equal propriety be attempted, when the learner is sufficiently skilled in the four single rules. The rules of Interest are also placed under the chapter of Stock-holding; and Tare and Tret in that of Merchants Accompts, being more intimately connected therewith.

In the chapter of Optics, I have endeavoured to render the practical part of that useful science as intelligible as possible, avoiding all algebraical and mathematical calculations (though necessary in complete


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scientific treatises upon this subject), in order to render it more perspicuous.

In each of the other subjects, I have retained those parts which appeared to me the most effential, and rejected the fuperfluous : availing myself of the labours of others on each of the subjects; though I have not quoted every author; as that would be attended with more difficulty than might be at first expected, and partake of a preciseness unnecessary in the present work,

It may be proper to mention, that I have endeavoured to infert all the modern improvements, in each of the subje&ts, that appeared of any confiderable utility. The errors unavoidable in works of this nature, abounding with calculations, I bave, as far as they occurred to me, corrected in this edition. The candour with which the former edition of this work was received, is at least some argument in favour of its utility, as also confolation to its author; and tends to alleviate an afflicting dispensation of Divine Providence: and render tolerable an uninterrupted confinement to his room, which has now continued upwards of eighteen years. Middle Temple,


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