Travels in Kashmir, Ladak, Iskardo, the Countries Adjoining the Mountain-course of the Indus, and the Himalaya, North of the Panjab, Volum 1


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Pàgina 360 - As an isolated ruin, this deserves, on account of its solitary and massive grandeur, to be ranked not only as the first ruin of the kind in Kashmir, but as one of the noblest among the architectural relics of antiquity that are to be seen in any country.
Pàgina xxx - Government will gain their proper footing among the nations of Central Asia; that tranquillity will be established upon the most important frontier of India ; and that a lasting barrier will be raised against hostile intrigue and encroachment. His Majesty, Shah Soojah-ool-Moolk will enter Afghanistan, surrounded by his own troops, and will be supported against foreign interference and factious opposition by a British army.
Pàgina 87 - I ascend my husband's burning pile. I call on you, ye guardians of the eight regions of the world; Sun and Moon! Air, Fire, ^Ether,* Earth, and Water! My own soul! YAMA! Day, Night, and Twilight! And thou, Conscience, bear witness: I follow my husband's corpse on the funeral pile...
Pàgina 87 - On this month, so named, in such a parcha, on such a lit-hi, I, (naming herself and her family), that I may meet Arundhati, and reside in Swarga ; that the years of my stay may be numerous as the hairs on the human body ; that I may enjoy, with my husband, the felicity of heaven, and sanctify my paternal and maternal progenitors, and the ancestry of my husband's father ; that...
Pàgina 37 - Uxores habent deni duodenique inter se communes, et maxime fratres cum fratribus parentesque cum liberis ; sed, si qui sunt ex his nati, eorum habentur liberi, quo primum virgo quaeque deducta est.
Pàgina 241 - Some of his prisoners were flayed alive under his own eye. The executioner hesitated, and Gulab Singh asked him if he were about to operate upon his father or mother, and rated him for being so chicken-hearted. He then ordered one or two of the skins to be stuffed with straw; the hands were stiffened, and tied in an attitude of supplication ; the corpse was then placed erect ; and the head, which had been severed from the body, was reversed as it rested on the neck.
Pàgina 88 - But a widow, who, from a wish to bear children, slights her deceased husband by marrying again, brings disgrace on herself here below, and shall be excluded from the seat of her lord.
Pàgina 257 - I found afterwards that not a diiy passed whilst I was on the path to Kashmir, and even when travelling in the valley, that I did not see the bleached remains of some unfortunate wretch who had fallen a victim either to sickness or starvation...
Pàgina xxviii - India and its allies, he will continue to prosecute with vigour the measures which have been announced with a view to the substitution of a friendly for a hostile power in the eastern provinces of Affghanistan, and to the establishment of a permanent barrier against schemes of aggression upon our north-west frontier.

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