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No. 1.Letter to the Editor of the Morning tocratical Quakers, and Emancipation of

Chronicle.-Garden Seeds.- Education.-- the Biacke.--State of Trade.- Poor-laws

Local Courts, Letter IV.-Assessed Taxes. for Ireland.-Mr. Dillon's Notes.

No. 2.--Emigration, and Cobbett's “ damnable No. 8.--Corn Bill.-Letter of Mr. King.–Mr.

doctrine." - Educatiun.-- Wilberforce.- Cobbett's Answer.-Rural War. - The

Ah! Ah! -- Wood, calied John. -- Mr. Fires.-Sentence on Mr. Cohen.---Letter

Whittle.- Register in Volumes. - As- of Mr. Doubleday to Lord Durbam.--

sessed Taxes.- The Spy System.--Wal- Newsbam the Soldier.--American Paper.

worth Dinner.-Mr. Rogers's Letter on Monev.-Mr. Hill and the Irisb Members.

Right of Suffrage in Boroughs.

--Mr. O'Connell's Letter to the Electors

No. 3.- Letter IV., To the Hon. John Stuart of Hull. Sır C. Wolseley's Letter.--Get

Wortley,— Rural Atairs.-Italian Clover. Gold !--Corporation Expenses.
- Cobbett-Corn. --- Garden Seeds.---Tree. No. 9.--Leter III., To the President of the
planting.--History of George the Fourth. l'nited States of America. -Rural War.-
-Deau-Weight:- Wilberforce.-- Ireland, Fires in the Country.-Mr. Morrison's
and the History of the Protestant Reforma- Letter on the Corn Bill.--Extracts from
tiou.-- Whig Greediness. – Mr. Thomas Flash in the Pan.---History of George the
Smitu's Leiter." Heddekashun.”. Mr. Fourth.
Artwood's Letter on the Currency.--Mr. No. 10,- Education and · Heddekashun'; a
O'Connell's second Letter to his Con.

Letter to Lord Althorp.-Half-Pay.--Cob-

bett-Corn. Tullian Meeting. Italiaa

No, 4.--Assessed Taxes.Rebellion of the Clover Seed.--Corn and Wool.---Rights

Dead-Weight. - Wilberforce; Letter to of Industry.--Catechism of the National

Lord Morpetb.-Letter to Wilberforce, in Regeneration Society.

1817.-- Cobbett-Corn.-History of George No. 11.-Rights of Industry.--Letter to Mr.

the Fourth.-Letter to Mr. Benett, on Fielden. - Mr. Fielden's Letter to Mr.

the Tullian System. mine

Cobbett.--The Case of the Farmers.-

No. 5.- Letter to the President of the United Turnpike Tolls.- West India Affairs.

States.- Bank of the United States.-Bad Bloodshed and Fires.--Mr. O'Connell's

Book-making: Italian Clover. - History second Letter to the Radicals of Huli.-

of George the Fourth.—Letter to the Peo. Letter on Heddekashun.-Seeds.

ple of Oldham.-Lord Durbam's Affair at No. 12.-To the Hampsbire Parsons on Lord

Cateshead.-Mr. Doubleday's Speech.- Althorp's Tithe Circular.--To tbe Readers

Mr. C. Attwood's Letter.

on Heddekasbun.- Common Council.-

No.6.-Corn Bill and Malt-tax.-- Brewing Trial of Libel on Furzey.-Mr. Larkin's

Beer. - Italian Clover.--Rural War.---Mr. Letter to Mr. O'Connell on the letter of

Poulett Scrope's Address to the Agricul. M.. Pease.-Cisalpine Strawberry.--Lccal

turists.--scoich Fires.--Affray at Sand.! Courts, Letter 1.

husst.-To the People of Oldham.-To No. 13.-The Monsters.-Wages of Labour
Correspondents.-Negro Emaucipation. and Rights of Industry.-Letter on" Hed-
Mr. Attwood's Letter.

dekasbun."-Extracts from the True Sun,

No. 7.-Garden Seeds. - Letter II., To the Manchester Advertiser, and . Newcastle

President of the United States of America Press, on the Trades Unions.--Scottish

- Report of the Agricultural Committee.-- Jails and Police.--Italian Clover in Scot-

Fires.-Io the People of Oldbam.- Aris. land.





VOL. 82.–No. 1.)

LONDON, SATURDAY, October 5TH, 1833.

[Price ls. 22.


reptile like you, who affects to feel abhorrence as the very plunder in which you are participating; or, rather, in which you live, and without which you

can have no life. 131562

For forty years I have had to endure

the assaults of this race of pen and Bancroft Library

press plunderers; but, in the course of the whole of the forty years, I have never witnessed, all the circumstances

considered, anything, in these assaults, TO THE EDITOR

half so base as that which is exhibited

in yours of the 21. of September, which MORNING CHRONICLE. I shall presently insert previously to my

remarks upon it. I do not name you; Í Pennenden Heath, 2. Oct. 1833. cannot legally name you, because, acBase Editor, It is now about forty cording to the practice of all depredating years (for it began in Philadelphia) that reptiles, you keep out of sight; you I have been an object of attack with hide your base carcass, while you poke the race that plunder the people, and es- out your poisoned stabber. I will not pecially with that part of the race who name your master, for the same reason use the press and the pen as the means that I lately withdrew an action against of committing their plundering deeds him; namely, because he once not only under the pretence of enlightening the acted a just, but a generous part topeople, and of receiving pay for their wards me, and that, too, at a time when work. This is a race of plunderers much wretches like you thought I was down, more wicked and more loathsome than never to rise again. I must, for the the open plunderer, who tells us, flatly, present, at least, content myself with that we shall keep him as long as he you, creeping and venomous and namecan make us do it; who tells us, that less reptile as you are. we may petition and cry out as long as Before I insert the infamous article, we like ; but that he will have his pen- to which I have alluded, it is necessary sion, his sinecure, his commissionership, for nie to state the grounds of it, real or his two or three livings in the church; pretended. In my Registers of the 14. that he will still have these; or, that, in and 21. of September, I had complained, the end, he will cause us to be hanged that Woop (emphatically called JOHN), much more del estable than this plun- who had flung me back at Preston ; derer is the base creature, who, pretend- that Rusuton, who had roared for him ing to political knowledge and literary on that occasion; and that PARKES, talent, uses the pen or the press, or both whom I had detected in the act of (as in your case), for the purpose of whispering for the Whigs in order to plunder, affecting, all the while, to la- get a 20 instead of a 10 pound suffrage : ment that the plundering work should I had complained that ihese men were exist. The Rev. Doctor Thomas Pex- now eating taxes; or, in other words, ROSE, who has bad, during twenty-one coming, swing-tail and with jaws wide years, a pension of 2131. a year for hav- open, at my victuals and drink. Knowing been (or under pretence of having ing something of their appetites, and not been) chargé d'affaires at Florence for knowing when they were to stop, I nafive months, and who has had two livingsturally became alarmed, and began to in the church, in Essex, all the while; cry out. In an endeavour to defend my even this man is less offensive than a bacon and my beer-barrel, it was ne. (Printed by W. Cobbelt, Johnson's couple

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