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* Signifies that the Act relates exclusively to Ireland.

ABOLITION of Slavery, to carry Australia (Western), 10 Geo. IV. c. 22.

into further Execution the Pro-
visions of 3 & 4 Gul. IV. c. 73.
for compensating the Owners
of Slaves upon the Cap. 45
Accounts (Public), amending Act of
2&3 Gul. IV. c. 26. for transfer-
ring the Duties of Commissioners
of, in Ireland, to the Commis-
sioners for auditing the Public
Accounts of Great Britain *55
Admeasurement of the Tonnage and
Burthen of the Merchant
Shipping, regulating 56
Administration of Justice, explaining
1 Gul. IV. c. 70. for the more





Affirmations, Abolition of, and substi-
tuting Declarations in lieu
the preceding Act repealed,
and other Provisions made for
the Abolition of unnecessary
America (North), repealing 9 Geo. IV.
c. 21. regulating the Carriage
of Passengers in Merchant
Vessels from the United King-
dom to the British Possessions



Animals, amending the Laws relating
to the cruel Treatment of 59
3. 9. 80

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Appropriation Acts
Army, annual Act for the Payment,


&c. of
Assessed Taxes, altering certain Du-
ties of, and regulating the Col-
lection thereof



Assizes, Appointment of Places for
the holding of
Attornies Clerks, annual Indemnity

Act for Persons omitting to
make and file Affidavits of the
Execution of Indentures of 11

for providing for the Govern-
ment of His Majesty's Settle-
ments in, continued to 31st De-
cember 1836 - Cap. 14

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Charities, for appointing Commission- | Ecclesiastical Dignities, for protecting

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the Revenues of, while vacant,
and for preventing the Lapse
thereof during the Inquiries
respecting the State of the
Established Church Cap. 30
Elections (contested) of Members of
Parliament, limiting the Time
of taking the Poll in Boroughs
at, to One Day
Enlistment (voluntary) of Seamen, for
the Encouragement of 24
Exchequer Bills, raising £15,000,000

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raising £13,521,550
Exchequer (Court of), amending
2 Gul. IV. c. 54. for providing
for the Dispatch of Business
now done by the
abolishing certain Offices in

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Debts, amending the Laws relating Fees, for the more speedy Return and

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to the Recovery of
(Civil) of small Amount, Felony,
Amount, Felony,
abolishing Imprisonment for 70
Deodands, for the more speedy Re-
turn and Recovery of *55
Dominica (Island of), allowing the
Importation of certain Articles
into, Duty-free, for a limited
granting Relief to



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Recovery of


extending Provisions. of
7 Geo. IV. c. 64. as to taking
Bail in Cases of

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Femes Covert, extending to Ireland
certain Provisions of 1 Gul. IV.
c. 65. relating to the Property
and Forfeitures, for the more
speedy Recovery of *55
and Recoveries,abolishing cer-
tain Offices connected with 82
Glass, repealing the Duty and
Drawback on, and imposing
others in lieu thereof, and to
reduce the Drawback on Ger-
man Sheet Glass exported in ́
Panes, and to repeal the Draw-
back on unground and un-
polished Plate Glass, and to
amend the Law relating to the
Duties on Glass
N n

be entitled to Bail, unless in


Forgery, Persons accused of, not to | Letter Stealing, abolishing Capital
Punishment in Cases of Cap. 81
Letters Patent for Inventions, amend-
ing the Law touching
Linen Manufacture, continuing and
amending Regulations for 27
Loan Societies, for the Establishment
Lunatics and Persons of unsound
Mind, extending to Ireland cer-
tain Provisions of 1 Gul. IV.
c. 65, relating to the Property

certain Cases
Cap. 73
Friendly Societies Acts, extending
the Provisions of, to the Islands
of Guernsey, Jersey, and Man
Glass. See Flint Glass
Grand Juries empowered to raise
Money by Presentment for the
Construction, Enlargement, or
Repair of Piers and Quays
Grants in custodiam, amending the
Laws relating to
Hempen Manufactures, continuing
and amending Regulations for
the Encouragement of
Highways, consolidating and amend-
ing the Laws relating to



Imprisonment for Civil Debts of small
Amount, abolished


Indemnity Act, annual
Indictments, for preventing the vexa-
tious Removal of, into the
Court of King's Bench 33
Infants, extending to Ireland certain
Provisions of 1 Gul. IV. c. 65, re-
specting the Property of *17
Insane Persons, continuing for Three

Years 2 & 3 Gul.IV. c. 107. and

3 & 4 Gul. IV. c. 64. relating

to Care and Treatment of 22
Insolvent Debtors Courts, to autho-
rize the granting of Superan-

nuation Allowances to Com-
missioners and Officers of 42
Isle of Man, regulating the Importa-
tion of Corn into

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Admeasurement of the Ton-
nage and Burthen of - 56
Militia Staff, for the further Reduc-
tion of, and to suspend the
Ballot for the Militia
annual Act for the Pay, Cloth-
ing, &c. of
Municipal Corporations, providing for
the Regulation of
Mutiny Act, annual



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Paymaster General, Paymaster and
Treasurer of Chelsea Hospital,
Treasurer of the Navy, and
Treasurer of the Ordnance, con-
solidating the Offices of 35
Penalties, for the more speedy Return
and Recovery of
Piers and Quays, empowering Grand
Juries to raise Money by Pre-
sentment for the Construction,
Enlargement, or Repair of *84
Plate Glass. See Flint Glass.
Poll, limiting the Time of taking, in
Boroughs, at contested Elec-
tions of Members of Parliament,
to One Day
Post, extending the Accommodation
by, to and from Foreign Parts,
and for other Purposes relating
to the Post Office
Prebends, for protecting the Revenues
of, while vacant, and for pre-
venting the Lapse thereof
during the pending Inquiries
respecting the State of the
Established Church
Prisons, for effecting greater Unifor-
mity in the Government of, in
England and Wales, and for
appointing Inspectors of Pri-
sons in Great Britain



Public Roads, for giving Effect and
Validity to certain Contracts
and Presentments for keeping
in repair certain


Recognizances, for the more speedy
Return and Recovery of *55

Representation of the People, amend-
ing 2 & 3 Gul. IV. c. 65. con-
cerning, and diminishing the
Expences thereof
Cap. 78





Sacrilege, abolishing Capital Punish-
ments in Cases of
Savings Banks, extending to Scotland
certain Provisions of 9 Geo. IV.
c. 92. and 3 Gul. IV. c. 14. and
consolidating and amending the
Laws relating to
Seamen, encouraging the voluntary
Enlistment of
Securities given for Considerations
arising out of gaming, usurious,
or other illegal Transactions,
amending Law relating to 41
Shannon (River), for Improvement of
the Navigation of
Sheriffs of Cities or Towns, being
Counties of themselves, remov-
ing Doubts as to the Declara-
tions to be made and Oaths
to be taken by Persons ap-
pointed to the Offices of 28
in Ireland, facilitating the Ap-
pointment of, and for the more
effectual passing of their Ac-
Shrewsbury (Salop) to Bangor Ferry
(Carnarvon), amending, &c.
59 Geo. III. c. 30. relating to
the Road from
Slaves, for carrying into further Exe-
cution the Provisions of 3 & 4
Gul. IV. c. 73. for compensating
the Owners of, upon the Abo-
lition of Slavery






Trade, for carrying into effect a
Treaty with the King of the
French and the King of Sar-
dinia, and a Treaty with the
King of the French and the
King of Denmark, for the Sup-
pression of
used in certain Manufactures,
Allowance of Excise Duty on,

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Spirits, exempting certain Retailers
of, to a small Amount, from the
additional Duties on Licences,

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1st June 1837 the several Acts
for regulating
Cap. 49

Stamps, consolidating certain Offices | Turnpike Roads, for continuing till
in the Collection of Cap. 20
altering certain Duties of, and
regulating the Collection there-
Sugar imported, annual Duties on 12
Supplies, Appropriation of 3.9.80

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Weights and Measures, repealing
4 & 5 Gul. IV. c. 49. relating to,
and making other Provisions
instead thereof
Western Australia, 10 Geo. IV. c. 22.
for providing for Government
of His Majesty's Settlements
in, continued to 31st December
for discontinuing the Excise
Survey on, and the Use of Per-
mits on the Removal thereof

32 Wine,

Tea, imposing certain Duties on
Tithe Compositions, for suspending,
until after 6th April 1836, Pro-
ceedings for recovering Pay-
ments of certain Instalments of
Money advanced under the
Acts for establishing *79
Tithes, for more easy Recovery of 74
of Turnips, amending the Law
relating to
Tonnage and Burthen of Merchant
Shipping, regulating the Ad-
measurement of


[blocks in formation]
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