History of Louisiana: The Spanish domination


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Pàgina 559 - The inhabitants of the ceded territory shall be incorporated in the Union of the United States and admitted as soon as possible according to the principles of the Federal Constitution to the enjoyment of all the rights, advantages and immunities of citizens of the United States; and in the mean time they shall be maintained and protected in the free enjoyment of their liberty, property, and the Religion which they profess.
Pàgina 474 - Majesty ; and relying, with perfect confidence, on the vigilance and wisdom of the Executive, they will wait the issue of such measures as that department of the government shall have pursued, for asserting the rights and vindicating the injuries of the United States ; — holding it to be their duty, at the same time, to express their unalterable determination to maintain the boundaries, and the rights of navigation and commerce through the river Mississippi, as established by existing treaties.
Pàgina 615 - Until Congress shall provide for the government of such islands all the civil, judicial, and military powers exercised by the officers of the existing government in said islands shall be vested in such person or persons and shall be exercised in such manner as the President of the United States shall direct ; and the President shall have power to remove said officers and fill the vacancies so occasioned.
Pàgina 634 - THE President of the United States of America and the First Consul of the French Republic, in the name of the French people...
Pàgina 642 - The present Convention Shall be ratified in good and due form, and the ratifications Shall be exchanged in the Space of Six months to date from this day or Sooner if possible.
Pàgina 635 - His Catholic Majesty promises and engages on his part to cede to the French Republic six months after the full and entire execution of the conditions and Stipulations herein relative to his Royal Highness the Duke of Parma, the Colony or Province of Louisiana with the Same extent that it now has in the hands of Spain, & that it had when France possessed it; and Such as it Should be after the Treaties subsequently entered into between Spain and other States.
Pàgina 489 - ... violation, on the part of Spain, of the treaty of friendship, limits and navigation, between the United States of America and the King of Spain ;" and this resolution was agreed to unanimously.
Pàgina 488 - ... the authority of the United States, employ any part of the army and navy of the United States...
Pàgina 165 - You would have thought the very windows spake, So many greedy looks of young and old Through casements darted their desiring eyes Upon his visage ; and that all the walls, With painted imagery, had said at once, — Jesu preserve thee ! welcome, Bolingbroke ! Whilst he, from one side to the other turning, Bare-headed, lower than his proud steed's neck, Bespake them thus, — I thank you, countrymen: And thus still doing, thus he pass'd along.
Pàgina 635 - II In the cession made by the preceding article are included the adjacent Islands belonging to Louisiana all public lots and squares, vacant lands and all public buildings, fortifications, barracks and other edifices which are not private property.

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