Memorials of John Murray of Broughton: Sometime Secretary to Prince Charles Edward, 1740-1747

Printed at the University Press by T. and A. Constable for the Scottish history society, 1898 - 539 pàgines

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Pàgina 540 - For the year 1889-1890. 8. A LIST OF PERSONS CONCERNED IN THE REBELLION (1745). With a Preface by the EARL OF ROSEBERY and Annotations by the Rev. WALTER MACLEOD. (Sept. 1890.) Presented to the Society by the Earl of Rosebery. 9. GLAMIS PAPERS: The ' BOOK OF RECORD/ a Diary written by PATRICK, FIRST EARL OF STRATHMORE, and other documents relating to Glamis Castle (1684-89).
Pàgina 490 - I shall not trouble you with them, and should, I believe, have a difficulty to recollect them. — I am, with great esteem, Sir, your most obedient, and most humble servant, (Signed) DAVID HUME.
Pàgina xxiii - I know that I have an army that I cannot command any further than the chief officers please, and therefore, if you are all resolved upon it, I must yield; but I take God to witness that it is with the greatest reluctance, and that I wash my hands of the fatal consequences which I foresee, but cannot help.
Pàgina 37 - it seemed as if religion, virtue, and justice were entering the camp under the appearance of this venerable old man.
Pàgina 540 - RECORD/ a Diary written by PATRICK, FIRST EARL OF STRATHMORE, and other documents relating to Glamis Castle (1684-89). Edited by AH MILLAR, FSA Scot. ' (Sept. 1890.) 10. JOHN MAJOR'S HISTORY OF GREATER BRITAIN (1521). Translated and Edited by ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE, with a Life of the author by ^ENEAS JG MACKAY, Advocate.
Pàgina 222 - Charles, Prince of Wales, and Regent of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereunto belonging...
Pàgina 540 - Edited by the Rev. WALTER MACLEOD. For the year 1892-1893. 15. MISCELLANY OF THE SCOTTISH HISTORY SOCIETY, First Volume — THE LIBRARY OF JAMES vi., 1573-83.
Pàgina 432 - Assistance, and the Words Beaufort, Barn/more and Orrery, interlined over Figures in the same Letter, he saith that he apprehends those Words to be of the Handwriting of Sir Thomas Sheridan, but cannot pretend to be certain. This Exam* saith that he came with the Pretender to Derby : that, during the whole time of their being in England, they received no Application or Message from any Persons in England, which surprised and disappointed them extremely.

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