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heaven should preach to you, (wapa) contrary to what we have preached.

274. lagan More than. Rom. i. 25. Who worshipped and served the creature, (wage TOY XTIGAYTA) more than the Creator*.

275. Ilaga, Of. Matt. ii. 4. Inquired (way' avtw) of them, where the Christ should be born*-Ver. 7. Inquired (wug' aulo) of them diligently, what time the star appeared*.-John i. 14. As the only begotten (wague Targos) of the Father*.

276. Teet, On account of, therefore.—1 Cor. xii. 16. Is it (waga 7870) therefore, not of the body* ? Or, Is it for this, &c.

277. Παρα, From. 2 Tim. i. 18. Grant to him to find mercy (Tapes) from the Lord.


278. Iepi, In. Tit. ii. 7. Degi, In all things shew thyself a pattern*,

279. Tispu, Concerning. Thess. iii. 2. Tegi, Concerning your faith*.-2 Thess. ii. 13. Give thanks to God always (881) con cerning you.

280. llegi, For, on account of. Matt. xxvi. 28. Which is thed (wepo Torrow) for many*.-Luke xix. 37. Praised God with a loud voice (wego) for all the mighty works that they had seen*. -John x. 33. Ilsgi, For a good work we stone thee not, but (Tege) for blasphemy.

281. Tegn, About, in respect of time. Matt. xx. 3. And he went out (wego) about the third hour*. See also ver. 5, 6.

282. Iegs, Against. Matt. xx. 24. Were moved with indignation (teps) against the two brethren*.- John vi. 41. The Jews then murmured (regu) at him* ; against him.

283. Slepl, Abové. 3 John, ver. 2. I wish (Tepe Tartwv) above all things*. This sense of hepi, Beza, in his note on 3 John, ver. 2. proves by a quotation from Homer.


284. Iany, Moreover. Matt. xxvi. 64. Iany, Moreover I say to you, Hereafter, &c. See this sense established by a passage from Demetrius Phalereus, Blackwall, vol. ii. p. 132. 12mo edit.

285. Iany, Besides. Mark xii. 32. And there is no other (w dopo U?8) besides him.-Acts xv. 28. To lay upon you no greater burden iron) than (besides) these necessary things*.

286. Ilagay seems to have an illative signification. Eph. v. 33. Alamy, Therefore let every one of you in particular, so love his qoife, even as himself. See Beza on the passage.

287. Iany, Except. Acts viii. 1. Iany, Except the apostles*.


988. Ilgos, On account of. Mark x. 5. Ilgos the exampoxeediace, On account of the hardness of your heart, he wrote you this precept.

289. Ngos, For the sake of. Acts iii. 10. That it was he which sat (wgos) for alms*.--Acts xxvii. 34. 11906 tre vuilegas ownelas İragmei, This is for your health.-Thucyd. Lib. 3. p. 182. (Cited by Blackwall, vol. i. p. 110.) Ov wgos ópetigas dožins Taid. “These things are not for your reputation."—Heb. xii. 10. They verily (org.) for the sake of a few days.

290. Ilgos, Of, concerning. Mark xii. 12. For they knew that he had spoken the parable (agos avis concerning them. See also Luke xx. 19.–Rom. X. 21. Ilgos de toy lozana, But of Israel he saith. Heb. i. 7. Ipos MED T89 ayye285, Of the angels he saith*.

291, Ilpos, According to. Gal. ii. 14. They walked not uprightly, (pos) according to the truth*.—2 Cor. v. 10. Ipos, According to that he hath done*.

292. Ipos, Towards. Luke xxiv. 29. Abide with us, for it is (pos) towards evening*.

293. Ilpos, Among. Mark i. 27. They questioned (w pos) among themselves*.

294. Mpos, With. Matt. xiii. 56. His sisters, Are they not all (apos muses) with us ?—Matt. xxvi. 18. I will keep the passover (apos ce) at thy house*.–Mark ix. 19. How long shall I be (apos duces) with you* ?--Mark xiv. 49. I was daily (apos ereses) with you in the temple*.-John i. l. The word was (wpos Toy tov) with God.

295. Ilpos, joined with words of time, signifies during 2 Cor. vii. 8. Tipos digav, During an hour.-1 Thess. ii. 17. Ilpos raipos dpas, During the time of an hour.

ΠΩΣ. .

296. Mas, (quod) That. Mark ix. 12. Said to them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things, (* ww) and that it is written (871) concerning the son of man.

297. Evv, construed with ervai, signifies to be on one's side.
Acts xiv. 4. Part (nap our) held with the Jews, and part (cuv)
with the apostles*

298. Eur, With, in respect of place. Luke i. 56. Mary abode
(our) with her*.

299. Evv, in composition, governing the accusative, commonly
signifies together. Mark xv. 16. Evyruisriv, They call together
the whole band*.--But when the compounded word governs the
dative, it often signifies together with. 1 Cor. xiii. 6. But
(ory goeiper) jointly rejoiceth, rejoiceth with other good men, in

300. Evv, By. I Cor. v. 4. Συν τη δυναμει, By the hoover of
our Lord Jesus Christ, to deliver such an one to Satan.


301. Te, Even. Rom. i. 20. 'H te adios, Even his eternal
power*. See Beza in loc. Rom. i. 26. Te yap, For Evert
their women*.


302. T. is sometimes put for wws, how. Mark iv. 24. Take
heed (T1) how ye hear. Accordingly in the parallel passage,
Luke viii. 18. it is, BAFTETE XV WWS CX8fTe, Take heed how ye hear.
-1 Cor. vii. 16. To ordses, How knowest thou, O man* ?

303. To is put likewise for doce tu, why. Matt. vi. 28. To peepika
y&ti, Why are ye anxiously careful ?-Matt. xvii. 10. To 8v, Why
then say the scribes ? -John i. 25. Ti 8v, Why then baptizest thou?
See Whitby in loc.

304. Ti, Whether, namely of two things. Luke v. 23. Ti, Whe-
ther is easier to say, thy sins be forgiven thee* ?

305. Tos, What sort, how great. Luke viii. 25. Tis apie stos,
How great indeed is this man ! for he commandeth, &c.

306. Tis, Every one. I Cor. iv. 2. It is required in stewardes,
that (pis) every one be found faithful.


307. 'Yrig, with the genitive case, signifies concerning. Rom.
ix. 27. Esaias also cries (ime) concerning Israel*.--2 Cor. i. 7.
Our hope (orig) concerning you is firm. Ver. 8. I would not breik-
ren have you ignorant (ote) concerning our trouble.--2 Cor. viii.
23. Whether any inquire (imię) concerning Titus, he is my part,

ner.--2 Cor. viii. 24. Our boasting (origina) concerning you. 2 Thess. ii. 1. Now we beseech you brethren, (ure) concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together unto him.

308. 'Ypel, For, instead of, in behalf of. Rom. v. 7. Scarcely (sneg) for a righteous man*.-Ver. 8. Christ died (útep gjuar) for u8*.-Philip. i. 29. To you it is given (útep Xp158) in behalf of Christ*.-Philem. ver. 13. Detained him with me, that (étep os) in thy stead, he might have ministered.

309. 'Y7ep, On account of 1 Cor. xy. 29. What shall they do who are baptized (utep) on account of the dead ?

310. 'Trep, With respect to. Col. i. 7. Who is a faithful minister of Christ (úrip) with respect to you."

311. 'Ttip, From, denoting the motive of an action. Philip. ü. 13. Who worketh in you (ÜTEP) from good will.

312. 'ITEP, More than, Matt. x. 37. Loveth father or mother (ütep) more than me*.-1 Thess. iii. 10. Requesting (utip ex fepiror) more than exceedingly, that is, most exceedingly.


313. 'It commonly signifies under ; but with a genitive it denotes the cause of a thing, and must be translated of, by, from. Matt. ii, 17. Was spoken (wo) by Jeremiah*.- Cor. vii. 25. I give my judgment as one who hath obtained mercy (uro) of the Lord*.-Heb. xii. 3. Such contradiction (ixo) from sinners.

314. '170, At. Acts v. 21. They entered into the temple (umo Tov op.Spor) at day-break.-James ii. 3. Sit thou here (ixo) at my footstool.

315. 'Yto, Under, denoting subjection. Matt. viii. 9, Having soldiers (it) under me*, under my command.


316. 's, preceded by ev, signifies because. Rom. viii. 3. The thing impossible for the law to do, (ev "o) because it was weak Through the fiesh.—Heb. ii. 18. Ex 'w, Because he suffered, being tempted, he is able to save.- -Heb. vi. 17. Ey 'wFor which cause God willing, &c. In this sense, the best Greek writers use the phrase. See Vigerus, p. 364.

317. Ev 'w signifies while. Mark ii. 19. Can the children of the bride-chamber fast, (sv ♡) while the bridegroom*, &c. Rom. ij. I. Ey's gap, For whilst thou condemnest, &e,

318. Bp ' Because. Rom. v. 12. EQ qu, Because all have sin. ned*.

ΩΣ. See Καθως. 319. 'ss, is sometimes used affirmatively, and must be translated indeed, truly, certainly, actually ; for Hesychius and Phavorinus tell us, that as is put for oitws, aanws. Neh. vii. 2. Autos ans armp cam Ins, He was indeed a true man... -Matt. xiv. 5. He feared the multitude, because they counted him (John, ás #pontus) really a prophet.-John i. 14. We beheld his glory, the glory (as povoyens) indeed of the only begotten of the Father.-Acts xvii. 22. I see that in all things ye are (as) certainly most religious.--Rom. ix. 32. But (as) actually by works of law.—2 Cor. ii. 17. Ars' as E Elabzepiveles, ani' dis ex 068, But indeed from sincerity, and from God.

320. 'S29, When. Luke xx. 37. Now that the dead are raised, even Moses shewed at the bush, (as deyer) when he called the Lord, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac*, &C.-Luke xxii. 66. Kas as EY EVETO Fille poly And when it was day.—Luke i. 23. 'R$ 67226. fev ojnepees, When the days were fulfilled.-Acts xxvii. l. 126, When it was determined".-Philip. ii. 12. Not (oss) when in my presence only.

321. 'Os, Seeing. 2 Cor. 1. 20. '12978 Ocy w aparadorlos, Seeing God beseeches you by us, we pray in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.-Col. ii. 6. 'S26, Seeing ye have received Christ Jesus, &c. Scapula likewise gives és this meaning.

322. 'Sas, Namely. 2 Cor. xi. 21. I speak with respect to reproach, (ás 076) namely, that we have been weak.—2 Cor. v. 18. And hath given us the ministry of reconciliation.

19. (as 87.) Namely, that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself*.

323. 'S26, illative, Wherefore. Heb. iii. 11. 126, So (wherefore) I sware*

324. 'S2s, admiration, How ! Rom. x. 15. 'Das, How beautiful!--Rom. xi. 33. 'ss, How unsearchable* !

325. Ως, That. I Tim. i. 3. 'Ds, That without ceasing*.


326. '1251, sometimes signifies 80 then, 80 that. 1 Cor. iii. 7. '1259, So then neither is he that planteth any thing.-2 Cor. ii. 7. '15, So that contrarywise ye ought rather to forgive*. -Gal. iv. 16. 'S250 sx"pos, So then I am become your enemy, because I speak truth to you?

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