Encyclopaedia medica, Volum 10

Longmans, Green & Company, 1902

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Pàgina 178 - ... varying in size from that of a walnut to that of a small child's head — the taste more or less aromatic, sweet, or subacid. It is produced on spurs, which spring from branchlets of two or more years growth, and continue to bear for a series of years.
Pàgina 271 - ... or other small glass vessel for purposes of examination. The bladder ceases for a time to be a reservoir; it does not expand, but is contracted round the catheter, and the urine percolates from the ureters direct.
Pàgina 271 - You will have the renal secretion, plus only whatever deposit may be produced in the bladder. Suppose the patient has gleet or chronic prostatitis, there will then be a quantity of muco-purulent matter in the urethra. If all this be carried into one vessel with the urine, how will you determine the different products, and decide, by the eye or by the microscope, what has com,e from the urethra, what from the prostate, and what from the kidneys? You cannot do it; but if you get rid of the source of...
Pàgina 274 - In pyonephrosis there is a characteristic renal swelling, elastic, fluctuant, and varying in size from time to time, much in the same way as in hydronephrosis. Together with these symptoms, there is a discharge of pus in the urine, or evidence of its retention, manifested by increase in the renal swelling, and more severe pain in the lumbar region, which is aggravated by pressure in front, but relieved by pressure from behind. There may be also symptoms of a more urgent nature, indicative of systemic...
Pàgina 271 - Whenever you want a specimen from your patient to examine, do not tell him to send you a bottle of it, passed In the usual way, or you will get a mixture often of doubtful value. What you require is the secretion of the kidneys, plus only anything there may be In the bladder; but you also have to avoid the presence In It of any secretion which originated in the urethra.
Pàgina 271 - I do not propose to teach yon hero a systematic mode of doing this. It is not in my department, and would only be repeating that which it will be your duty to learn elsewhere, and I hope you will do so thoroughly. But there is this hint which I may give with respect to it. Whenever you want a specimen from your patient to examine, do not tell him to send you a bottle of it passed in the usual way, or you will get a mixture of often doubtful value. What you require is the secretion of the kidneys,...
Pàgina 271 - I mean a demonstration, and never be satisfied with less if it be practicable, — in some few cases, without following the method in question. When therefore it is essential to my purpose to obtain an absolutely pure specimen of the renal secretion, I pass a soft gum catheter of medium size into the bladder, the patient standing, draw off all the urine, carefully wash out the viscus by repeated small injections of warm water (before shown to be rather soothing than irritating...
Pàgina 154 - Agglutinins begin to appear in the blood serum about the end of the first, or the beginning of the second, week of the disease, with low liters of 1 :20 to 1 :40.
Pàgina 137 - ... jagged, and the remainder of the alveolus is filled up with the materials of the milk. During the intervals between the acts of discharge, the cells of the alveoli elongate towards the lumen, their nuclei divide, and in the part of the cells towards the lumen a collection of oil globules and probably of other materials takes place. The next stage is that the cells divide and the part of each towards the lumen containing a nucleus and the materials of the secretion, is, as it were, broken off...
Pàgina 229 - Polygraph." inches in length, projecting outward, parallel to the under surface of the tambour. Half an inch of the other extremity of the stem is bent almost at right angles (C), and this portion fits into a slot in the upright stem that supports the movable lever of a Dudgeon's sphygmograph, and this supports the tambour.

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