Imatges de pÓgina



Abate, to depress, sink, subdue.
A B C, a catechism.
Abhor, to protest against.
Abjects, debased servile persons.
Able, to qualify or uphold.
Abortive, issuing before its time.
Absolute, complete, perfect.
Abuse, deception.
Abused, deceived.

Abysm, abyss.

Accite, to cite or summon.
Accuse, accusation.*
Achieve, to obtain.
Aconitum, wolf's-bane.
Acquittance, requital.
Action, direction by mute
charge, or accusation.
Action-taking, litigious.
Actures, actions.

Additions, titles or characters.
Address, to prepare, to make

Aby, to pay dear for, to rue, to Affined, joined by affinity.


Affront, to confront.
Affy, to betroth.

Aglet-baby, a diminutive being,

not exceeding the tag of a
point, from aiguilettes.

Agnize, acknowledge, confess, vow.
A-good, in good earnest,
Aim, guess, suspicion.
Airy fame, mere verbal eulogy.
Aider-liefest, best beloved
Ale, a merry-meeting
A'life, at life.
Allow, to approve.
Allowance, approbation.
Amaze, to perplex.

Amazonian chin, a beardless chin.
Ames-ace, the lowest chance of
the dice.
Amiss, misfortune.
Amort, dispirited.
An, as if.
Anchor, a hermit.

Ancient, an ensign, or standard-



Addressed, or addrest, ready.
Admittance, favor.
Advance, to prefer.
Advertising, attentive.
Adversity, contrariety.
Advertisement, admonition.
Advice, consideration, discretion,

Aery or Aiery, a hawk's or eagle's



Advise, to consider, to recollect.
Advised, cool, cautious.

Affect the letter, to practise allite-
Affect, love.
Affection, affectation, imagination.
Affectioned, affected.
Affects, affections.
Affeered, confirmed.
Affied, betrothed.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Bay-curtal, a bay docked horse.
Bay-window, a bow-window.
Beadsmen, religious persons, main-
tained to pray for their bene-


Beat (in falconry), to flutter.
Beating, hammering, dwelling upon
Beaver, helmet in general.
Beck, a salutation made with the

Beak, the forecastle.

Bear a brain, to perfectly resemble.
Beard, to defy.
Bearing, demeanor.
Bearing-cloth, a mantle used at Blent, blended.

Becomed, becoming.
Beetle, to hang over the base.
Behave, to manage.
Behests, commands.
Beholding, viewing with regard.
Behowl, to howl at.
Being, abode.

Beldame, ancient mother.
Be-lee'd, becalmed.
Belongings, endowments.
Be-mete, be-measure.
Be-moiled, bedraggled, bemired.
Bending, unequal to the weight.
Benefit, beneficiary.
Bent, utmost degree of any passion.
Benumbed, inflexible.
Beshrew, may ill befall.
Besmirch, to foul or dirty.
Best, bravest.

Bestowed, stowed away, lodged.
Bestraught, distracted.'

Beteem, to give, pour out, permit,

Bewray, betray.

Bezonian, a mean fellow.

Bifold, two-fold.
Biggin, a cap.

Bilberry, the whortleberry.
Bilbo, a Spanish blade made at

Bilboes, fetters.

Bill, articles of accusation.
Bill, a weapon, formerly carried
by watchmen.

Bin, is.

Bird-bolt, an arrow shot at birds
from a cross-bow.
Bisson, blind.

Blank, the white mark in a target.
Blank and level, mark and aim,
(terms of gunnery.)

Blaze of youth, the spring of early

Blear, to deceive.
Blench, to start off, to fly off.

Blind-worms, the cæcilia, or slow-


Blood-boltered, daubed with blood.
Blown, puffed-up, swollen.
Blows, swells.
Bloody, sanguine.
Blue caps, the Scotch.
Blunt, stupid, insensible.

Blurt, blurted, an expression of
Board, to accost.
Bobb, to trick.

Bodged, boggled, clumsy.
Bodkin, a small dagger.
Bolted, sifted.

Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in

which the meal is bolted.
Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel.
Bombast, the stuffing of clothes.
Bona-robas, strumpets.
Bond, bounden duty.
Bony or bonny, handsome
Book, paper of conditions.
Boot, profit, something over and


Bias-cheek, swelling out like the Bourn, boundary, rivulet.

bias of a bowl.
Bid, to invite.
Bid-the-base, to challenge in a Boltered, bedaubed.

Bow, yoke.
Bolds, emboldens.


Bore, demeaned.

Bore, the calibre of a gun.
Bores, stabs.
Bosky, woody.

Bosom, wish, heart's desire.
Bots, worms in a horse's stomach.

Borne in hand, deceived.

Bottled-spider, a large bloated spi-


Boulted, sifted.

| Brush of time, decay of time.
Bowlins or bowlines, tackle of a Bug, bugbears, false terrors.
Bollen, swollen.
Bordered, restrained.
Bower, a chamber.

Bumbard, a large drinking vessel.
Bung, a cut-purse.
Bunting, a bird.

Burgonet, a helmet.
Busky, woody.

Brace, armor for the arm.
Brach, a hound.
Brack, to salt.
Braid, crafty, deceitful.
Brain's-flow, tears.
Brake, an instrument of torture;
also, a thicket.

Brands, a part of the andirons on
which the wood for the fire
was supported.
Brasier, a manufacturer of brass;
also, a vessel in which char-
coal is burned.

[blocks in formation]

Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at
shafts with.

Brow of youth, the height of youth.
Brown-bill, a battle-axe.
Brownist, a follower of Brown, a

Bruising-irons, an allusion to the

ancient mace.

Bruit, report with clamor.

Buxom, obedient.
By'rlaken, by our lady.


Caddis, worsted lace.
Cade, a barrel.
Cadent, falling.
Cage, a prison.
Cam-colored, yellow.
Caitiff, a scoundrel.
Calculate, to foretell.
Caliver, a musket.
Call, to visit.

Callet, a woman, a witch.
Calling, appellation.
Calm, qualm.

Camelot, a place where King Ar-
thur is supposed to have kept
his court.
Canary, a dance.
Candle-wasters, those who sit up

all night to drink.
Canker, the dog-rose.
Canstick, candlestick.
Cantons, cantos.
Canvas, to sift.
Canvas-climber, a sailor.
Cap, the top, the chief.
Cap, to salute by taking off the cap.
Capable impressure, hollow mark.
Capitulate, to make head against.
Capocchia, a sot.
Capon, metaphor for a letter.
Capricious, lascivious.
Captious, capacious.

Carack, a ship of great bulk.
Caracts, characters.

Brock, the badger.

Brogues, a kind of shoes.
Broken, communicated.

Broker, a match-maker, a procu- Carbonado, a piece of meat cut


Brooched, adorned.
Brought, attended.

crossways for the gridiron.
Card, a sea-chart, perhaps also the

Carded, mixed.
Care, inclination.

Careires, the motion of a horse;
to pass the careires, means to
overstep the bounds of deco-


Carkanet, a necklace.

Carl, clown, boor.
Carlot, peasant.
Carnal, sanguinary.
Carowses, drinks.
Carriage, import.
Carried, conducted.
Carry, to prevail over.
Cart, a chariot.

Case, skin, outward garb.
Case of lives, a set of lives.
Casques, helmets.

Cassock, a horseman's loose coat.
Cast, to empty; also to dismiss,
Cast, reckoned.

Castilian, an opprobrious term.
Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of
Cast-lips, let off lips.
Cast the water, to find out disor-
ders by inspecting the urine.
Cataian, a liar.

Catling, a small lutestring, made
of catgut.

Cavalero-justice, a cant term.
Cavaleroes, gay fellows.
Caviare, too good for, or above the
comprehension of; so called
from a delicacy made of the
roe of sturgeons, eaten by the
Cautel, subtlety.
Cautel or cantle, the corner, or
piece of anything.
Cautelous, insidious, cautious.
Cearment, the wrapping of an em-
balmed body.
Cease, decease.

Censure, to give an opinion.
Centuries, companies of a hundred
men each.

Ceremonious, superstitious.
Certes, certainly.

Cess, measure, tax or subsidy.
Chair, throne.

[blocks in formation]

Cheveril, soft leather; also, con-

Chew, to ruminate, consider.
Chewet, a chattering bird.
Chide, to resoun to echo; also,
to scold, be clamorous.
Chiding, sound; noisy.
Child, a knight, a hero.
Child, a female infant.
Childing, unseasonably pregnant.
Chopine, a high shoe.
Chopping, jabbering.
Chough, a bird of the daw species.
Christom or chrisom, the white
cloth put on a new baptized

Chuck, chicken, a term of endear-


Chuff, rich, avaricious.
Cicatrice, the scar of a wound.
Circummured, walled round.
Circumstance, conduct, detail, cir-

Chaliced, i. e. flowers, with cups,
from calix.

Challenge, the right of refusing a

Chamber, ancient name for Lon-
don; also, a piece of ordnance.
Chamberers, intriguers.
Champian, an open country.

Cittern, a musical instrument.
Clack-dish, a beggar's dish.
Clamour, a term in bell-ringing.
Clap-in, fall to.

Chantry, a small chapel in a ca- Clapped i' the clout, hit the white


Character, hand-writing.

Cite, incite.
Cital, recital.

Civil, grave, solemn.
Civil, human.


Clap, to join hands.

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