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Black's picturesque guide to the English lakes

Black Adam and Charles, Itd,

Adam and Charles Black (Firm), John Phillips




"Without the pretension of a tutor, dictating what he shall admire, the traveller will find these books very pleasing, intelligent, and instructive companions, giving him the exact knowledge he requires at the exact time that he needs it; and very useful, not only to the professed tourist, but to any person who has at any time occasion to journey from his residence in any direction, and who desires to know something more than the mere names of the places he visits." -BRITANNIA.

"We have looked carefully through the volumes. They are admirably got up; the descriptions are accurate, and remarkably clear and comprehensive. We kave seldom examined books better edited.' Altogether, this series of

works is of immense value to tourists."-ART JOURNAL.

"They should find a corner in the portmanteau of every person about to undertake a journey of pleasure or business either in England and Wales, or Scotland."


ENGLAND AND WALES; Containing a General

Travelling Map, with the Roads and Railways distinctly laid down; besides sections of the more important Districts on an enlarged scale, and Engraved Charts of Roads, Railroads, and Interesting Localities. New Edition. Price 10s. 6d.

"A carefully executed work, prettily illustrated, with useful maps."Athenaum.

Forty-Eight new Routes, Twelve engraved Charts, and upwards of 100 pages of letterpress have been added to what in its olden state was the cheapest, the best, and the handiest book of its kind."-Spectator.

"A decided improvement upon the old Road Book."-John Bull.

SCOTLAND; Containing an accurate Travelling Map; 25 Engraved Charts of Roads, Railroads, and Interesting Localities, including Plans of Edinburgh and Glasgow; numerous Views of the Scenery on Wood and Steel; and a copious Index. Tenth Edition, corrected and improved, with all the principal Hotels and Inns. Price 8s. 6d.


"A comprehensive, intelligent, and well-arranged Guide-Book. have been furnished with an incidental proof of the remarkable accuracy of the Charts and Descriptions, in the personal testimony of a pedestrian, who has traversed a considerable space, book in hand."-Spectator.


eise in its pensable facts, but

ught to be-sensible, conry which is no less indisdistances and historical duction."-Athenæum.

ENGLISH LAKES, Including an Essay on the Geology of the District by John Phillips, F.R.S., G.L., Professor of Geology in King's College, London. With a minutely accurate Map, by W. Hughes; Charts of the Lakes, Views of the Scenery, and an ample Itinerary of all the Routes, with the Distances accurately laid down. Fifth Edition. In a neat pocket volume. Price 5s.

"This Guide to the Lakes has been compiled upon the same elaborate plan (as the Picturesque Tourist of Scotland), governed by the same resolution to spare no cost or trouble to achieve a successful result. It needs no higher commendation. It is a Picturesque Guide in every sense -its descriptions are charmingly written-its intelligence is ample and minute and its illustrations are admirable specimens of art."-Atlas.

ENGLISH LAKES-(Cheap Edition)-with Map, Charts, and Views. Price 1s.

WALES (North and South) AND MONMOUTHSHIRE; containing minutely Engraved Travelling Maps, Engraved Charts of the Railways, and of the Course of the River Wye, very numerous views of the Scenery on Wood and Steel, and a copious Itinerary. Price 5s.

HIGHLANDS AND ISLANDS OF SCOTLAND, (by Messrs. Anderson of Inverness) Including Orkney and Zetland; Descriptive of their Scenery, Statistics, Antiquities, and Natural History; with Historical and Traditional Notices; Maps, Views, Tables of Distances, Notices of Inns, and other information for the use of Tourists. Third Edition, greatly improved. Price 10s. 6d.

"Most copiously and praiseworthily minute."-Athenæum.

"We do not know two individuals better adapted to the task of writing a Guide Book to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland than the editors of the work before us."-Literary Gazette.

SCOTLAND-(Cheap Edition)-Containing an Accurate Travelling Map and Itinerary, with Descriptive Notices of all the remarkable objects along the several roads, with Four Engraved Charts of those Localities which possess peculiar Historical or Picturesque interest. Seventh Edition, corrected and improved. Price 3s. 6d.

"A work most carefully and elaborately compiled, containing the greatest possible amount of information in the smallest possible space.”— Scotsman.

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