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.. 5.50


PROL PAYXE, A., The Science and Art of Education. 25 SOUTHEY, ROBERT, Home Education.....

23 PHILBRICK, JOHN D., Memoir and Portrait.. 50 Dr. Dove, and the Schoolmaster of Ingleton...

50 Work for the National Teachers' Association. 25 SPRAGUE, W. B., Influence of Yale College... 25 Report on Boston Public Schools, 1874. 50 Spain, System of Public Instruction...

25 PLATTER, T., School Life in the 15th Century. 25 SPURZHEIM, Educational Views... PLUTARCA, Educational Viewe...

25 STANLEY, LORD, Lyceums and Popular

Education 25 POMBAL, MARQUIS, Educa. Work in Portugal... 25 State and Education The American Doctrine... Port Royalists, Educational Views...

25 STEARNS, E., Early History of Normal Schools.. 25 PORTER, J. A., Plan of an Agricultural College.. 25 STOW, DAVID, Gallery Training Lesson, PORTER, Noah, Prize Essay on School Reform 25 STOWE, CALVIN E., Memoir and Portrait..

Barnard's Educational Activity in Conn. &RI 50 Teachers' Seminaries... Portugal, System of Public Instruction.

25 STURM, JOHN, Educational Views.. POTTER, ALONZO, Memoir and Portrait.

50 SULLIVAN, O., Teaching the Alphabet.. Consolidation of American Colleges...

25 Sweden and Norway, Public Instruction, POTTER, E. R.,

Religion in Public Schools 50 SWETT, JOHN, Educational Labors and Portrait.. 50 POUCHET, M., French View of Ger. Universities 25 SWIFT, JONATHAN, Manners and Conversation... 25 Prussia, System of Public Schools.

3.00 Switzerland.-Public Instruction in each Canton 1.50 1. Primary Schools. 50 Military, and Cadet System..

25 2. Secondary Schools.

50 SYBEL, H. Von, The German University.. 25 3. Universities,.

60 TAINSA, E. C., Prize Essay on Education & Crime 25 4. Technical Schools.. 50 | TAPPAN, H. P., Memoir and Portrait,

50 5. Military Schools.

50 Educational Development of Europe.. Public Schools, Official Exposition in 1856. 50 TARBOX, J. N., American Education Society.. 25 QUICK, Educational ormers-Jacotot..... 25 TAYLOR, HENRY, True Uses of Wealth. QUINTILIAN, Educational Views... 25 Text Books, Catalogue of......

1.00 RABELAIS, Educational Views

25 THAYER, GIDEON F., Memoir and Portrait... 50 RAMUS, PETER, Memoir and Educational Views. 25 Letters to a Young Teacher... RANDALL, HENRY 8.. School Libraries

25 TILLINGHAST, NICHOLAS, Memoir and Portrait.. 50 RANDALL, S. S., Memoir and Portrait. 50 Town, SALEM, Schools as they were....

25 RAPHALL, M. L., Education among the Hebrews 25 TROTZENDORF, Educational Views......

25 Ratich, Educational Views...

50 Tubingen University. RAUMER, KARL VON, German Universities.. 2.50 TUCKER, GEORGE, Educational Census of 1840.. Early Childhood..

25 Turkey, Schools and School Code. Methods of Teaching Latin...

25 TYNDALL, Science in Education.... Methods of Teaching Arithmetic.. 25 Unconscious Influence-Bushnell..

25 Physical Education 25 Unconscious Tuition-Huntington

25 Education of Girls

50 United States, Systems of Public Instruction. 5.50 Educational Revival in Italy..

25 Common Schools as they were about 1800.. 1.00 Progressives of the 17th Century.. 25 Common Schools in 1870...

1.00 Ratich, Comenius and Basedow.. 1.00 Colleges and Universities..

1.00 Loyola and Schools of the Jesuits.. 25 Military and Naval Schools.

1.00 RAUMER, RUDOLP, Instruction in German....... 25 Normal Schools.

3.50 RAVAISSON, F., Instruction in Drawing.... 25 Universities and Colleges... Reformatory and Preventive Schools & Agencies 1.50 University Life-Past and Present. RENAN, E., German views of French Education.. 25 Deposition, Pennalism, Landmannschaften.... 50 RENDU, E.Prussian & French School Expenses. 25 Tripos, Prævaricator, Terræ Filius... REUCHLIN, and Education in the 16th century... 25 VAIL, T. 'H., Methods of Using Books..

25 Rhode Ieland Institute of Instruction....... 25 VASBAR, M., Memoir and Portrait..

50 RICHARDS, W. F., Manual of Methods.

50 VEHRLI, J., Industrial Element in Schools. RICKOFF, A.J., Memoir and Portrait..

50 Ventilation and Warming of School houses. RIECKE, Philosophy of Early Education. 25 Vienna, Educational Institutions.... RIDER, ADMIRAL, Navigation Schools for England 25 VIVES, L., Memoir

and Educational Views. Ross, W. P., Catechetical Method...

25 WADSWORTH, JAMES S., Memoir and Portrait. ROUSSEAU, Memoir and Educational Views...... 25 WASHINGTON, GEORGE, Rules of Conduct. ROLLIN, CHARLES, Education of Youth..

50 National Education.. RUBBELL, Scott, Technical University for England 25 WAYLAND, FRANCES, Memoir and Portrait.. Systematic Technical Education..

25 Intellectual Education-Institute Address. RUSSELL, WILLIAM, Memoir and Portrait.

50 WEBSTER, DANIEL, Educational Views... Normal Training..., 1.50 WEBSTER, Noah, Educational Views....

25 Legal Recognition of Teaching as a Profession 25 WELLS, W. H., Memoir and Portrait..

50 Russia.-System of Public Instruction.

25 Methods in English Grammar.. Military and Naval Education.....

25 West Point Military Academy... Universities...

25 WHATELY, A., Annotations on Bacon's Essays.. RYERSON, EDGERTON, Memoir and Portrait. 50 WHEWELL, W., Educational Views Savigny, Universities of the Middle Ages.. 50 WHITE, E. E., Normal Scbools for Ohio... Saxony, System of Public Instruction. 25 National Bureau of Education...

25 Secondary and Superior Instruction..

25 WHITE, S, H., National Bureau of Education. 25 Technical and Special Schools.

25 WICHERN, T. H., German Reformatory Schools.. 50 Saxon Principalities, Public Instruction..

25 WICKERSHAM, Educational Work and Portrait.. 50 SARMIENTO, Memoir and Portrait.... 50 Education in Reconstruction...

25 The Schoolmaster's Work.

25 WILLARD), MRS. EMMA, Memoir and Portrait... B0 School Architecture, Revised Edition, with 500 111. 5.50 WILSON, J.M., Science in Rugby School,

25 School Architecture, Practical Ilinstrations.. 1.00 Williau of Wykeham and St. Mary's College.... 25 Do. Rural and Ungraded Schools.

50 WILLM, J., Teachers' Conferences and Libraries. Do. City and Graded Schonis.

1.00 WIMMER, H., Special Schools in Saxony.... Do. Primary and Infant Schools.

50 Public Instruction in Dresden... Do. Pablic High Schools ..

50 WINES, E, C., Memoir and Portrait. Scotland, System of Public Instruction... 50 WINTERBOTHAM, W., American Education in 1796 Scondary Schools and Universities.... 1.00 WIRT, WILLIAM, Professional Studies--Law. SEELEY.J., Cambridge System of Examinations 25 WOLF, T. A., Ełucational Views.. SEGUIN, Treatment and Training of Idiote....... 25 WOTTON, SIR HENRY, Educational Views. SETON, S. S., Schools as they were 60 Years Ago 25 Wurtemberg. System of Public Instruction.. SHELDON, E. A., Object Teaching..

25 Technical Schools.. SHENSTONE, W., The Schoolmietrese..

25 WOODBRIDGE, W. C., Memorand Portrait.. SILJETROM, P. A., American Schools..

25 WYKEHAM and St. Mary College.... SIMONEON, L., Cadet System in Switzerland. 25 YOUNG, THOMAS, Manual for Infant Schools. SMITH, ELBRIDGE, Norwich Free Academy 25 Zurich, Cantonal School Code and System.. SPENCER, HERBERT, Thoughts on Education.... 50 Federal Polytechnic University...


The above Treatises have all appeared 19 separate artioles in Barnard's American Journal of Education. Any Book or Pamphlet on the list will sent by mail, postage paid, on receiving the price in postage stamps or money order. On orders of $20 a discount of 20 per cent, will be made Addrew H. B., Post Office Boa V. Hartford, Conn.

January, 1875



The following Plan for “the Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge”

of Education, and especially of Popular Education, and plans for its improvement through the Smithsonian Institution; or the American Association for the Advancement of Education was sub

mitted to the Association by Hon. Henry Barnard. The Institution (or Association) to appoint a secretary or agent; with a salary, and to furnish a room for an office and depository of educational documents and apparatus, and beyond this not to be liable for any expense.

Agenda by the secretary or agent:

1. To devote himself exclusively to the “ increase and diffusion of knowledge ” on the subject of education, and especially of the condition and means of improving Popular Education, and particularly

2. To answer all personal or written inquiries on the subject, and collect and make available for use, information as to all advances made in the theory and practice of education in any one State or country.

3. To attend, as far as may be consistent with other requisitions on his time, and without charge to the funds of the institution, (or Association) Educational Conventions of a national and State character, for the purpose of collecting and disseminating information.

4. To edit a publication, to be entitled the American Journal and Library of Education, on the plan set forth in the accompanying paper (A.) 5. To collect

(a) Plans and models of school-houses and furniture.
(b) Specimens of maps and other material aids of education.

(0) Educational reports and documents from other States and countries. 6. To institute a system of educational exchange between literary institutions in this and other countries.

7. To make arrangements, and effect. if practicable, at least one meeting or conference of the friends of educational improvement in Washington (or elsewhere every year.

8. To submit annually a report in which shall be given a summary of the progress of education, in each State, and as far as practicable, in every country


PLAN OF PUBLICATION.-A quarterly or monthly issue under the general title of the AMERICAN JOURNAL AND LIBRARY OF EDUCATION. 1. A JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, to be issued in quarterly or monthly numbers,

embracing articles on systems, institutions and methods of education, and the current intelligence of literature and education, and to make an ootavo

volume annually of at least 600 pages. L. A LIBRARY OF EDUCATION ; to consist of a series of independent treatises

on the following (among other) subjects, to be issued in parts, and to be forwarded with the Journal to subscribers ; the several parts or treatises to make an ootavo volume of at least 600 pages per year.



1. A Catalogue of the best publications on the organization, instruction and discipline of schools, of every grade, and on the principles of education, in the English, French, and German languages.

2. A History or EDUCATION, ancient and modern.

3. AN ACCOUNT OF ELEMENTARY INSTRUCTION IN EUROPE, based on the reports of Bache, Stowe, Mann, and others.

4. NATIONAL EDUCATION IN THE UNITED STATES ; or contributions to the history and improvement of common or public schools, and other institutions, means and agencies of popular education in the several States (B.)

5. SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE ; or the principles of construction, ventilation, warming, acoustics, seating, &c., applied to school rooms, leoture halls, and class rooms, with illustrations.

6. NORMAL SCHOOLS, and other institutions, means and agencies for the pro"fessional training and improvement of teachers.

7. SYSTEM OF PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR LARGE CITIES AND VILLAGES, with an account of the schools and other means of popular education and recreation in the principal cities of Europe and in this country.

8. SYSTEM OF POPULAR EDUCATION FOR with an account of the schools in Norway and the agricultural portions of other countries.

9. Schools OF AGRICULTURE, and other means of advancing agricultural improvement

10. Schools Of Science applied to the mechanic arts, civil engineering, &o. 11. SCHOOLS OF TRADE, NAVIGATION, COMMERCE, &o.

12. Female EDUCATION, with an account of the best seminaries for females in this country and in Europe.


14. Schools OF INDUSTRY, or institutions for truant, idle or neglected children, before they have been convicted of crime.

15. REFORM Schools, or institutions for young criminals. 16. HOUSES OF Refuge, for adult criminals.

17. SECONDARY EDUCATION, including institutions preparatory to college, and 2. institutions preparatory to special schools of agriculture, engineering, trade, navigation, &c.


21. SUPPLEMENTARY EDUCATION, including 'adult schools, evening schools, courses of popular lectures, debating classes, mechanic institutes, &c.

22. Libraries, with hints for the purchase, arrangement, catalogueing, drawing and preservation of books, especially in libraries designed for popular



26. PUBLIC GARDENS, and other sources of popular recreation.

27. EDUCATIONAL Tracts, or a series of short essays on topics of immediate practical importance to teachers and school officers.

28. EDUCATIONAL BIOGRAPHY, or the lives of distinguished educators and teachers.

29. EDUCATIONAL BENEFACTORS, or an account of the founders and benefactors of educational and scientific institutions.

30. Self-EDUCATION; or hints for self-formation, with examples of the pursuit of knowledge under difficulties.

31. Home EDUCATION; with illustrations drawn from the Family Training of different countries,

32. EDUCATIONAL NOMENCLATURE AND INDEX ; or an explanation of words and terms used in describing the systems and institutions of education in different countries, with reference to the books where the subjects are discussed and treated of.

The Series, when complete, will constitute an ENCYCLOPEDIA OF EDUCATION,


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OFFICIAL Reports-as Superintendent of Common Schools in Connecticut, 1 vol.; as Commis

sioner of Public Schools, R.I., 1 vol.; as National Commissioner of Education, 3 vols. $4.50,

per volume,

CONNECTICUT COMMON SCHOOL JOURNAL, 1838–42, 4 vols. $4.00. Second Series, 1851–54.
JOURNAL OF R. I. INSTITUTE OF INSTRUCTION, 1845-48, 3 vols. $3.75.
THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION—from 1856 to 1873. 24 Volumes (over 20,000

octavo pages), with 800 wood cuts of structures for educational purposes, and 125 portraits of eminent educators and teachers. Price, $108 in cluth; $132 in half goat; Single Volume in cloth $5.00, in half goat $5.50 ; Current Volume in numbers (1875-6-International Series, Vol. I.), $4.00. Single number, $1.25.

This publication, designed to embody the history, biography, organization, studies, discipline, and statistics of systems and institutions of education in different countries, as well as the current movements and discussions in this department of individual, social, and national development, has received the most emphatic commendation of hundreds of the prominent teachers and educators of the country. At the Vienna International Exposition of 1873, where there was the largest representation of the educational literature of different countries ever brought together, the editor received a Medal for superior merit. The International Series will complete the publication as projected by the Editor in 1850, and will embrace the Treatises (1 and 2) in the Plan submitted by him to the American Association for the Advancement of Education in 1854 on the

HISTORY OF EDUCATION: or the Progressive Development of Schools of different kinds and grades, and other Formal Agencies of Instruction for children, youths, and adults in different countries, with a General Survey of National Systems in 1876–7.

# The following Treatises were originally published as separate chapters in the American Journal of Education, but were prepared with special reference to being ultimately issued in the form in which they now appear. 1876.


1. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in the German States : Anhalt, Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Brunswick, Hanover, Hesse-Cassel, Hesse-Darmstadt, Liechtenstein, Lippe-Detmold, Lippe-Schaumberg, Luxemburg and Limberg, Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Nassau, Oldenburg, Prussia, Reuss, Saxony, Saxe-Altenburg, Saxe-Coburg, Saxe-Meiningen, Saxe-Weimar, Waldeck, Wurtemberg, and the Free Cities, with a general summary of the Educational Systems and Statistics for the whole of Germany, 1871. 856 pages. Price $5.50.

2. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in Switzerland (each of the 23 Cantons), France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, 1872. 800 pages. Price $5.50. Revised Edition. 1876.

3. Contributions to the History and Statistics of Common or Public Schools (Elementary and High), Academics, Colleges, and Professional Schools in the United States, and other American States. 900 pages. Price, $5.50.

4. Elementary and Secondary Instruction in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the different dependencies of Great Britain. 800 pages. Price, $5.50.

5. Superior Instruction in Different countries.--Ancient Greece, Rome, and Alexandria Early Christian Schools ; Medieval Universities; and Systems and Institutions of Higher Education in European and American States, 1876. 960 pages. $5.50.

6. Scientific and Industrial Education in Austria, Baden, Bavaria, Brunswick, Free Cities, Hanover, Nassau, Prussia, Saxony, Saxon Principalities, Wurtemberg, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmurk, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Italy. 800 pages. Price $5.50.

7. Special Instruction in Science and the Arts in Great Britain. 256 pages. $3.00.

8. Schools and Colleges of Science, Agriculture, and the Mechanic Arts in the United; States. In press. $300. Revised Edition. 1876.

9. Military and Naval Schools in France, Prussia, Bavaria, Italy, Russia, Holland, England, and the United States. 960 pages. $6.00.

10. Professional Training and Improvement in (1.) Tenching; (2.) Theology; (3.) Law (4.) Medicine, &c., in Different countries. 850 pages. $5.50. Revised Edition. 1876.





1. STUDIES AND Conduct: Letters, Essays, and Suggestions on the Relative Value of Studies, Books and the best Methods of Reading, Manners and the Art of Conversation, the Acquisi-" tion and True Uses of Wealth, and the Conduct of Life generally. 564 pages. $3.50. 1875.

The best evidence of the intrinsic value of these Letters, Suggestions, and Essays, is in the names of their authors-Addison, Aiken, Bacon, Barrow. Bodleigh, Brougham, Burleigh, Bulwer, Burns, Carlyle, Channing, Chatham, Chesterfield, Collingwood, De Quincey, Dupanlour, Evereti, Faraday, Franklin, Froude, Gladstone, Grimke, Hall, Hamilton, Herschel, Humboldt, Huxley, Jameson, Jerome, Locke, Lowe, Macaulay, Mackintosh, Mill, Milton, More, Niebuhr. Newman, Pitt, Pope, Potter, Raumer, Sidney, Southey, South, Swift, Taylor, Temple, Tyndal, Whately, Wordsworth, and others.

2. PRIMARY SCHOOLS AND ELEMENTARY INSTRUCTION : Object Teaching and Oral Lessons on Social Science and Common Things, with the Principles and Practice of Elementary Instruction in the Primary, Model, and Training Schools of Great Britain. Revised Edition.---544 pp. $3.00.

Ashburton, Barnard (Sketch of Systems of Public Elementary Schools in England, Scotland, and Ireland), Bell, Brougham, Currie, Dunn, Ellis, Hay, Keenan, Knight, Lancaster, Macaulay. Mayo, Morrison, Ross, Shields, Stow, Sullivan, Tainsh, Wilderspin, Young.

3. English PEDAGOGY-OLD AND NEW: or, Treatises and Thoughts on Education, the School, and the Teacher. First Series. 480 pages. Second Series. 608 pages. $3.50 each. 1876.

First Series.--Ascham, Bacon, Cowley, Cowper, Crabbe, Coleridge, Fuller, Gray, Hartlib, Hood, Locke, Milton, Petty, Shenstone, Spencer, Whately, Wotton.

Second Series.--Arnold, Brinsly, Calderwood, Colet, Collis, Coote, Defoe, Donaldson, Duff, Elyot, Evelyn, Goldsmith, Hoole, Johnson, Jolly, Lyttleton, Macaulay, Mulcaster, Parker, Part Payne, Pope, Quick, Smith, South, Southey, Steele, Strype, Todhunter, Wase, Webster, Wolsey.

4. AMERICAN PEDAGOGY: Contributions to the Principles and Methods of Education, by Barnard, Burgess, Bushnell, Channing, Cowdery, Dickinson, Doane, Everett, Fairchild, Hart, Hopkins, Huntington, Mann, Page, Philbrick, Pierce, Potter, Sheldon, Wayland, and Wilbur, FIRST SERIES. Revised Ed. 576 pages. $3.50,

5. German PEDAGOGY : Views of German Educators and Teachers on the Principles of Education, and Methods of Instruction for Schools of different Grades. Revised Edition, 640 pages. $3.50. 1876. Abbenrode, Benneke, Diesterweg, Fichte, Fræbel, Gæthe, Graser, Hentschel Hencomp, Herbart, Hentz, Jacobs, Meierotto, Raumer, Riecke, Rosenkranz, Ruthardt, Wichern.

6. PESTALOZZI AND Swiss PEDAGOGY : Memoir, and Educational Principles, Methods, and Influence of John Henry Pestalozzi, and Biograpical Sketches of several of his Assistants and Disciples : together with Selections from his Publications, and accounts of Schools and Teachers in Switzerland. Revised Edition. 656 pages. $3.50.

7. GERMAN TEACHERS AND EDUCATIONAL REFORMERS: Memoirs of Eminent Teachers and Educators with contributions to the History of Education in Germany. 1876. 586 pages. $3.50.

Early Christian Tenchers, Basedow, Comenius, Erasmus, Franke, Hieronymians, Luther, Melancthon, Ratich, Sturm, Trotzendorf, Felbiger, Kindermann, Frederic II., Maria Theresa, etc.

8. French TEACHERS, SCHOOLS, AND PEDAGOGY-OLD AND NEW. 648 pages. $3.50.

Early Christian Teachers and Schools ; Jesuits, Christian Brothers and other Teaching Orders Rabelais, Ramus, Montaigne, Port Royalists, Fenelon, Rollin, Montesquieu, Rousseau ; Talleyrand, Condorcet, Daunau, Napoleon; Oberlin, Cuvier, Cousin, Guizot, Ravaisson, Remaset, Marcel, Duruy, LeVerrier, Dupanloup, Mayer, Marbeau, Wilm, and others.


10. AMERICAN TEACHERS, EDUCATORS, AND BENEFACTORS OF EDUCATION, with 130 Portraits. 5 vols. $3.50 per volume.

11. AMERICAN GRADED PUBLIC Schools, with Plans of School-houses and Equipment and Regulations for Schools in Cities. 556 pages. $3.50.


13, School Codes.-Constitutional Provisions respecting Education, State School Codes, and City School Regulations. $3.00.

14. SCHOOL ARCHITECTURE: Principles, Plans and Specifications for structures for educational purposes. Revised Edition--800

pages. $5.00.

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