Egyptian Belief and Modern Thought

K. Paul & Company, 1878 - 454 pàgines

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Pàgina 319 - Ye stars ! which are the poetry of heaven ! If in your bright leaves we would read the fate Of men and empires, — 'tis to be forgiven, That in our aspirations to be great, Our destinies o'erleap their mortal state, And claim a kindred with you ; for ye are A beauty and a mystery, and create In us such love and reverence from afar, That fortune, fame, power, life, have named themselves a star.
Pàgina 15 - And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face, as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.
Pàgina 344 - For at the first she will walk with him by crooked ways, and bring fear and dread upon him, and torment him with her discipline, until she may trust his soul, and try him by her laws.
Pàgina 317 - They live no longer in the faith of reason ! But still the heart doth need a language, still Doth the old instinct bring back the old names...
Pàgina 381 - Let me not yet, O Varuna, enter into the house of clay: have mercy, almighty, have mercy. " If I go along trembling like a cloud driven by the wind : have mercy, almighty, have mercy...
Pàgina 50 - They have found favour in the eyes of the great God ; they inhabit the mansions of glory, where they enjoy the life of heaven ; the bodies which they have abandoned shall repose for ever in their tombs, while they rejoice in the presence of the supreme God.
Pàgina 308 - It will be observed that this philosophy of cycles, which was allegorized by the Egyptian Hierophants in the " circle of necessity," explains at the same time the allegory of the " Fall of man." According to the Arabian descriptions, each of the seven chambers of the Pyramids — those grandest of all cosmic symbols — was known by the name of a planet. The peculiar architecture of the Pyramids shows in itself the drift of the metaphysical thought of their builders. The apex is lost in the clear...
Pàgina 329 - In the same manner as lovers gradually advance from that beauty which is apparent in sensible forms, to that which is divine ; so the ancient priests, when they considered that there is a certain alliance and sympathy in natural things to each other, and of...
Pàgina 440 - Egyptiaca, namely, that the Egyptians were an Asiatic people. Seven years of additional investigation, together with greatly increased materials, have convinced me that they are neither Asiatics nor Europeans but aboriginal and indigenous inhabitants of the Nile or some contiguous region — peculiar in their physiognomy, isolated in their institutions, and forming one of the primordial centres of the human family.
Pàgina 422 - ... for the thing itself, which is now called the Christian religion, really was known to the Ancients, nor was wanting at any time from the beginning of the human race, until the time when Christ came in the flesh; from whence the true religion, which had previously existed, began to be called Christian; and this in our days is the Christian religion, not as having been wanting in former times, but as having, in later times, received this name.

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