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Containing the Titles of all fuch Acts as are extant in

print, from the Twenty Third to the Twenty Fifth Year of King GEORGE II. inelusive.

Cap. 1. FOR reducing the several

Anno 23 Georgii II. Cap. 9. For enlarging the term and

powers granted and continued by

two former acts of parliament, for carry an interest after the rate of repairing, widening and amending four pounds per centum per annum, the roads from Wigan to Preston in to the several rates of interest there- the county palatine of Lancaster; in mentioned.

and for making the said acts more Cap. 2. For granting an aid to his effectual.

Majesty by a land tax, to be raised Cap. 8. For enlarging the term and in Great Britain, for the service of

powers granted and continued by the year one thousand seven hun. two acts of parliament, for amenddred and fifty.

ing the highways leading from Cap. 3. For continuing and granting Brampton Bridge, to Welford Bridge

to his Majesty certain duties upon in the county of Northampton, and malt, mum, cyder and perry, for the great poft road from Morter the service of the year one thousand Pitt Hill to Chain Bridge, leading seven hundred and fifty,

into Market Harborough in the Cap. 4. For punishing mutiny and county of Leicester; and for ex

defertion ; and for the better pay- plaining and making more effectual ment of the army and their quar- the said acts; and also for repairters.

ing the roads leading from Morter Cap. 5. For enlarging the term and Pitt Hill and Brampton Bridge to

powers granted by an act passed in the town of Northampton.
the fifth year of the reign of his Cap. 9. For repealing the duties now
present Majesty, for repairing and payable upon China raw silk, and
amending the roads leading from for granting other duties in lieu
the town of Manchefter in the coun- thereof.
ty of Lancaster, through the town of Cap. 10. For enlarging the term and
Ashton under Line, and parish of powers granted by an act passed in
Mottram Longdendale, and from the fourth year of the reign of his
thence to Salters Brook in the coun- present Majesty, For repairing the
ty palatine of Chefter.

road leading from the town of Fulham Cap. 6. For repairing, improving in the county of Middlesex, through

and maintaining the haven and Fulham fields, to the great road piers of Great Yarmouth; and for near the pound at Hammersmith, in depthning, and making more na

the faid county, vigable the several rivers emptying Cap. 11. To render prosecutions for themselves into the said haven; and perjury, and subornation of peralso for preserving ships, wintering jury, more easy and effectual. therein, from accidents by fire. Cap. 12. For improving the navigaVol. XX.



ļi tion of the river Loyne, otherwise the channel from the Hitbe at Col1 called Lune; and for building a chefter to Wivenboe in the county of ceny quay or wharf, near the town of

Elex; and for repairing and cleanLancaster, in the county palatine of sing the streets and lanes of the Lancaster.

town of Colchester. Cap. 13. For the effectual punishing Cap.20. For encouraging the growth

of persons convicted of seducing and culture of raw, Gilk in his Ma介 artificers in the manufactures of

jesty's colonies or plantations in 4. Great Britain or Ireland, out of the America.

dominions of the crown of Great Cap. 21. For granting to his Maje

Britain ; and to prevent the expor- ity the sum of nine hundred thoupo tation of uten Gls made use of in the

fand pounds out of the finking woollen and silk manufactures from fund, for the service of the year Great Britain or Ireland, into fo- one thousand seven hundred and reign parts; and for the more easy fifty; and for applying certain surand speedy determination of ap- plus monies remaining in the expeals, allowed in certain cases, by chequer, as part of the supply of an act made in the last sellion of the said year, and for the applicaparliament, relating to persons em- tion of certain savings in the hands ployed in the several manufactures

of the paymaster general; and for therein mentioned.

obviating a doubt in an act of the Cap. 14. For assigning a place proper fifth year of King George the First,

for holding the market in the city in respect to the payment of cerof Westminster, in lieu of the ancient tain annuities thereby granted for market place called the Round the improvement of filheries and Woolstaple; and for regulating the manufactures in Scotland, and for faid market.

the further appropriating the supCap: 15. For taking down several

plies granted this session of parliabuildings, and inlarging the streets ment, and for giving further time and market places in the city of for the payment of duties omitted Gloucester.

to be paid for the indentures or Cap. 16. For granting to his Majesty contracts of clerks and apprentices;

the sum of one million to be raised and for transferring the bounties by annuities at three ,pounds per now payable upon the exportation centum per annum, and charged on of British sail cloth, to the customs; the linking fund, transferrable at and for enforcing the laws against the bank of England.

the clandestine importation of soap, Cap. 17. For repairing the roads candles, and starch, into this king

leading from Dunglas Bridge to the dom.
town of Haddington; and from Cap. 22. For giving further time to
thence to Ravenshaughburn in the the proprietors of annuities, after
county of Haddington,

the rate of four pounds per cenCap. 18. For enlightning the open tum per annum, to subscribe the same places, streets, lanes, passages and in the manner and


the terms C courts; and for the better regulating therein mentioned ; and for re

the nightly watch, within the parish deeming such of the said annuities, of Saint John Southwark in the as shall not be so subscribed, and county of Surrey.

for impowering the East India comCap. 19. For making more effectual

pany to raise certain sums by transseveral acts of parliament passed for ferrable annuities. cleansing and making navigable Cap. 23. To continue feveral laws


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for preventing the fpreading of the repeal so much of an act made in ditemper which nowrages amongst the twelfth year of the reign of the horned cattle, and for impow- King Charles the Second, as relates ering his Majesty to prohibit the to the time during which the office killing of cow calves.

of excise is to be kept open each Cap. 24. For the encouragement of day, and to appoint for how long - the British white herring fishery.

time the same shall be kept open Cap. 25. For making good a deficien- upon each day for the future, and

cy upon the revenue of the office of to prevent the stealing or destroykeeper or clerk of the hanaper, and ing of turnips; and to amend an for preventing any future deficien- act made in the second year of his cy therein, to answer the publick present Majesty, for better regulaservices provided for out of the tion of attornies and solicitors. fame; and for augmenting the in- Cap. 27. For the more easy and speecome of the office of master or dy recovery of small debts within keeper of the rolls.

the city and liberty of Westminster, Cap. 26. To continue feveral laws and that part of the dutchy of Lan

for the better regulating of pilots, cafter which adjoineth thereto.
for the conducting of thips and Cap. 28. To explain part of an act
vefsels from Dover, Deal, and the passed in the thirteenth and four-
of Thanet, up the rivers of Thames teenth years of the reign of King
and Medway; and for permitting Charles the Second, for the unifor
rum or fpirits of the Britib sugar mity of publick prayers, and ad-
plantations to be landed before the ministration of sacraments; and al-
duties of excise are paid thereon ; so part of an act passed in the thir-
and to continue and amend an act teenth year of the reign of Queen
for preventing frauds in the ad- Elizabeth for the ministers of the
measurement of coals within the church to be of sound religion.
city and liberty of Westminster, and Cap. 29. To encourage the importa-
several parishes near thereunto; tion of pig and bar iron from his
and to continue several laws for Majesty's colonies in America ; and
preventing exactions of occupiers to prevent the erection of any mill
of locks and wears upon the river or other engine for sitting or roll-
Thames westward, and for ascertain- ing of iron, or any plateing forge
ing the rates of water carriage up- to work with a tilt hammer, or
on the said river; and for the bet- any furnace for making steel, in any
ter regulation and government of

of the said colonies.
seamnen in the merchants service; Cap. 30. For the more easy and
and also to amend so much of an 1peedy recovery of small debts with-
adt made in the first year of the in the Tower Hamlets.
reign of King George the First, as Cap. 31. For extending and improv-
relates to the better preservation of ing the trade to Africa.
falmon in the river Ribble; and to Cap. 32. For granting to his Majesty
regulate fees in trials at affizes, and certain duties upon such fpecies of
Nifi Prius, upon records issuing fail cloth as are therein mentioned,
out of the office of pleas of the ' which shall be imported from Ire-
court of exchequer; and for the land into Great Britain, during the
apprehending of persons in any time therein limited.'
county or place, upon warrants Cap. 33. For preventing delays and
granted by justices of the peace in expences in the proceedings in the
any other county or place; and to county court of Middlesex; and

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ne for the more easy and speedy reco- 5. An act for vesting in trustees cer

very of small debts in the faid coun- tain leases and estates therein menty courtis

tioned, of and in the manors of Cap. 34. For permitting raw silk of Spalding and Holbeck, and of feve

the growth or produce of Persia, ral lands, tenements and hereditapurchased in Rusia, to be import- ments to the fame belonging, in ed into this kingdom, from any the county of Lincoln, which were port or place belonging to the em- forfeited by James late duke of Monpire of Russia.

mouth, put in exigent upon an inCap. 35. For making a better and dictment of high treason, to the

more effectual provilion for the re- intent that the lots of the record of .*. lief of the poor, for the cleanling such indictment, and of the Capias

the streets, and for keeping a night- and exigent thereon, may be fuply watch, within the parish of Saint plied for the purposes therein menMarsin in the Fields, within the tioned.

liberties of the city of IVestminsler. 6. An act to impower the committees Cap. 36. For settling a ftipend or of Thomas earl of Bradford, a luna

maintenance upon the rector of the tick, to lay out part of his personal ": parish of Saint George the Martyr, estate in the purchase of lands and

in the borough of Southwark, in the estates of inheritance for the pur

county of Surrey, and his fuccef- poses therein mentioned. : fors, in lieu of tythes,

7. An act to enable his Majesty to Cap. 37. For building a bridge cross grant the inheritance of the manor

the river of Thames, from Hampion of Garftang in the county of LanCourt in the county of Middlesex, caster, and of a mesfuage or teneto East Mouley in the county of ment in Newbigginge in Lonsdale, Surrey.

in the county of Westmoreland, to Cap. 38. For repairing the road from trustees, in trust for the honourable ***the city of York over Skipbridge, to Edward Walpole esquire, and his * Boroughbridge in the county of rork. heirs, upon a full and valuable conCap. 39. For the more effectual re- sideration to be paid for the same,

pairing and preserving the piers and 8. An act to enable Roger Mortlock, harbour of IV hitby in the county of doctor in divinity, now called RoYork.

ger Pettiward, and the heirs of his Cap. 40. For repairing and widening body, to take and use the surname

; the roads leading from Egremiont to and arms of Pettiward. tr... Dudden Bridge, Santon Bridge, and 9. An act to enable Beckford Kendall

Salthouse, in the county of Cum- esquire, now called Beckford Kendall berland.

Cater, and his issue male, to take Private Asts.

and use the surname and arms of

Anno 23 Georgii II.

10. An act for naturalizing John 1. An act for naturalizing Thomas Peter Mandrot, Lewis Chabanel,

Abraham Ogier, Peter Henry Gau- William de Drufina, and others. vain, and others.

II. An act for naturalizing Isaac 2. An act for naturalizing Charles Schomberg, doctor in phyfick. Lindegren.

12. An act for naturalizing Engelbert 3. An act for naturalizing Henry Hake.

13. An act to impower the guar4. An act for naturalizing Germain dians of Henry earl of Pembroke Lai.

and Montgomery, an infant, to make 2



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