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Last year the Y. L. M. I. Associations were requested by the Presiding Bishopric to furnish fruit for the Latter-day Saint's Hospital. The call was made upon the associations near Salt Lake City and a generous response was made by the stakes as follows: Alpine, 290 quarts; Box Elder, 166; Cache, 105; Davis (two stakes), 328; Ensign, 169; Granite, 226; Hyrum, 82; Jordan, 129; Liberty, 250; Nebo, 203; North Weber, 108; Ogden, 125; Utah, 271; Weber, 198.

We are in receipt of a letter from the Presiding Bishopric expressing appreciation for the fruit received and asking for a similar donation this summer. We feel satisfied that the Mutual Improvement members will be glad to help so worthy a cause. We do not wish to make a request for any stipulated amount, but we ask those stakes within easy access, to contribute what they feel able in bottled fruit, jams, jellies, dried fruit or apples for winter use. Two quart bottles are preferred for the fresh fruit. The hospital has a supply of bottles which they will ship, express freight prepaid, in boxes of twelve to any person or persons designated by the stake officers. In sending a request for bottles, please write direct to John Wells, Superintendent of Dr. Wm. H. Groves' Latter-day Saints' Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah. Fruit should also be shipped to him, but stake presidents will kindly notify us of the amount sent. In returning bottles please see that the same size are always packed in a box, as there is more danger of breakage if the sizes




Trusting you will give us hearty co-operation in this, we remain, Very Truly Your Sisters,

Martha H. Tingey, Ruth M. Fox, Mae T. Nystrom,



We wish to compliment our officers on the effort made to supply themselves with the books for the literary courses. Many purchased the entire sets during their visit to the June conference, which is highly gratifying.

A question has been asked, "In case our ward is familiar with a certain poem, are we at liberty to substitute another?"

Yes, most certainly. In doing so, however, we would like you, if it is a case of a home author, to take another by the same person. For instance if any association has taken "Plet" we would suggest that they take up "Our Inland Sea."

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cided to call for a report each year from the stake librarians, in which a list of all new books purchased, shall be sent to the General traveling library committee.

The program was then given as follows:

1. Review of book, "If I Were a Girl Again". . Elen Wallace 2. How We Obtained Monev to Purchase our Books....Svlvia Mason, Librarian, Box Elder Stake.

Sister Mason said they had been very successful in their efforts to get the money for books. Starting with some books that had been donated, they next gave a bazaar, and their most recent method, (one very well responded to) was to assess each member of the association 5c. Their stake had been recently divided, but they had a thousand volumes in the free library and reading room at Brigham City, and 197 volumes in their traveling library, after having given part to the new stake. Many questions as to the methods of arousing interest, of the care of the books, and of the qualities and duties of librarians were asked and answered by the sisters of the various stakes.

3. The New List. Estelle Neff Caldwell

Sister Caldwell gave both the Senior and Junior list of books with a little introductory talk about each book. 4. Review of "The Perfect Tribute" . Elen Wallace The New List.


Ethical-If I Were A Girl Again
..L. E. Keeler $1.00
Travel-The Innocents Abroad...
.Mark Twain 1.75
Essay-Routine and Ideals..
Le Baron Russell Briggs 1.00
Religious Joseph Smith, The
Prophet-Teacher.. B. H. Roberts .75
Joseph Smith, The Scientist.....
..John A. Widtsoe 75
Sketches-Our Inland Sea....

A. Lambourne 2.50 Fiction-Faith Gartney's Girlhood ..A. D. T. Whitney .75 The Woodcarver of 'Lympus.. .M. E. Waller 1.50

The Lincoln Books:
The Perfect Tribute...

..... M. S. R. Andrews 50 The Toyshop. .M. S. Geary .50 The Sleeping Sentinel...



The Man from Glengarry.
Ralph Conner 1.50
John Stevens' Courtship (in press)
Susa Y. Gates 1.00
The Romance of An Old-Fash-
ioned Gentleman

F. Hopkinson Smith 1.50
The Shepherd of the Hills..
Harold Bell Wright 1.50
The Post Girl ....
. Booth 1.50


Ethical-Happy School Days....
Margaret E. Sangster 1.25
History-Scott's Tales of a Grand-
Walter Scott .40 .75
Wake Robin ....John Burroughs .25
Fiction-When the British Came
.Harriet L. Comstock 1.25

. Laura E. Richards 1.25
. Laura E. Richards .50
Sara Crewe and other stories ...
. Frances Hodgson Burnett 1.25
Little Colonel. Annie F. Richards .50
Two Little Knights of Kentucky
Annie F. Richards .50
The Little Lame Prince..


The blank reports-stake and localwhich are to be filled in annually were distributed among those present, after which Secretary Ann M. Cannon explained them in detail, and answered questions pertaining to them. Discussion was free and lively. The cxplanation is not published here, as it is thought to give it out through the "Officers' notes" at the close of the year, when it is time to call for the next report. However, Secretaries were specially requested to keep an account of "Home Readings," reporting the number of chapters read at home, under the different headingsFiction, Poetry, Essays, History. Theology, Miscellaneous. Instruction was given that each Stake Board is to appoint a regular date on which the associations throughout the stake are to call for these reports from the individual members, who are hereby requested to make note of, and report what they read.

The following instructions were giv en out from the General Board:

1st. Prior to Annual day the local officers are expected to see that all members of the ward eligible to membership are visited and invited to attend the Mutual Improvement Association.

2nd. A new roll is to be made un in September, containing the names of all girls who desire to be enrolled.

3rd. The Dime Fund is to be collected during the period between Annual Day and the end of the year, and it should correspond to the enrollment at the end of the year.

Each Stake Board will appoint the date within that period on which to collect the dime fund. It is understood that members are privileged to pay more than a dime if they so desire. This is mentioned on account of the great increase in railroad fares to all points outside of Utah, as well as on account of the increase in number of stakes. It cost near eleven hundred dollars in 1908 to visit the conventions alone, not including any conferences.

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away as Arizona, Canada, and Mexico, we have one or more representatives. We consider this an evidence of the interest that the officers have in their work, and also an evidence that they consider the conference a help to them in their efforts.

Since our last conference we have had added five new stakes to our number. You will readily see that this has very greatly increased the number of our stake officers. We are glad to welcome them into our midst. and we hope that they will feel one with us in every way. In many of the stakes it has meant simply a division, and it means that many of the old officers are the same officers in new positions of duty. We say to them one and all, God bless you in your efforts in the direction of Mutual Improvement.

You will notice by our program this morning that the work is to give you an idea of your labors for the coming year. While there shall be much of detail work, we want you to feel the spirit that goes with it. And we hope that God will open your hearts and your understanding, that you may proceed with this work, as it has been prepared by the General Board, with cheerful hearts, and that it may meet your every need in every stake of Zion and in every ward. The prayer that has been in my heart for this conference is not only that we may continue our efforts with the ninety and nine that we have in the fold, but that we may feel an earnest desire to go to the ones that are not here the ones whose feet are set in the wayward pathway. We want to go after these, because they are the ones that need help. May God give us that desire and that knowledge and understanding to enable us to reach out after those girls with love and tenderness and earnestness. We humbly pray now that this spirit may rest upon us during this conference and that we may be able to carry it with us; for, sisters, no matter how much we may have prepared for you, you cannot do much with our girls unless you have the Spirit of God and the spirit of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And may it come to you, and may you be able to carry it with you throughout the year, is our humble desire, in the name of Jesus. Amen

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