Interstate Relations: The Neglected Dimension of Federalism

Praeger, 1996 - 268 pàgines

This groundbreaking book examines in detail relations between the states and the roles of United States Congress and Supreme Court in determining the nature of such relations--a distinguishing characteristic of a federal system. The neglect of interstate relations by scholars is surprising in view of the long and ongoing struggle between state power and federal power in the U.S. This new text provides a comprehensive examination of interstate relations, with up-to-date information and analysis relative to interstate suits, full faith and credit, privileges and immunities, tax exportation by states, interstate business competition, and interstate trade barriers. In addition, the work proposes a new model for improving interstate relations in the U.S. This important text will be of interest to scholars and students in American government and politics, state government and politics, and intergovernmental relations.

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and Business Firms
Interstate Tax Revenue Competition
Formal and Informal Interstate Cooperation

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Sobre l'autor (1996)

JOSEPH F. ZIMMERMAN is Professor of Political Science at the State University of New York at Albany. He is the author of over 20 books, including Contemporary American Federalism (Praeger, 1992) and State-Local Relations, Second Edition (Praeger, 1995).

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