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Pàgina 18 - You have built cities, no doubt, and filled them full of improvement, if magnificence be improvement; and of poverty also, if poverty be improvement. But our question, my friend, is happiness, comparative happiness; and until you can trace its dependance upon wealth, it will be in vain for you to boast your riches.' ' It appears to me,
Pàgina 530 - ... system of duties, religious and civil, and of law in all its branches, which the Hindus firmly believe to have been promulged in the beginning of time by MENU, son or grandson of BRAHMA', or, in plain language, the first of created beings, and not the oldest only, but the holiest, of legislators...
Pàgina 12 - Orton'f dofc ; but this was afterwards found to be an error. In 1756 it was made only by three perfons, and that in fmall quantities ; but it is now made, not only from one, but from...
Pàgina 531 - VYA'SA ; fo that, if the fon of PARA'SARA committed the traditional Vedas to writing in the Sanfcrit of his father's time, the original of this book muft have received its prefent form about 880 years before CHRIST'S birth. If the texts, indeed, which VYA'SA...
Pàgina 220 - Leader — That Genius was my SPECIAL PLEADER— That great man's office I attended By HAWK and BUZZARD recommended, Attorneys both of wondrous skill To pluck the Goose, and drive the Quill ; Three years I sat his smoky room in, Pens, paper, ink, and pounce consuming, The fourth, when Essoign Day begun, Joyful I hail'd th...
Pàgina 39 - The honeft man, who ftarves and 'is undone, Not fortune, but his virtue keeps him down. Had Cato bent beneath the conquering caufe, He might have liv'd to give new Senates laws ; But on vile terms difdaining to be great, He perifh'd by his choice, and not his fate. Honours and life, th...
Pàgina vi - Strafbourg was want of money. Nothing is to be found in circulation but paper and copper. " Tout jroit bien," faid an old man,
Pàgina 533 - When the bridegroom, having given as much wealth as he can afford to the father and paternal kinsman, and to the damsel herself, takes her voluntarily as his bride, that marriage is named A
Pàgina 535 - Let him have no culinary fire, no domicil ; let him, when very hungry, go to the town for food ; let him patiently bear disease ; let his mind be firm ; let him study to know God, and fix his attention on God alone.
Pàgina 344 - Ambassadour in France for the King of Spaine, declaring the state of England, contrary to the opinion of Don Bernardin, and of all his partizans Spaniardes and others.

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