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the Corner of St. Paul's Church-Yard, Ludgate-Street.




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Addressed to MR. URBAN, on completing t. -
HY yearly talk once more complete, And, like Marseilles" # good Bishop, daune.

lefs till, 1 hail thee, URBAN, with a friendly train;" With safety walk'a 'midt pestilence and ill, With joyunfeign’dthyFIFTIETHvolume fee, The Poet, of his Hero juftly vain, E And form the lay, and twine the wreath, for Pour'd with a Pindar's fire the Lyric ftrain : thee.

The strain with joy the modest man survey's,

And thou hr his mighty labour well repaid. un Alas! my Friend ! in these degenerate days, And when th' Historic Mufell, in evil hour, in The venal world dildains the Muse's praise; In Syren form exerted all her power,

'ol No more the sordid crowd her empire own, With matchluss grace her artful ttory told, Court her soft smile, or tremble at her frowns And robed thunfightly fierid with garb of Whilst the, the tool of Power, the Nave of


ih Mighty

Lur'd by her lovely mien, and claffic state, h Unheard, unpitied, mourns her ravith'd right. Britannia's Sons devour'd the gilded bait : Thy Sons, much injur'd Muse, the Sons of In vain with ill-tim'd zeal, and blotted page, Song,

[wrong. Rush'd forth, in all the impotence of rage, Archiev'd the impious deed, and wrought the. The fiery Zealot, and the ranc'rous Priest ;

Still grew the guile, and fill its power in- | Juta Aid me, Come Bard, to execrate the hour,

creas d.

Brie When Genius knelt Before the thrine of With Attic dignity the Poet rose,

jule Power ;

[hands, And other trains and different paths hechoses On whore proud base, uprais'd by impious And (till, to Virtye and to Genius true, Interest, in form a golden idol, ftands ; He mingled sage reproof wit praises due ;

ive And Fraud and Meanocís (well the tyrant's With friendly voice he warnd her from the train,


[roar : And noisy Faction, pointing itill to Gain. Where low'rs deftruction, and where dangers

front Pers Britain's alter'dMufe, that once

was frce, Faiq would I hope that, led by Reason’s ray, Low bow's the head, and bends the supple knce; Th" Historic Muse with her to the lay;

elte kuid, when th' imperious Tyrant gives com-* So thalt her tåme, in sporicis ftate fublime, mand,

· Flow in due triumph down the tide of Time, Strikes the base lyre with prostituted hand;

disc Dims with dark mifts fair Reason's ray of And fill, my HAYLEY (let me call thee light,


and Or gilds Rebellion with the name of Right; To guard the sacred cause of Truth bethine! Calls rashness Valour, calls fedition Great, And fill to Virtue and to Genius true, Sullies Succels, or dignifies Defeat ;( With ftedfast step the glorious path pursue : the Whilit Falthood, leagu'd with Science, hand So, e'en from Britain's Sons, thy genuine lays, in hand, Like Orpheus lyre; shall force the words of

In Pour forth their poison, and ufurp the land.

And future times thall bless thy pious page,


Litt Burimidnt thisservile train this fordid race, And glory bear thy name from age to age. The blot of Genius, Learning's foul disgrace, Pleas'd let me own one genuine Son of Song, « Of tranfient life to leave fome ltele


trace, Whom Britain boasts, and may hc boast " And win remembrance from the riling him long!


“ race Ś" In whose pure breast preserve the Swoeful Yes, 'tis our with, and be the with confessid, With just and holy care, their vestal fire. For ah! I feel it glowing in my.

breatt. In Virtue's facred cause the Poet fings, And that this languid lay, this trivial rhyme, And all o'er Genius* spreads his guardian May live, distinguish'd livi, to future time, *wings:

Illamp the cola Taint page with Harley's Lo! when meck Mercy's Son't, o'er swelling

name, Seasy

« And graft my verse immortal on his fame." Sought wisifirm dep tike dungeons of thiscafe

Dec. 30, 1780.

W. 1. * Sce a Pocricat Epistle to an eminent Painter, by William Hayley, Flyi reviewed, Vol. XLVIII. P: 525.

+ See Hayley's Ode to John Howard, Erq; "the hubane vilitor of the prisons, throughouc. This Ode is reviewed, p. 483.

Why drew Marseilles' good Bishop purer breath,
When Nature licken'd, and cach gale was death?

Erayon Man, IV. 197.
# Sce Epifles to Edward Gibson, Esq; the Hiño.ian of the Roman Ein, ire." Thuic are
Feviewed, p. 288. Epifles to Gibbon, I. 109.






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