The Image of the Baroque

Aldo D. Scaglione, Gianni Eugenio Viola
P. Lang, 1995 - 240 pàgines
In the ongoing attempt to offer new interpretations of cultural phenomena, the Baroque is not one of the most frequently discussed periods, but we can easily agree that it merits new attention. Most of the essays contained in this volume are interdisciplinary; in particular, they integrate literary, ideological, social, and artistic dimensions. Others aim to contribute to a sharper definition of this rather elusive phenomenon.

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Humanism vs Universalism
The Metamorphoses of Adonis
Góngora and His Readers

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Sobre l'autor (1995)

The Editor: Aldo Scaglione is the E. M. Remarque Professor of Literature at New York University. He is an Italianist and Comparatist who has published eight volumes and about one hundred articles in the areas of Medieval and Renaissance Italian, French, and German literature, as well as on the history of rhetorical and linguistic ideas.
The Contributors: Aldo Scaglione, Anthony Oldcorn, Franco Fido, Paolo Cherchi, Francesco Guardiani, Olimpia A.I. Pelosi, Elias L. Rivers, Alan S. Trueblood, Antonio Carreno, John Roger Paas, George C. Schoolfield, Arnold Stein, James V. Mirollo, Louis L. Martz

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