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Kevin J. Donohoe, Annick Van den Abbeele
Thieme, 1897 - 490 pāgines

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Pāgina 304 - I've treasured it long as a sainted prize, I've bedewed it with tears, and embalmed it with sighi, 'Tis bound by a thousand bands to my heart ; Not a tie will break, not a link will start. Would ye learn the spell : a mother sat there, And a sacred thing is that old arm-chair.
Pāgina 83 - FAINTLY as tolls the evening chime Our voices keep tune and our oars keep time. Soon as the woods on shore look dim, We'll sing at St Ann's our parting hymn...
Pāgina 56 - Except now and then a stray picket Is shot, as he walks on his beat to and fro, By a rifleman hid in the thicket. 'Tis nothing — a private or two now and then Will not count in the news of the battle; Not an officer lost — only one of the men, Moaning out, all alone, the death-rattle." All quiet along the Potomac...
Pāgina 307 - I HEAR thee speak of the better land, Thou call'st its children a happy band ; Mother! oh, where is that radiant shore? Shall we not seek it, and weep no more? Is it where the flower of the orange blows, And the fire-flies glance through the myrtle boughs ?" — " Not there, not there, my child...
Pāgina 56 - For their mother : may Heaven defend her ! The moon seems to shine just as brightly as then, That night when the love yet unspoken Leaped up to...
Pāgina 51 - Hark to an exiled son's appeal, Maryland ! My Mother- State, to thee I kneel ! Maryland ! For life and death, for woe and weal, Thy peerless chivalry reveal, And gird thy beauteous limbs with steel, Maryland! My Maryland!
Pāgina 310 - Tis beneath the spreading birk, In the glen without the name, Wi' a bonny, bonny lassie, When the kye comes hame.
Pāgina 51 - Maryland! Come! to thine own heroic throng, That stalks with Liberty along, And give a new Key to thy song, Maryland!
Pāgina 51 - THE despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle-queen of yore, Maryland, my Maryland! Hark to an exiled son's appeal, Maryland! My Mother State, to thee I kneel, Maryland! For life and death, for woe and weal, Thy peerless chivalry reveal, And gird thy beauteous limbs with steel, Maryland, my Maryland! Thou wilt not cower in the dust, Maryland!
Pāgina 15 - We are a band of brothers, and native to the soil, Fighting for our liberty, with treasure, blood and toil; And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far: Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a Single Star!

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