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Shakespeare Society, and to be had of W. Skeffington, 1850

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Pàgina 27 - Cassandra," gives a compendious description of the nature of popular theatrical representations in 1578. " The Englishman (he remarks) in this quality is most vain, indiscreet, and out of order. He first grounds / his work on impossibilities ; then, in three hours, runs he through the world, marries, gets children, makes children men, men to conquer kingdoms, murder monsters, and bringeth gods from heaven, and fetcheth devils from hell...
Pàgina 103 - I continued all that day untill night, in varietie of many thoughts ; but when Rosina came to helpe me to bedde, God knowes how desirous I was to have her entreat me againe to take the letter, but she woulde never speake unto me about it, nor (as it seemed) did so much as once thinke thereof.
Pàgina 123 - And bad hyr, that scho suld kepe that wele, And hald for hys luve that Jwele. Eftyr that oft oysyd he Til cum til hyr in prewate ; And tauld hyr mony thyngis to fall; Set trowd thai suld noucht hawe bene all. At hyr tyme scho wes lychtare, And that Sowne, that he gat, scho bare. Makbeth-Fynlake wes cald hys name, That grewe, as yhe herd, til gret fame. This was Makbethys Ofspryng, That hym eftyr mad oure Kyng, As...
Pàgina 53 - Ergo sanguis suus in carne sua est ;' et ait filius isti condempnato, ' Da mihi sanguinem tuum,' et statim pepigerunt, insuper fecit sibi condempnatus homagium. Tune dixit filius regis fratri seniori, ' Modo cape ubicunque volueris carnem tuum; sed si sanguis meus est, si ex eo minimam guttam effunderis, morieris.
Pàgina 48 - The two chests covered with pitch they viewed with contempt. Then said the king, I presumed what would be your determination : for ye look with the eyes of sense. But to discern baseness or value which are hid within, we must look with the eyes of the mind. He then ordered the golden chests to be opened, which exhaled an intolerable stench, and filled the beholders with horror1." ' In the Metrical Lives of the Saints, written about the year 1300, these chests are called four fates, that is, four...
Pàgina 8 - He says it is a production of singular beauty for the time, full of appropriate and graceful imagery. The only notice of the edition of 1582 or 1583 is found in the Registers of the Stationers

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