Imatges de pÓgina

Adder. And when they from thy bofom pluck a flower, guard it, I pray thee, with a lurking adder

- What, art thou, like the adder, waxen deaf? be poisonous too Whofe tongue more poisons than the adder's tooth


It is the bright day, that brings forth the adder


A. S. P. C. L.

Richard ii.

24262 28

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As an adder, when she doth unroll to do some fatal execution
For pleasure and revenge, have ears more deaf than adders to the voice of any true
Each jealous of the other, as the ftung are of the adder

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And my two school-fellows,—whom I will trust, as I will adder's fang'd Adder's fork.

Adders' beads and toads carbonado'd

Addiction. Each man to what sport and revels his addiction leads him
Addition. Where great addition swells, and virtue none, it is a dropsied

Hamlet. 41025 2 37 Macbeth.41 3781 3

Winter's Tale. 4
Othello. 2

3 352 135

210542 24

3 2871 7

All's Well. 2
All's Well. 4 2 2961 36

titled Goddess and worth it with addition — This man, lady, hath robb'd many beasts of their particular additions - I came to kill thee, cousin, and bear hence a great addition earned in thy death

Troil. and Creffid.1 2 859|1|31|

Ibid. 4 5 8822 18

One I will beat into clamorous whining, if thou deny'st the least fyllable of thy addition

They clepe us drunkards, and with fwinifh phrafe foil our addition The worfer, that you give me the addition whose want even kills me Addle. He efteems her no more than I esteem an addle egg

Yet thy head hath been beaten as addle as an egg, for quarrelling Addrefs. I will then addrefs me to my appointment


Lear. 2 2 940 229
Hamlet. 1 41006
Othello. 4

Troil. and Cref. 1
Rom, and Jul. 3

Merry Wives of Windfor. 3
doth address
All's Well. 3

Do you think he will make no deed of all this, that so seriously he himself unto

A dreadful lay!-addrefs thee instantly



860 130


1982 1 I 64 219



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601 220

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It lifted up its head, and did address itself to motion, like as it would speak Ham. Addrefs'd. Were all addrefs'd to meet you

[blocks in formation]

Mid Night's Dream. 5

Merchant of Venice. 2 9


Henry. 3 3 522|1|40 Julius Cafar.31 752144 Macbeth. 736829 Labor Loft.4 3 163230 K. John. 3 3 399 2 57 I Henry iv. 33 461248 due debt

Though that my death were adjunct to my act, by heaven I would do it Admiral. Thou art our admiral, thou beareft the lanthorn in the poop Admiration. Let us bury him, and not protract with admiration what is now

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This admiration is much o' the favour of other your new pranks
Admired. Broke the good meeting with moft admir'd diforder
Admiringly. The king very lately spoke of him admiringly, and mourningly

Cymbeline. 4 2 917129
Lear.14 937133
Macbeth. 3 4 376154

All's Well.I

Admittance. You are a gentleman of excellent breeding, admirable discourse, of great admittance

2772 6

Merry Wives of Windfor. 2 2 56114

The Ship-tire, the tire volant, or any other tire of Venetian admittance
-Admits. The people will accept whom he admits

Admonition. Dar'ft with thy frozen admonition, make pale our cheek
Ado. Let's follow, to fee the end of this ado

. Here's ado

- We'll keep no great ado

Adonis painted by a running brook

Thy promifes are like Adonis' gardens

Adoption. Under the adoption of abominable terms 'Tis often feen adoption ftrives with nature

Adoration. What is thy foul O adoration

Adore. This gate inftructs you how to adore the heavens

Ibid. 3 3

Titus Andronicus.I
Richard ii. 2

Taming of the Shrew.s
Winter's Tale. 2

Romeo and Juliet. 3

Induc. to Taming of the Shrew.

1 Henry vi.1

Merry Wives of Windfor. 2

60210 2833238

I 275118
2 3411 8




253 254 6549 235


562 26

All's Well. 1 3

281 253

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Adriatic. Were the as rough as are the swelling Adriatic seas

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Coriolanus. 4 3 727216

Comedy of Errors.
Love's Labour Loft.

Tam. of the Shrew. 1

Advance, Honour me fo much as to advance this jewel; accept and wear it

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Timon of Athens.1

Advantage. Make the rope of his destiny our cable for our own doth little advantage

To take an ill advantage of his absence
- You said, you neither lend nor borrow upon advantage


Merry Wives of Windfor 33
Merchant of Venice.

- For where there is advantage to be given, both more and less have given him the

- And with advantage means to pay thy love

- We'll read it at more advantage

- The money fhall be paid back again with advantage

feeds him fat



147 258121

2 808219

I 128 6118

3 2001 9

3851 4 399 2 22

Macbeth. 5 4
K. John. 3 2
1 Henry iv. 2 4 456247
Ibid. 2 4 456253

Ibid. 3 2 461|2|16|

And from this fwarm of fair advantages, you took occafion to be quickly woo'd

is a better foldier than rafhnefs

And in advantage ling'ring looks for refcue

Oh what advantage, bought with such a shame, to fave a paltry life, and

And lofe advantage, which doth ever cool i' the abfence of the needer
- It fhall advantage more, than do us wrong

-The advantage of the time prompts me aloud to call for recompence

- Beyond him in the advantage of the time
Colleagued with this dream of his advantage
And bring them after in the best advantage

Ibid. 514681 24 6524227

Henry v.3 1 Henry vi. 4 4 562226 slay bright

Ibid. 4 6 563 243 Coriolanus.41 7262 30 754160 8742 34 914|1|36| 21000 227

Julius Cafar.3
Troi. and Cref.3 3
Hamlet. 1
Othello. 1 31050134

has an eye can ftamp and counterfeit advantages, though true advantage never pre-
fent itself

- Give me advantage of fome brief difcourfe

- And, to the advantage, I, being here, took it up
Advantageable. As your wifdoms best shall see advantageable for our dignity

Ibid. 2 11053253
Ibid. 31105935
Ibid. 3 3 10631|14|

Henry v. 5 2 5391 3
Rich. iii. 4 4 662156

Advantaging their loan with interest of ten times double gain of happiness
Adventure. The fear of your adventure would counsel you to a more equal enterprise


As You Like It.1 2 226217

The day shall not be up fo foon as I, to try the fair adventure of to-morrow

Our scouts have found the adventure very easy

I dare adventure to be fent to the tower

- I would adventure for fuch merchandize

Adverfary. I will be thy adverfay toward Ann Page
Thou art come to answer a ftony adverfaty
Adverfe. To admit no traffick to our adverfe towns
-To what adverse islue it can

Adverfities. Let me embrace thefe four adverfities
Adverfity. A man I am, crofs'd with adverfity

Sweet are the uses of adverfity

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Adverfly. If the drink you give me, touch my palate adverfly, I make a crooked face

at it

Advertise. I do bend my speech to one that can my part in him advertise

Advertised. Please it your grace to be advertis'd

We are advertis'd by our loving friends

-I was advertis'd their great general flept

Advertisement! My griefs cry louder than advertisement

For this advertisement is five days old

[blocks in formation]

Advertising. As I was then advertising and holy to your business

1 Henry iv. 32 4612 7 Meaf for Meaf51 101160


-To attain in fuit the place of his bed, and win this ring by hers and mine adultery

Die for adultery! No. Adultrefs. But be it known from him that has most cause to grieve it should be, she's an adultrefs

Merchant of Venice. 51
Adulterate. The adulterate Hastings, Rivers, Vaughan, Grey, untimely fmother'd in
their dusky graves
Richard iii. 4 4
Adultery. Might have been accused in fornication, adultery and all uncleanness there
Meafure for Measure.

Advice. How fhall I doat on her with more advice that thus without advice begin to love her

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2 Gent. of Verona.

A. S. P. C. L.


Meaf for Meaf51

31217 102136

[blocks in formation]

Merchant of Venice 4 2 218 251

Titus Andronicus 2
Twelfth Night
Titus Andronicus 4
Lear. 2

Romeo and Juliet.

2 5811 2 1837 216 2 328 114 2 847 210 1939 135 5 989 131

Advis'd. Art thou not advis'd, he took some care to get her cunning schoolmasters

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Taming of the Shrew.
2 Henry iv.
Henry v.
2 Henry vi.
Richard iii. 2

Advifedly. My foul upon the forfeit, that your lord will never more break faith advifedly

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Comedy of Errors. 5
Merchant of Venice 2

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5141 14



2 645215

21046 1 50

221 29

659 254

I 86 238

[blocks in formation]

acides. Sure acides was Ajax,—called fo from his grandfather Tam. of the Shrew 31 Ediles. D. P.

[blocks in formation]

Egyptian Bacchanals. Shall we dance now the Ægyptian Bacchanals

Ibid 2 7

7812 2

Comedy of Errors.

Encas Widower

Titus Andronicus.
Tempeft 2 1

As did Æneas old Anchises bear, so bear I thee upon my manly fhoulder 2 Hen. vi. 5 2 - 1, as Æneas, our great ancestor, did from the flames of Troy upon his shoulder the old Anchifes bear, fo, from the waves of Tyber did I the tired Cæfar J. Caf Dido and her Æneas fhall want troops

To bid Æneas tell the tale twice o'er, how Troy was burnt

Eneas. D. P.


103 1043


8115 602 I

[blocks in formation]

That's Æneas, is not that a brave man? he's one of the flowers of Troy Ibid. 1 2 860 2 27 True honeft men being heard, like false Æneas, were in his time, thought falfe

"Twas Æneas' tale to Dido

Bolus. Yet Æolus would not be a murderer fculapius. My Æfculapius

Cymbeline. 4 909 247 Hamlet.2 210151 4 2 Henry vi. 3 2 587238 57121

fon. In fuch a night, Medea gather'd the enchanted herbs that did renew old fon

Merry W. of Windfor.2 3
Merchant of Venice. 5 1219135

Efop. Let Afop fable in a winter's night, his currish riddles fort not with this place

Etna. I'll be thrown into Ætna, as I have been into Thames, ere I will leave her thus

[blocks in formation]

Afeard. A conqueror, and afeard to speak!

-Will not the ladies be afeard of the lion

-This is a knavery of them, to make me afeard

A.S. P. C. L.

Love's Labour Loft.|5|2| 171|2|54 Mid. Night's Dream. 3 1 183142 Ibid. 3 1 184129

-And yet to be afeard of my deferving were but a weak disabling of myself

I am half afeard, thou wilt fay anon, he is some kin to thee
Then never trust me, if I be afear'd

He is afeard to come

Half afeard to come

Merchant of Venice. 2 7

206 227

Ibid. 2


208 2 29

[blocks in formation]


Ant. and Cleopatra. 2 5
Ibid. 3 3

778 146


Affability. You do not use me with that affability as in discretion you ought to use me

Henry v. 3 2 521224
Macbeth. 3 3 375 35

Affair. We have lost the best half of our affair
Affairs. If I know how, or which way, to order these affairs, thus diforderly thrust
into my hands

They should be good men ; their affairs are righteous

Richard ii. 2

Henry viii.

that walk as they fay fpirits do at midnight, have in them a wilder nature, than the business that seeks dispatch by day

His affairs come to me on the wind

My affairs are fervanted to others

But what is your affair in Elfinour? Affeard.

- His title is affeard!

Affects. Sir John affects thy Wife
He my husband best of all affects
- Doft thou affect her?

Every man with his affects is born
I do affect the very ground

Study what you most affect

I do affect a forrow, indeed, but I have it too

- Maria once told me, she did affect me

As 'twere, to banish their affects with him

If I affect it more, than as your honour, and as your renown

No man can justly praise, but what he does affect

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[blocks in formation]

-I thought the king had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall

- No marvel then, though he were ill affected

Afeeth. The accent of his tongue affecteth him
Affecting one fole throne, without affistance
Affection chains thy tender days

King Lear.

Lear. 2

King John


2 1511 20 12551 34

I 929 5 1940 15 1 38826 67318

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Would it apply well to the vehemence of your affection, that I should win what you would enjoy

-I heard him fwear his affection

-Mountain of affection

-She loves him with enraged affection

Merry W. of Windfor.2
Much Ado About Nothing. 2

Ibid. 2 I 1282 Ir
Ibid. 2 3 130122

-I would have thought his fpirit would have been invincible against all affaults of

[blocks in formation]

- brave conquerors! for fo you are, that war against your own affections

Love's Labor Left

I 1471 13

Have at you then, affection's men at arms

-Witty without affection

-If drawing my fword against the humour of affection would deliver me from the reprobate thought of it, I would take defire prifoner

-Yourself, renown'd prince, then stood as fair as any comer I have look'd on yet for my affection

With affection wond'rous fenfible he wrung Baffanio's hand

[blocks in formation]

Affections. For affections, masters of paffions, fway it to the mood of what it likes or loaths

Wrestle with thy affections. O, they take the part of a better

is not rated from the heart

Merchant of Venice.

wrestler than myfelf

How will the love, when the rich golden fhaft hath kill'd the flock of all affections elfe that live in her

I am heir to my affection

With thought of fuch affections, step forth mine advocate

A. S. P. C.L.


As You Like It. I

[blocks in formation]

Taming of the Shrew. 1



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And great affections, wrestling in thy bofom

K. Jobn. 5 2

408 136

Yet let me wonder, Harry, at thy affections

1 Henry iv. 32

4601 20

- O with what wings fhall his affections fly towards fronting peril and

And though his affections are higher mounted than ours, yet, when
they floop with the like wing

And your affections are a fick man's appetite
That you chofe him more after our commandment, than as guided by your own
true affections

But, out, affection! all bond and privilege of nature, break!
And, to fpeak truth of Cæfar, I have not known when his affections
than his reafon

oppos'd decay
2 Henry iv. 4 4
they stoop,
Henry v.4


1 528154

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If I could temporize with my affection, or brew it to a weak or colder palate

[ocr errors][merged small]

-Your highness is not entertain'd with that ceremonious affection as you were wont

Lear. 4 93553

- I meafuring his affections by my own

Romeo and Juliet.


1969 3

But he, his own affections' counfellor, is to himself
Had the affections, and warm youthful blood, the'd be as fwift in motion as a ball

Ibid. 1

1| 969|1|23|

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

And keep you in the rear of your affection

For the better compaffing this falt and most hidden loofe affection

- Have not we affections? defires for fport? and frailty, as men have Affuance. How halt thou with jealoufy infected the fweetnefs of affiance What's more dangerous than this fond affiance

I fpoke this to know if your affiance were deeply rooted

Affianced to her by oath

I am affianc'd this man's wife

Henry .2 2 517 3 2 Henry vi. 31| 584|1|17| Cymbeline. 79cc 2 37

Meafure for Meafure. 3 1
Ibid. 5 1

Ad. The artist and unread, the hard and foft, feem all affin'd and kin

Troilus and Crefida.[1]

892 I

99 2 59

[blocks in formation]

Be judge yourfelf, whether I in any juft term am affin'd to love the moor Othello. I 11044 If partially affin'd, or leagu'd in office, thou doft deliver more or less than truth, thou art no foldier


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I think affliction may fubdue the cheek, but not take in the mind
For this affliction has a tafle as fweet as any cordial comfort
-Henceforth I'll bear affliction, 'till it cry out itfelf, enough, enough,
- is enamour'd of thy parts

Afford. We cannot afford you fo

Afray. Since arm from arm that voice doth us affray

[merged small][ocr errors]



W.Tale. 5358
Cymbeline. 4 3 919147
Hamlet. 3 11016259

Affront. Unless another as like Hermione as is her picture, affront his eye
Your preparation can affront no lefs than what you hear of
That he as 'twere by accident may here affront Ophelia
Affronted. That my integrity and truth to you might be affronted, with the match and
weight of fuch a winnow'd purity in love

[blocks in formation]

Apy. For daring to affy a mighty lord unto the daughter of a worthlefs king.

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