Imatges de pÓgina


The References are to the Play, Act, Scene, Page, Column, and Line: D.P. ftands
for Dramatis Persona, and ch. for Chorus.

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Abafe. And will fhe yet abafe her eyes on me, that cropp'd the golden prime of this
fweet prince

Abate. O weary night, O long and tedious night, abate thy hours Mid. Night Dream. 3

Abated. Deliver you as most abated captives

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- committed to the tower


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Abides. Your provoft knows the place where he abides

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But altogether lacks the abilities that Rhodes is drefs'd in


I will do all my abilities in thy behalf

Abjure. Here abjure the taints and blames I laid upon myfelf
-No, rather I abjure all roofs

Aboaded the fudden breach

Abode. Your patience for my long abode
Abodements must not now affright us

Ability. Out of my lean and low ability I'll lend you fomething
Any thing, my lord, that my ability may undergo and nobleness impofe Wint. Tale. 2 3
Abifm of hell

Abjured. For whose dear love, they say she hath abjur'd the fight and company of men

Able. I'll able 'em

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Sweet peace conduct his sweet foul to the bofom of good old Abraham
The fons of Edward fleep in Abraham's bofom

Jul. Cafar.3 1

Mid. Night Dr.5 1

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Abfolute. Be abfolute for death; either death or life fhall thereby be the fweeter

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Abilract. He hath an abstract for the remembrance of fuch places
This little abftract doth contain that large which dy'd in Geffrey
You fhall find there a man who is the abftract of all faults that all

They [players] are the abstract and brief chronicles of the time
Abfurd. To conquer their abfurd intents

Abfyrtus. Into as many goblets will I cut it, as wild Medea, young

Abundant fcarce

Abufe. Do not abuse me

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This is a ftrange abuse

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Abufed. Though all the world could fee, none could be fo abus'd in fight as he

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Abufed. I am mightily abus'd

-Thy face is much abus'd with tears

her delicate mouth with drugs or minerals that weaken motion 'Tis better to be much abus'd, than but to know 't a little -The Moor's abus'd by fome most villaincus knave

A. S. P. C. L. Lear. 47 960|2| 8

Romeo and Juliet. 4 1 990112


21046 2 22 Ibid. 3 31063145 21071249


Abafes. If thefe be good people in a common weal, that do nothing but use their abufes

in common houses, I know no law

- For the poor abufes of the time want countenance

· Cries out upon abufes, feems to weep upon his country's wrongs -It is my nature's plague to spy out abuses

Meaf. for Meaf2 1
1 Hen. iv.

Abufing. Here will be an old abusing of God's patience, and the King's English


2 444 2 II

Ibid 4 3 466|2|44 Othello. 3 31061114

Abutting. Whofe high upreared and abutting fronts, the perilous narrow ocean parts


Aby. Left, to thy peril, thou aby it dear

-If thou doft intend the leaft fhew of love to her, thou fhalt aby it
Abyfm of time

Academes. They are the ground, the book, the academes
Accent. Throttle their practis'd accent in their fears

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Tempeft.1 2




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Lear. 14


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removed a dwelling

And with an accent tun'd in felf fame key, returns to chiding fortune
If but as well I other accents borrow, that can my speech diffuse
He that beguiled you in a plain accent, was a plain knave
Thefe new tuners of accent!-

Accept. If you accept them, then their worth is great
Accepted. In most accepted pain

Acceffible is none but Milford way

Accidents happened

[blocks in formation]

As You Like it. 32
Troi, and Creff

Romeo and Juliet. 2 4 978212
Tam. of the Shrew. 2 1

Troi. and Cre3 3 87516
Cymbeline 3 2 908112


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Meaf.for Meaf 4 3

Much Ado About Nothing. 2
Winter's Tale. 4
Troilus and Cre3

But as the unthought-on accident is guilty to what we wildly do
Prizes of accident as oft as merit

Aceite. We will accite, as I before remember'd, all our state
Accited. He by the fenate is accited home

2 Henry iv. 5

Titus Andronicus.
2 Henry iv. 2

Acciter. And what accites your most worshipful thought to think fo
Accommodated. A good foldier is better accommodated than with a wife
Accomplished. In fuch a habit, that they fhall think we are accomplished

Accomplishing the knights



I 127




354 259 8752 7 2 503 231 18321 2481 249


bid. 3 2 489 227

with what we Mer. of Venice. 3 4 213215 Henry v. 4ch 527 1



Accompliment. Turning the accomplishment of many years into an hour glafs Henry v.1 ch.509214 Accord. For your fathers remembrance, be at accord

You to his love muft accord, or have a woman to your lord
You must buy that peace with full accord to all our just demands
How can I grace my talk, wanting a hand to give it that accord
- Jove's accord, nothing fo full of heart

As You Like It.1| 1| 224124 Ibid. 5 4 249|1|51 Henry v.52538243 Titus Andron. 5 2 8521 10 Troilus and Creffida. 1 3 863253 Hamlet. 21002236 Much Ado About Nothing. 2 124217

This gentle and unfore'd accord of Hamlet fits fmiling to my heart Accordunt. If he found her accordant

According. Within her fcope of choice lies my confent, and fair according voice

Romeo and Juliet.1 2 970130
All's Well. 2 5 289134

Accordingly. He is very great in knowledge, and accordingly valiant
Accords. [Hufbands] Are masters to their females and their Lords: Then let your
will attend on their accords

Acceft. Good mistress Accoft, I defire better acquaintance
-is, front her, board her, woo her, aflail her

Account. To make account of her life

Claudio fhall render me a dear account

Comedy of Errors. 2 1 106 115 Twelfth Night. 1 3 309113 Ibid. 1 3 309117 11261 8 140132

Much Ado About Nothing. 2


That to ftand high in your account, I might in virtues, beauties, livings, friends, exceed account:

Sir, their speed hath been beyond account

Merchant of Venice. 3 2 211129
Winter's Tale. 2 3 343 234

The princes both make high account of you,-for they account his head upon the bridge

Richard iii. 3

2 650|2|56| 6732220 Account.

When he shall come to his account, he knows not what I can urge against him. Cor.4

We come, not by the way of accufation, to taint that honour every good tongue

Accufe. By falfe accufe doth level at my life

Accus'd. For as he has been publickly accus'd, so shall she have a just and open trial

129 127

[blocks in formation]


1951 29

Accufer. My accufer is my prentice
Accufing. That he had received a thousand ducats from Don John, for accufing the Lady
Hero wrongfully

[blocks in formation]

Whose smile and frown, like to Achilles' fpear, is able with the change to kill
and cure

a drayman, a porter, a very camel
Achitophel. A whorefon Achitophel
Aconitum. Shall never leak, though it do work as strong as aconitum, or rash gun-

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Act of Sport. When the blood is made dull with the act of sport
Addon, Prevent, or go thou, like Sir Actxon he, with Ringwood at thy heels

Divulge Page himself for a fecure and wilful Actxon

[blocks in formation]

Action. When you went onward to this ended action

A. S. P. C. L.

Much Ado About Noth.) 12411129

-I'll bring my action on the proudest he that stops my way in Padua

I'll have an action of battery against him

This action I now go on, is for my better grace

Taming of the Shrew. 3 2 266 258
Twelfth Night.4 1 326256
Winter's Tale. 2 1340117
Ibid. 5 3 362 25

King Fobn.3 4

Start not; her actions shall be holy, as, you hear, my spell is lawful — Who hath read, or heard of any kindred action like to this - To give us warrant from the hand of Heaven; and on our actions set the name of right, with holy breath

-There is not a dangerous action can peep out his head, but I am thrust

Have you enter'd your action?

The wearing out of fix fashions which is four terms, or two actions
So may a thousand actions, once a foot, end in one purpose

In fuch business action is eloquence, and the eyes of the ignorant more

their ears

But his whole action grows not in the power on 't

Cheeks and difafters grow in the veins of actions highest rear'd
Sith every action that hath gone before, whereof we have record, trial
and thwart

As if the paffage and whole carriage of this action rode on his tide
If you will make it an action, call witness to 't

upon it

400 139

Ibid. 5 2

408 2

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 13
Ibid. 2 3 869 239
Cymbeline. 2 3 904121

If fuch actions fhall have paflage free, bond-slaves and pagans shall our statesmen be

Yea, though our proper fon flood in your action

They have us'd their dearest action in the tented field

Action-taking knave

Active. He is fimply the most active gentleman in France

Othello. 121046250 Ibid. 1 31047 235 Ibid. 1 31047 253 Lear. 2 2 940 221 Henry v.3 7 526 128

Alor. Bring us but to this fight, and you fhall fay I'll prove a busy actor in their play

[blocks in formation]

Acute. The gift is good in thofe in whom it is acute; and I am thankful

Acutely. I am fo full of bufineffes, as I cannot answer thee acutely
Adallas. The Thracian king, Adallas

Adam. Have you got the picture of old Adam new apparell'd
Not that Adam that kept the Paradise, but that Adam that
Let him be clapp'd on the fhoulder and call'd Adam

-'s fons are my brethren

Julius Cafar. 2

174918 Hamlet. 2 21014 147

for it Love's Labour Loft. 4 2 1592

All's Well. 1279151 Ant. and Cleop.3 6785112

Com of Errors. 4 3 114153 kept the prison Ibid. 4 3 114157 Much Ado about Nothing.1 123251 Ibid. 2 112619

- Though she were endowed with all that Adam had left him before he tranfgrefs'd

-Had he been Adam, he had tempted Eve

[blocks in formation]

Adam's profeffion. Gardeners, ditchers, and grave-makers; they hold up

[blocks in formation]

Ibid. 2


Richard ii. 3 4 431130

2 Henry vi. 4

2 5941 20


Adam's pro

Hamlet. 511033229 2 180 250

Mid. Night's Dream. 2

1 Henry iv.1 4 548215 Troilus and Creffid.3 2 874146 Tempest. 2 2

And hast thou kill'd him fleeping? Brave touch! Could not a worm, an adder, do fo much? An adder did it; for with doubler tongue than thine, thou ferpent, never adder stung


Midf. Night's Dream. 3 2 185|2|36 - Is the adder better than the ecl, because his painted skin contents the eye? Taming of the Shrew. 4



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