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The Biblical Repository was commenced at Andover, in 1831. The present series of the Bibliotheca Sacra was commenced in 1844. The two Periodicals were united in 1851. The volume for the year 1862 is the nineteenth of the Bibliotheca Sacra, and the fiftieth of the Biblical Repository, in the combined series.

The first Editors of the Review were Professor B. B. Edwards, and Professor Edwards A. Park, of the Andover Theological Seminary. Since the year 1852, the Editors have been Professor Park, and Samuel H. Taylor, LL.D., of the Phillips Academy, Andover. Among its regular contributors are eminent scholars, connected with various theological and collegiate institutions of the United States. Its pages will be enriched by such contributions from Foreign Missionaries in the East, as may illustrate the Biblical Record; and also by such essays from distinguished naturalists, as may elucidate the agreement between Science and Religion. It is hoped that, hereafter, more space will be devoted than has been given heretofore, to strictly biblical and theological inquiries. Arrangements have been made for securing the most valuable literary intelligence from various parts of Europe, and the most thoughtful reviews of scientific and literary works.

The Bibliotheca Sacra is not designed for discussions of ephemeral interest, but for those of permanent value. It has inserted many an Article which has cost its author months of toil; and here and there an Article on which more than a year, or even two years, have been expended. Such Articles will not lose their worth with the passing time. The Review aims to give a careful and painstaking explanation of the spirit and genius of different schools, ancient and modern, in ethical philosophy and in religion. This feature of the work, as well as its biblical character, was highly prized by Sir William Hamilton, who perused its pages regularly. Thus the Bibliotheca Sacra aims to fulfil the original design of periodical literature, as the design is stated in the New American Cyclopaedia : “ The extension of knowledge and the multiplication of books (render] it impossible for the (private) scholar to inform himself of the progress of learning in various countries, or to purchase and peruse more than a small portion of the works issued from the press; hence the necessity for critical journals.”

The Bibliotheca Sacra is not a sectarian journal. It does not strive to inflame the zeal of theological partisans, but to exhibit the broad scriptural views of truth, and to cherish a catholic spirit among the conflicting schools of evangelical divines. It is the organ of no clique or party, but is a “ Library” of essays, a “Repository” of tracts, written by differing theologians, and adapted to explain or to elicit the exact truth. The work does not pretend to shape the materials of thought so that they may be transferred at once, and without being re-wrought, into sermons; but it aims to suggest principles which will refresh and strengthen the writer of sermons, and stir him up to various and vigorous presentations of Biblical Doctrine. Some of its Articles require deep thought in the reader; but this is absolutely essential to the maintenance of a dignified and commanding science of theology. When a clergyman ceases to feel an interest in elaborate discussion, he begins to throw

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