Imatges de pàgina

Neatly Printed in Two VOLUMES 12 ver.

Written by the same Author,

Vol. I.


illustrated : Or, An Efay humbly offer'd to-

wards proving the Purity, Propriety, and true Elo-

quence of the Writers of the New Testament. In

Two Parts. In the first of which these Divine

Writers are vindicated against the Charge of barba-

rous Language, false Greek, and Soleciims. In the

fecond is Thewn, that all the Excellencies of Style,

and sublime Beauties of Language and genuine Elo-

quence do abound in the Sacred Writers of the New

Teftament. With an Account of their Style and

Character, and a Representation of their Superiority,

in several Instances, to the best Classics of Greece and

Rome. To which are subjoin'd proper Indexes.

Vol: II.

Containing, 1. A farther Demonstration of the Pro-
priety, Purity, and found Eloquence of the Lan-
guage of the New Testament Writers. II. An Account
of the wrong Division of Chapters and Verses, and
faulty Translations of the Divine Book, which weaken
its Reasonings, and spoil 'its Eloquence and native
Beauties. III. A Discourse on the Various Readings
of the New Testament. With a Preface, wherein is
shewn the Necessity and Usefulness of a new Ver-
sion of the Sacred Books. To which is anncx'd a
very copious Index.
Printed for C. RIVINGTON, in S. Paul's Church-yará.

· Where may be had
A New Latin Grammar: Being a short, clear,
and easy Introduction of young Scholars to the
Knowledge of the Latin Tongue : containing an
exact Account of th: Two First Parts of Grammar;
with an Index.

4-19-28 P.H.


HE following Esays I are only defignd for

the Use and Instruction of younger Scholars; and Gentlemen, who have for some Years neglected the Advantages of their Education, and have a mind to resume those pleasant and useful Studies, in which they formerly made a handsome Progress at the Schools or Univerfs. A 3


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