The Jacobite Relics of Scotland: Being the Songs, Airs, and Legends, of the Adherents to the House of Stuart, Volum 2

William Blackwood, 1821

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PÓgina 157 - A waefu' day it was to me ; For there I lost my father dear, My father dear and brethren three. Their winding-sheet the bluidy clay, Their graves are growing green to see ; And by them lies the dearest lad That ever blest a woman's e'e ! Now wae to thee thou cruel lord, A bluidy man I trow thou be ; For mony a heart thou hast made sair, That ne'er did wrang to thine or thee ! A RED, RED ROSE TUNE—
PÓgina 173 - Lie slaughter'd on their native ground ; Thy hospitable roofs no more Invite the stranger to the door ; In smoky ruins sunk they lie, The monuments of cruelty. The wretched owner sees afar His all become the prey of war ; Bethinks him of his babes and wife, Then smites his breast and curses life.
PÓgina 107 - " The Deil confound me gin I ken, For I left them a' i' the morning." " Now, Johnnie, troth ye were na blate To come wi' the news o' your ain defeat, And leave your men in sic a strait So early in the morning.
PÓgina 174 - The pious mother, doom'd to death, Forsaken wanders o'er the heath, The bleak wind whistles round her head, Her helpless orphans cry for bread ; Bereft of shelter, food, and friend, She views the shades of night descend; And stretch'd beneath the inclement skies, Weeps o'er her tender babes, and dies. While the warm blood bedews my veins. And unimpair'd remembrance reigns, Resentment of my country's fate, Within my filial breast shall beat...
PÓgina 298 - James the Third for my rightful and lawful sovereign. Him I had an inclination to serve from my infancy, and was moved thereto by a natural love I had to his person, knowing him to be capable of making his people happy. And though...
PÓgina 220 - Manifesto by the Noblemen, Gentlemen, and others, who dutifully appear at this time, in asserting the undoubted right of their lawful Sovereign, James the Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c. and for relieving this, his ancient kingdom, from the oppressions and grievances it lies under.
PÓgina 265 - ... and the good woman brought new milk, which she told them was all her stock. One of the party inquired, with seeming kindness, how she lived. — Indeed, (quoth she,) the cow and the kale yard, wi* God's blessing, 's a
PÓgina 23 - In my father's grave to lie. There chant my solemn requiem In Hexham's holy towers; And let six maids of fair Tynedale Scatter my grave with flowers.
PÓgina 410 - From Beauly's wild and woodland glens How proudly Lovat's banners soar ! How fierce the plaided Highland clans Rush onward with the broad claymore ! Those hearts that high with honour...
PÓgina 115 - That atill despised flight, man. For king, and laws, and country's cause, In honour's bed he lay, man, His life, but not his courage, fled, While he had breath to draw, man. And Major Bowie, that worthy soul, Was brought down to the ground, man ; His horse being shot, it was his lot For to get mony a wound, man. Lieutenant Smith, of Irish birth, Frae whom he call'd for aid, man, But full of dread, lap o'er his head, And wadna be gainsaid, man.

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