Report of the commissioners, Volum 6


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Pàgina 627 - He that wandereth out of the way of understanding, shall remain in the congregation of the dead,
Pàgina 636 - We must plant faculties in the eight or ten principal seats of population, and let the students follow lectures there from their own homes, or with whatever arrangements for their living they and their parents choose. It would be everything for the great seats of population to be thus made intellectual centres as well as mere places of business ; for the want of this at present, Liverpool and Leeds are mere overgrown provincial towns, while Strasburg and Lyons are European cities.
Pàgina 599 - This one's special aptitudes are for knowing men — the study of the humanities ; that one's special aptitudes are for knowing the world — the study of nature. The circle of knowledge comprehends both, and we should all have some notion at any rate of the whole circle of knowledge.
Pàgina 627 - Duruy, the French Minister of Public Instruction, confirms this averment, not as against England in especial, but generally, by saying that all over the Continent the young North German, or the young Swiss of Zurich or Basle, is seizing, by reason of his better instruction, a confidence and a command in business which the young men of no other nation can dispute with him.
Pàgina 601 - Thus, in the university, the idea of science is primary, that of the profession secondary ; in the special school, the idea of the profession is primary, that of science secondary. Our English special schools have yet to be instituted, and our English universities do not perform the function of a university, as that function is above laid down. Still we have, like Germany, great and famous universities, and those universities are, as in Germany, in immediate connection with our chief secondary schools.
Pàgina 594 - The study of letters is the study of the operation of human force, of human freedom and activity; the study of nature is the study of the operation of non-human forces, of human limitation and passivity. The contemplation of human force and activity tends naturally to heighten our own force and activity; the contemplation of human limits and passivity tends rather to check it.
Pàgina 596 - ... convinced themselves that the preliminary philological discipline is so extremely valuable as to be an end in itself; and, similarly, that the mathematical discipline preliminary to a knowledge of nature is so extremely valuable as to be an end in itself. It seems to me that those who profess this conviction do not enough consider the quantity of knowledge inviting the human mind, and the importance to the human mind of really getting to it.
Pàgina 648 - Des questions de maximum et de minimum qui peuvent se résoudre par les équations du second dejjré [nos 199 à 203].
Pàgina 605 - The matriculating student signs an engagement to observe the laws and regulations of the university. The penalties for violating them are enforced by the rector. These penalties are, according to the nature of the offence, reprimand; fine; imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month in the university career, consilium abeundi, or dismissal from the particular university to which the student belongs, but with liberty to enter another; and finally.
Pàgina 656 - Si d'un point pris dans le plan d'un cercle, on mène des sécantes, le produit des distances de ce point aux deux points d'intersection de chaque sécante avec la circonférence est constant, quelle que soit la direction de la sécante. — Cas où elle devient tangente.

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