Florida Manatees: Biology, Behavior, and Conservation

Johns Hopkins University Press+ORM, 14 de maig 2017 - 160 pàgines
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A photographic guide that “focuses on the beauty, grace and vulnerability of these herbivores, but it also covers other sea mammals and their habitats” (The Biologist).

Named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title

In this book, manatee expert John E. Reynolds III and famed photographer Wayne Lynch join forces to reveal the clearest portrait of manatees ever published. Florida Manatees is a song for the manatee, a celebration of the lives of these majestic creatures. Reynolds’s concise, informative text shares what scientists know about manatees, while Lynch’s beautiful photographs instantly demonstrate how special these “potatoes with whiskers” really are. By encouraging an appreciation of manatees, the authors hope to help ensure a future in which Floridians can find ways to coexist with and continue to enjoy these uniquely wonderful sirenian inhabitants of their state.

Included in this book:
  • How manatees first came to Florida waters
  • How manatees fit into the ecosystems of Florida
  • What and how much manatees eat
  • How manatees behave and communicate with one another
  • Why manatees look the way they do
  • Why manatees have whiskers
  • How manatee mothers feed their young and much more

“A lovely book that sounds as though it would appeal primarily to scientists, but which offers inviting color photos and history that make it accessible to lay audiences both within Florida and outside the state.” —Donovan’s Literary Services

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From a Bluff on Guadeloupe
A HodgePodge of Adaptations
The Stuff of Myths and Legends
Behavior and Ecology
Reproduction and Life History
Habitat Protection
Conservation Threats
Conservation Solutions
Selected References and Further Reading

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Sobre l'autor (2017)

John E. Reynolds III is the senior scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory's Manatee Research Program and the former chair of the US Marine Mammal Commission. He is the coeditor of Marine Mammal Research: Conservation beyond Crisis and the coauthor of Mysterious Manatees. Wayne Lynch is a renowned and widely published professional wildlife photographer. He is the author of Owls of the United States and Canada: A Complete Guide to Their Biology and Behavior and the coauthor of Penguins: The Animal Answer Guide. His photographs also appear in Alligators: The Illustrated Guide to Their Biology, Behavior, and Conservation available from Johns Hopkins University Press

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