Edmund Campion: A Biography

J. Hodges, 1896 - 537 pàgines

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Pàgina 87 - Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.
Pàgina 30 - Whilst it hath thought itself so blessed never! How have mine eyes out of their spheres been fitted, In the distraction of this madding fever! O benefit of ill ! now I find true That better is by evil still made better; And ruin'd love, when it is built anew, Grows fairer than at first, more strong, far greater.
Pàgina 436 - You must go to the place from whence you came, there to remain until ye shall be drawn through the open city of London upon hurdles to the place of execution, and there be hanged and let down alive, and your privy parts cut off, and your entrails taken out and burnt in your sight; then your heads to be cut off, and your bodies to be divided in four parts, to be disposed of at her Majesty's pleasure. And God have mercy on your souls.
Pàgina 518 - Viet., c. 59, went so far only as to repeal portions of it as follows : — viz., so much of an Act passed in the thirteenth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, intituled, " An Act against the bringing in and putting in execution of Bulls, writings, or instruments, and other superstitious things from the See of Rome...
Pàgina 454 - Wherein have I offended her? In this I am innocent. This is my last speech ; in this give me credit — I have and do pray for her.
Pàgina 228 - If these my offers be refused and my endeavours can take no place, and I having run thousands of miles to do you good, shall be rewarded with rigour, — I have no more to say, but to recommend your case and mine to Almighty God...
Pàgina 127 - The new priest said his first Mass on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, September 8.
Pàgina 528 - An Apologie and True Declaration of the Institution and Endeavours of the two English Colleges, the one in Rome, the other now resident in Rhemes : against certaine sinister informations given up against the same.
Pàgina 228 - England — cheerfully to carry the cross you shall lay upon us, and never to despair your recovery, while we have a man left to enjoy your Tyburn, or to be racked with your torments, or consumed with your prisons. The expense is reckoned, the enterprise is begun; it is of God, it cannot be withstood. So the faith was planted: so it must be restored.
Pàgina 463 - he says afterwards, " that putting to death does no ways lessen them , since we find , by experience , that it worketh no such effect , but, like hydra's heads, upon cutting off one , seven grow up , persecution being accounted as the badge of the church ; and therefore they should never have the honour to take any pretence of martyrdom in England...

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