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The LITERARY SOUVENIR for 1829. Edited by ALARIC
A. Watts. Mustrated by Twelve highly.finished Line-Engravings, from Drawings and
Paintings by the First Masters. Elegantiy bound in Crimson Silk, 12s.

la post 8vo. with Proofs of tlie Plates on India Paper, price 24s. Proofs on Imp. 4to. price 30s. in a portfolio. A very few Proofs before Letters, 31. 3s.

44. The NEW YEAR's GIFT, and JUVENILE SOUVENIR. Edited by Mrs. ALARIC Watts. With Twelve highly-finished Engravings on Steel, by various eminent Engravers ; and numerous Wood-cuts, after Designs by George Cruikshank. Elegantly half-bound in Turkey Morocco, with gilt leaves, price 7s.6d.

The HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Period to
the Death of Henry VIII. By SHARON TURNER, F.A.S. R.A.S.L. In 10 Vols. 8vo.
price 61. Ils. bds.

Also may be bad, by the same Author, separately,
SAXONS, comprising the History of

MATION, and of the LANGUAGE of Eng.
England from the carliest Period to the

LAND during that period. 2d Edition, Norman Conquest. 6th Edit. 3 Vols.

5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. Bds. 8y0, 21, 5s. Bds.

The HISTORY of the REIGN of The HISTORY of ENGLAND, dur- HENRY the EIGHTH , comprising the

ing the MIDDLE AGES; comprising Political History of the Commencement the Reigns from William the Conqueror of the English Reformation : being the to the Accession of Henry VIII., and also First Part of the Modern History of Eng. the HISTORY of the LITERATURE, POETRY, land. 2d Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. II. Gs, Bds.


HONOR O'HARA: a Novel, in 3 Vols. By A. M. PORTER, Author of “ Don Sebastian," " Hungarian Brothers," &c. &c. 11. 4s. Bds.

ARCHITETTURA CAMPESTRE; displayed in Lodges, Gar-
deners' Houses, and other Buildings, composed of simple nd economical forms in ne
Modern or Italian Style ; introducing a Picturesque Mode of Roofing. By T. F. Hunt,
Architect. In a Series of 12 Plates, with Descriptive Letterpress, in royal 4to. price 11. 1s.
Bds.; or India Proofs, 11. 11s. 6d. Bds.

By the same Author,

TURE; in a Series of Designs for Gate- a Series of Twenty-one Plates, with De.
Lodges, Gamekeepers' Cottages, and other scriptive Letterpress, in royal 4to. 11. 18.
Rural Residences. 2d Edition, in 4to. Bds. or India Proofs, ll. lls. 6d. Bds.
15s. Bd. or 11. 1s. India Proofs, Bds.


RINGROVE, or Old Fashioned Notions. By the Author of “ Letters to a Young Man," "A Tale of the Times," &c. In 2 Vols. 16s. Bds.

49. The PLEA of the MIDSUMMER FAIRIES, HERO and LEANDER, LYCUS the CENTAUR, and other Poems. By Thomas Hood, Author of " Whims and Oddities,” &c. In Post 8vo. price 8s. Bds.

The GOLDEN VIOLET, with its Tales of Romance and Chi.
valry, and other Poems. By L. E. L. Foolscap 8vo. Price 10s. 6d. Bds.

By the same Author,
The TROUBADOUR. 4th Edition. The POETICAL WORKS of L. E. L.
Foolscap 8vo. 108. 6d. Bds.

including the Improvisatrice, Troubadour,

Golden Violet, and Miscellaneous Poems.
The IMPROVISATRICE. 6th Edit. With uniform Titles and Vignettes. 3
Foolscap 8vo. 106. 6d. Bds.

Vols. f.c. 8vo. 11. lls, 6d. extra Bds.
In the Press, by the same Author,

ADVICE to a NOBLEMAN on the Manner in which his Children
should be iustructed on the Piano-forte. A new edition, 18mo. Price 8s.

MANY. By the Author of Recollections of the Peninsula, &c. &c. A New Edition.
In 1 VOL 8vo. 128. Bds.

By the same Author,
The STORY of a LIFE. 2 Vols. post | SKETCHES of INDIA. By a 'Tra-
8vo. 3d Edition, 18s, Bds.


For Fire-side Travellers at We involuntarily follow, and smile, and

Home. 4th Edition. 1 Vol. 8vo. 93. Bds. weep, and recover again, and pause in wonder at the skill of the magician, whose wand has such

RECOLLECTIONS of the PENINstrange power over our faculties."- Monthly Rev.

SULA, containing Sketches of the Man. SCENES and IMPRESSIONS in

ners and Character of the Spanish Nation, EGYPT and ITALY. 1 Vol. 8vo. 123. 5th Edition. I Vol. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Bds. Bds. 3d Edit.

" Few writers, who are not poets by profession, * Such is the merit and charm of the volumes have the art of painting in words with so much before us, they place us at once by the side of the vividness and distinctness.”_"It is scarcely posauthor, and bring before our eyes and minds the sible to open the book without seeing useful and scenes he has passed through, and the feelings they lively remarks, or descriptions indescribably desuggested."-Edinburgh Revier.

scriplive."- Monthly Review.

53. The EDINBURGH GAZETTEER, or GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, brought down to 1828 ; containing a description of the various Countries, Kingdoms, States, Cities, Towns, &c. of the World. With an ADDENDA, containing the present State of the New Governments in South America; the Burmese Empire ; a Summary of the recent Voyages and Travels in the East, North America, and in Africa. In 6 large Vols. 51. 5s. bds. A new edition of an Abridgment of the above, in 1 Vol. 8vo. with Maps, is nearly ready.

As an accompaniment to the above, may be bad, A NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed by A. ARROWSMITI, Hydrographer to the King, from the latest Authorities ; exhibiting the Boundaries and Divisions, also the Chains of Mountains, and other Geographical Features, of all the known Countries in the World; comprehended in Fifty-four Maps, including Two New Maps, from Origi. nal Drawings, with the recent Discoveries of Ross, PARRY, FRANKLIN, &c. in North America. Engraved in the best Style of the Art. In royal quarto, price ll. 16s. half-bound, or with the Boundaries, &c. coloured, 21. 12s.6d.

The GOOD NURSE; or Hints on the Management of the
Sick and Lying-in Chamber and Nursery. Second Edition, with Additions, and Recom.
mendatory Letters from Sir Astley Cooper, Dr. Babington, Dr. Paris, Dr. Lister, &c.
Dedicated by permission to Mrs Fry. With a Portrait of the Author. Price 8s.

Preparing for the Press, by the same Author,

LECTURES on ASTRONOMY; illustrated by the ASTRO-
NOMICON, or a series of Moveable Diagrams, exhibiting a more familiar and vatural
elucidation of the real and apparent motions of the Heavenly Bodies, than is to be met with
in any other work on this valuable science. By W. H. Prior. Dedicated, by permission,
to Dr. Birkbeck. Price of the Astronomicon, 31. 13s. 60.-Lectures, 10s. 6d.

The Diagrams are so constructed as to act upon one common centre, screwed into a board, upon which the other figures referred to in the Lectores are also delineated. To this centre, a movcablé Pianispliere is likewise adapted, upon which, from the peculiarity of its construction, all the roost important Problems usualiy performed by the Celestial Globe, may he worked with much more facility than upon that instrument. A very curious and complete Astronomical Machine is thus formed; which, uniting in itself most of the advantages of the Orrery and the Celestial Globe, becomes a cheap and elegant substitute for them both.

56. DOMESTIC ECONOMY and COOKERY, for Rich and Poor; containing an Account of the best English, Scotch, French, Oriental, and other Foreign Dishes ; Preparation of Broths and Milks for Consumption; Receipts for Sea-faring men, Travellers, and Children's Food : together with Estimates and Comparisons of Dinners and Dishes. The whole composed with the utmost Attention to Health, Economy, and Elegance. By A LADY. i Vol. 12mo. 9s. Bds. or 109. Bound and Lettered.

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57. MUSCOLOGIA BRITANNICA ; containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland, systematically arranged and described; with Plates, illustrative of the characters of the Genera and Species. By William Jackson Hoor:ER, LL.D. F.R.A. and L.S. &c. and Thomas Taylor, M.D. M.R.I.A. and F.L.S. &c. The 2d Edition, corrected and enlarged, in 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. plain, and 31.3s. coloured plates.

The BRITISH FLORA; containing a Description of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the British Islands : arranged according to the Linnean System. By W. JACKSON HOOKER, LL.D. &c. Royal 12mo. Nearly ready.

The plan of the above work is similar to that of the first part of Dr. Hooker's “Flora Scotica.” The Mosses and the rest of the Cryptogamia will be publisbed by the same author, and form a distinct volume, corresponding with the “English Flora" of the late Sir James Smith; and will be sold either as the last volume of that work, or separately, and as the completion of the British Flora.

58. A CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY of the WEST INDIES. By CAPTAIN THOMAS SOUTHEY, R. N. 3 Vols. 8vo. Price 21. 10s. Bds. " Captain Soutbey has performed the task which the title shows him to have undertaken, with

ka . Inspector, June 1627.

59. A VOYAGE TOWARDS the SOUTH POLE ; containing an Examination of the Antarctic Sea, to the Seventy-Fourth Degree of Latitude; and a Visit to Tierra Del Fuego: with a particular Account of the Inhabitants. By JAMES WEDDELL, Master in the Royal Navy. Second Edition ; to which is added, Observations on the Probability of reaching the South Pole. 8vo, with numerous Maps, Plates, &c. &c. Price 189. bds.

“Mr. Weddell's volume deserves to find a place on the shelf of every library that pretends to a collec. tion of Voyages and Travels.”-Quarterly Rericw, No. 68.

60. MEMOIRS of the LIFE and WRITINGS of LINDLEY MURRAY; in a series of Letters, written by Himself, with a Portrait, and Fac-simile of his Writing. 2d Edit. In 8vo. Price 9s. Bds.

61. An ILLUSTRATED INTRODUCTION to LAMARCK'S CONCHOLOGY, contained in his Histoire Naturelle des Animaux sans Vertèbres ; being a Literal Translation of the Descriptions of the recent and Fossil Genera, accompanied by Twenty-two highly-finished Lithographic Plates, in which are given Instruciive Views of the various Genera and their Divisions, drawn from Nature, from characteristic and generally well-known Species. By EDMUND A. CROUCH, F.L.S. Royal 4to. Price Il. lls. 6d. plain, or 31. 35. coloured.

Also, just published, An EPITOME of LAMARCK'S ARRANGEMENT of TESTACEA: with

illustrative Observations and comparative Tables of the Systems of Linnæus and Lamarck. By C. DUBOIS, F.L.S. and F.H.S. 8vo. Price 14s. Bds.

62. TRAVELS and ADVENTURES on the SHORE ofthe CASPIAN SEA; with some Account of the Trade, Commerce, and Resources of those Countries. By James B. FRASER, Esq. Author of "A Tour in the Himala Mountains," &c. In 4to. Price 11. Ils. 6. Bds.

By the same Author, NARRATIVE of a JOURNEY into KHORASAN; including some Account of the Countries to the North-east of Persia. With Remarks upon the National Cha. racter, Government, and Resources of that Kingdom. In 1 Vol. 4to. with a new Map by Arrowsmith. price 31. 3s. Bds.

“ His details respecting the domestic manners and ages of the Persians, which are known to have undergone little change in the lapse of centuries, are at once picturesque and dramatic. They form no Inavimate Commentary on a Tale of the oldeu time which every body has of lace been reading.".

Monthly Revier.

63. MEMOIRS of the COURT of HENRY the EIGHTH. By Mrs. A. T. THOMSON. In 2 Vols. 8vo. with a Portrait. Price 11. 8s. Bds.

" Mrs. Thomson appears to have entered on her undertaking fearlessly and industriously, and she may certainly be declared to have performed it with ability."- Monthly Rivier, June 1826.

64. ANNUAL BIOGRAPHY and OBITUARY, for 1829, being the Thirteenth Volume ; containing Memoirs of her Majesty the Queen Dowager of Wurtemberg, Archbishop Sutton, the Earl of Liverpool, Dugald Stewart, Esq. Sir James E.

Smith, the Hon. Mrs. Damer, Bishop Tomline, Sir T. B, Thompson, the Margravine of | Anspach, Sir Richard J. Strahan, Dean Hook, Captain Clapperton, Richard P. Bonnington,

Esq. Sir William Domett, Archdeacon Coxe, Lady Caroline Lamb, the Rev. E. Forster, Sir Henry Torrens, Henry Neele, Esq. Sir Neil Campbell, Ds. Mason Good, Major-General Burrell, William Lowndes, Esq. the Rev. Thomas Kerrick, Harry S. Van Dyk, Esq. Vice-Admiral Nowell, the Rev. Legh Richmond, Sir Philip C. Silvester, Lieut.-Col. Sackville, &c. &c. 8v0. 15s, Bds.

Also may be had, the preceding Twelve Volumes, 15s. each ; and purchasers are requested to complete their Sets, as some of the Volumes are nearly out of print.

65. LALLA ROOKH. An Oriental Romance. By Thomas Moore, Esq. With Four Engravings, from Paintings by R. Westall, R.A. 14th Edit. Fcp. 8vo. 14s. Bds. Another Edition of this Work, in 8vo. 14s; and Illustrations, by Weetall, 8vo. 12s.

By the same Author, The LIFE of the RIGHT HON. R. The LOVES of the ANGELS. 4th

B. SHERIDAN. With a Portrait, from Edit. Svo. 9. Bds. an original picture by Sir Joshua Rey- ILLUSTRATIONS of the Poem, from Designs nolds. 5th Edit. 2 Vols. 8vo. ll. lls. 6d. by Westall. 8vo. 5s.

66. TRAVELS in PALESTINE, through the Countries of BASAAN and GILEAD, East of the River JORDAN; including a Visit to the Cities of Geraza and Gamala, in the Decapolis. By J. S. BUCKINGHAM, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. 2d Edit. with Maps, Plates, and Vignettes, ll. lls 6d. Bds. “ Mr. Buckingham is a very clever, observant, and meritorious traveller."- Eclectic Review.

67. The ELEMENTS of PLANE GEOMETRY. By THOMAS KEITH. 3d edit. in 8vo. 108.6d. Bds.

By the same Author, An INTRODUCTION to the Theory tion of Youth. In Vol. 12mo. with

and Practice of PLANE and SPHERICAL Plates, new edit. 6s. Bds. TRIGONOMETRY. In 8vo. 14s. Bds.

The 5th edition, corrected and improved. A SYSTEM of GEOGRAPHY, for A NEW TREATISE on the USE of the Use of Schools. In 1 Vol. 12mo. il. the GLOBES, Designed for the Instruc

lustrated by Maps and Plates, 6s. Bound.

68. MEMOIRS of the COURT of QUEEN ELIZABETH. By LUCY AIKIN. 6th Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 5s. Bds.

Also may be had, MEMOIRS of the COURT of KING JAMES the FIRST. By LUCY AIKIN. The POETICAL WORKS, the Cor2 Vols. 8vo. 3d Edit. 11. 4s. Bds.

respondence, and other Prose Pieces, of A LEGACY for YOUNG LADIES ; ANNA LÆTITIA BARBAULD. With a

Memoir. By Lucy Aikin. 2 Vols. 8vo. consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose

Price 11. 4s. Bds. and Verse. By the late Mrs. BARBAULD. 2d edit, in i Vol. 12mo. 78. 6d. Bds.


DISCOURSES on the principal points of the SOCINIAN CONTROVERSY. By RALPH WARDLAW, D.D. Glasgow. 4th Edit. 8vo. 15s, bds.

70. DOMESTIC DUTIES; or, Instructions to Young Married Ladies, on the Management of their Households, and the Regulation of their Conduct in the various Relations and Duties of Married Life. By Mrs. WILLIAM PARKES. 3d Edit. 108. 64. Bds.

"The volume before us is one of those practical works, which are of real value and utility. It is a perfect vade mecum for the young married lady, who may resort to it on all questions of household economy and eti ...There is nothing omitted with which it behoves a lady to be acquainted."- New Monthly Mag.

71. BENGER'S (MISS) HISTORICAL WORKS; comprising Memoirs of the Life of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII.-Mary Queen of Scots-and Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia. Uniform in 5 Vols. post 8vo. with Portraits, and a Memoir of the Author, by Miss Aikin. Price 31. Or separately, MEMOIRS of the Life of ANNE | MEMOIRS of MARY, QUEEN of

BOLEYN, Queen of Henry VIII. 3d SCOTS, with Anecdotes of the Court of Edit. in 1 Vol, with 2 Portraits, and Me. HENRY the SECOND, during her Remoir of the Author, by Miss Aikin. 12s. sidence in France. In 2 Vols. 8vo, with a

genuine Portrait, never before engraved.

Price ll. 48. bds. 2d Edit.

Also may be had, by the same Author,

Author of the HONEY-Moon. In 8vo. of FRANCE - In the press.
Price 12s. Bds.

72. RODERICK, the LAST of the GOTHS: a Poem. By ROBERT SOUTHEY, LL. D. &c. &c. In 2 Vols. Price 16s.

By the same Author,
THALABA, 2 Vols. 16s.; Madoc, 2 108. 6d. ; Carmen Triumphale ; and Car.

Vols. 16s. ; Curse of Kehama, 2 Vols. 148. ; men Aulica, for 1814, 5s.
Minor Poems, 3 Vols. 185.; Pilgrimage to

A VISION of JUDGMENT, a Poem. Waterloo, 10s. 6d.; Tale of Paraguay, Ato. 15s. Bds.


MINOR POEMS. By Jos. Snow. Post 8vo. 8s. 6d. bds.

74. GIBBON'S HISTORY of the DECLINE and FALL of the ROMAN EMPIRE ; for the Use of Families and Young Persons. Reprinted from the original Text, with the careful Omission of all Passages of an irreligions or immoral Tendency. By Thomas BOWDLER, Esq. F.R.S. S.A. In 5 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 36. Bds.

By the same Author, The FAMILY SHAKSPEARE; in Royal 18mo. 31. 38. Bds. or in 8 Vols. 8vo. which nothing is added to the original

the Fifth Edit. 41. 148. 6d. Text; but those words and Expressions

“We are of opinion, that it requires nothing are omitted, which cannot with propriety

more than a notice, to bring this very meritorious

publication into general circulation." be read aloud in a Family. 10 Vols.

Edinb. Reviero, No. 71.

75. A SERIES of 75 COMPOSITIONS to illustrate the ILIAD and ODYSSEY of Homer, with_Descriptions of their subjects, and extracts from POPE's translation upon each plate. The dresses, habits, armour, implements of war, &c., are all of Classical authority. By PROFESSOR FLAXMAN. In 2 Vols. price 21. 28. each.

By the same Author, 1. A SERIES of 111 COMPOSITIONS to illustrate DANTE. 41. 48. bds,

3. COMPOSITIONSfrom ÆSCHY2. A SERIES of COMPOSITIONS LUS, 21, 28. to illustrate HESIOD. Folio. 21. 128.6d. bds.

76. PERSONAL NARRATIVE of TRAVELS in COLOMBIA: embracing Details of the Geography, Climate, Population, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, &c. &c. of that Country. By BARON DE HUMBOLDT. From the Original French, by HELEN MARIA WILLIAMS. In 8vo. Vol. VI. Parts 1 and 2, with a General Map of the Republic of Colombia, from the latest Observations and Discoveries, &c. &c. 11. 5s. Bds.

Vol. VII. is in the Press, and nearly ready.

By the same Author, The First Five Volumes of the PER- POLITICAL ESSAY on MEXICO. SONAL NARRATIVE. Price 41. ls. Bds. The Third Edition. In 4 Vols. 8vo. with

Sections and Maps. Price 31. 13s, 6d. RESEARCHES concerning the IN.


A GEOGNOSTICAL ESSAY on the "AMERICA; with Descriptions and SUPERPOSITION of ROCKS in both Views. 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 116.6d. Bds.

HEMISPHERES. 8vo. 148. Bdı.

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