Companion Encyclopedia of the History and Philosophy of the Mathematical Sciences

Ivor Grattan-Guinness
Routledge, 11 de set. 2002 - 1840 pàgines
* Examines the history and philosophy of the mathematical sciences in a cultural context, tracing their evolution from ancient times up to the twentieth century
* 176 articles contributed by authors of 18 nationalities
* Chronological table of main events in the development of mathematics
* Fully integrated index of people, events and topics
* Annotated bibliographies of both classic and contemporary sources
* Unique coverage of Ancient and non-Western traditions of mathematics


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David A King
technology and machines Eberhard Knobloch
mathematics A G Molland
Part 3Calculus and mathematical analysis
J Lützen
of trigonometry and its functions I Grattan
3 Infinite seriesand solutions ofordinary
Detection and approximationI
6 Projective geometry J J Gray 7 7 Line
G Fraser
18Astronomical navigation Derek Howse
Physics and mathematical physics and electrical
optics N Kipnis
13Relativity C W Kilmister 9 14Statistical mechanics StephenG

Logics set theories and the foundations
logic from Boole to Schröder 18401900
R Garciadiego
from Cardano to Galois 1540
and analytic geometry J J Gray
nonEuclidean geometry J J Gray
17 Crystallography E Scholz
Part 10Probability and statistics and the social sciences
Hunger Parshall and David E Rowe
mathematics H Wussing
Ascher and R Ascher
ratioRoger HerzFischler 12 5 Numerology and gematria I GrattanGuinness
to mathematics
sources Albert C Lewis

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Sobre l'autor (2002)

Ivor Grattan-Guinness is at Middlesex Polytechnic.

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