Pocket Fowler's Modern English Usage

Oxford University Press, 2004 - 622 pàgines
This invaluable reference work offers the best and most sought-after advice on English grammar based on Henry Fowler's original, which is still a classic text after nearly 80 years. Updated with the use of Oxford's unrivalled language databases, it comprises over 4,200 entries giving clear recommendations on grammar, pronunciation, spelling, syntax, and writing style. Using a wide range of illustrative quotations from well-known authors, as well as from international newspapers and journals, the Guide gives advice on how to avoid common pitfalls in English usage, such as using the split infinitive or deciding between infer and imply or between who and whom. Users of the Guide will find themselves reaching for it again and again, whether they are writing a report, a novel, or a letter to a friend.

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Sobre l'autor (2004)

Robert Allen is an experienced lexicographer and writer on a wide range of language issues. A former Senior Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, Chief Editor of the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1990), and an Associate Editor of the Oxford Companion to the English Language (1992), he haswritten widely on the use of English in modern times. He now works as a freelance editor and writer, and is the author of two titles in Oxford's 'One Step Ahead' series, Punctuation and Spelling.

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