Leipziger Repertorium der Deutschen und Ausländischen Literatur, Volum 4

T. O. Weigel., 1843

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Pàgina 447 - The Englishman's Hebrew and Chaldee Concordance of the Old Testament : Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion between the Original and the English Translations ; with Indexes, a List of the Proper Names and their Occurrences, &c.
Pàgina 166 - To which are added a Synopsis of Words differently Pronounced by different Orthoepists ; and Walker's Key to the Classical Pronunciation of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names.
Pàgina 128 - ICONES PLANTARUM ; or, Figures, with brief Descriptive Characters and Remarks, of New and Rare Plants, selected from the Author's Herbarium.
Pàgina 548 - Observations on Days of Unusual Magnetic Disturbance, made at the British Colonial Magnetic Observatories under the Departments of the Ordnance and Admiralty, printed by the British Government under the Superintendence of Lieut.-Col.
Pàgina 462 - Textrinum antiquorum: an account of the art of weaving among the ancients.
Pàgina 460 - Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines : Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice.
Pàgina 183 - EVENTS OF A MILITARY LIFE, being Recollections after Service in the Peninsular War, Invasion of France, the East Indies, St. Helena, Canada, and elsewhere. By WALTER HENRY, Esq. Surgeon to the Forces, First Class. 2 vols. royal 12mo.
Pàgina 221 - PRODUCTIVE FARMING. A Familiar Digest of the Most Recent Discoveries of Liebig, Davy, Johnston, and other celebrated Writers on Vegetable Chemistry, showing how the results of Tillage might be greatly augmented.
Pàgina 542 - The Future States : their Evidences and Nature ; considered on Principles Physical, Moral, and Scriptural, with the Design of showing the Value of the Gospel Revelation by the Right Rev. Reginald Courtenay, DD, Lord Bishop of Kingston (Jamaica), 1857. ' "Now that 'Jesus Christ brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel...

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