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PÓgina 128 - Per 1' altru' impoverir se' ricca e grande ; Poi che di mal oprar tanto ti giova : Nido di tradimenti ; in cui si cova Quanto mal per lo mondo oggi si spande ; Di vin serva, di letti e di vivande, In cui lussuria fa 1' ultima prova. Per le camere tue fanciulle e vecchi Vanno trescando, e Belzebub in mezzo, Co' mantici, e col foco, e con gli specchi.
PÓgina 79 - We must now proceed to the two great poems which were produced at the end of the eleventh or beginning of the twelfth century.
PÓgina 155 - The MILLER was a stout carl for the nones, Ful bigge he was of braun, and eke of bones; That proved wel, for over all ther he came, At wrastling he wold bere away the ram. He was short shuldered brode, a thikke gnarre, Ther n'as no dore, that he n'olde heve of barre, Or breke it at a renning with his hede.
PÓgina 166 - Thow shalt, while that thou lyvest, yer by yere, The moste partye of thy tyme spende In makyng of a glorious legende...
PÓgina 123 - Blow, northern wind, Send thou me my sweeting. Blow, northern wind, blow, blow, blow...
PÓgina 158 - Certes, he Jakke Straw, and his meynee, Ne made never shoutes half so shrille, Whan that they wolden any Fleming kille, As thilke day was maad upon the fox.
PÓgina 127 - Stalworthly, with spere and schelde, And thoght to win his right, With lordes, and with knightes kene, And other doghty men bydene, That war ful frek to fight.
PÓgina 157 - And mekely receyveth my pardoun; Or elles taketh pardoun as ye wende, Al newe and fressh at every miles ende,— So that ye offren, alwey newe and newe, Nobles or pens, whiche that be goode and trewe. It is an honour to everich that is heer That ye mowe have a suffisant Pardoneer Tassoille yow in contree as ye ryde, For dventures whiche that may bityde.
PÓgina 172 - Every tree well fro his fellow grew, With branches brode, lade with leves newe, That sprongen out ayen the sunne shene. Some very red, and some a glad light grene...
PÓgina 155 - It snewed in his hous of mete and drynke, Of alle deyntees that men koude thynke. After the sondry sesons of the yeer, So chaunged he his mete and his soper. Ful many a fat partrich hadde he in muwe, And many a breem and many a luce in stuwe.

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