The Year-book of Facts in Science and Art

Charles W. Vincent, James Mason
Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1862

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Pàgina 286 - Much may be learned, even by those who fancy they do not require to be taught, from the careful perusal of this unpretending but comprehensive treatise.
Pàgina 237 - In the front of the crown, and in the centre of a diamond Maltese cross, is the famous ruby, said to have been given to Edward, Prince of Wales, son of...
Pàgina 281 - Tables for Land Valuers. THE LAND VALUER'S BEST ASSISTANT: being Tables, on a very much improved Plan, for Calculating the Value of Estates. With Tables for reducing Scotch, Irish, and Provincial Customary Acres to Statute Measure, &c. By R. HUDSON, CE New Edition, royal 32mo, leather, gilt edges, elastic band, 4^.
Pàgina 113 - It is also impossible to conceive either the beginning or the continuance of life without a creating and overruling power. The author's object was to lay before the Section an application of these general views to the discovery of probable limits to the periods of tune, past and future, during which the sun can be reckoned on as a source of heat and light.
Pàgina 279 - Maury's book will not hereafter be classed with the works of the great men who have taken the lead in extending and improving knowledge and art ; his book displays in a remarkable degree, like the ' Advancement of Learning,' and the ' Natural History* of Buffon, profound research and magnificent imagination.
Pàgina 237 - From the upper part of the arches are suspended four large pendant pear-shaped pearls, with rose diamond caps, containing twelve rose diamonds, and stems containing twenty-four very small rose diamonds. Above the arch stands the mound, containing in the lower hemisphere 304 brilliants, and in the upper 244 brilliants ; the zone and arc being composed of thirty-three rose diamonds.
Pàgina 279 - The Physical Geography of the Sea and its Meteorology ; or, the Economy of the Sea and its Adaptations, its Salts, its Waters, its Climates, its Inhabitants, and whatever there may be of general interest in its Commercial Uses or Industrial Pursuits.

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