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124. On Expectations from the Lottery STEELE.
125. Proposal for a Receptacle for Persons

out of their Wits
126. Characters of a Prude and Coquette-

Story of the Gascon and the Widow
127. On Pride as affecting the Reason...
128. Letter from a Fortune-hunter-

From a deserted Female............
129. Dutch satirical Pictures-Letter

from Pasquin at Rome
130. Superiority of Great Britain in the

Number of eminent Characters-

Estcourt's Benefit
131. Trial of the Wine-brewers

132. Characters of the Members of the
Club at the Trumpet ........

......... STEELE.
133. On Silence-Instances of its Signi.
ficancy .

134. Transmigration of Souls-Petition

of Job Chanticleer-Cruelty to

135. Distinction between Ancient and

Modern Free-thinkers-The latter
how to be treatcd Anecdote of a

French Officer
136. History of Tom Varnish-Petition-

ers for the Farthingal
137. Various Abuses of Speech-Swear-

ing-Departure of the Duke of

Marlborough, &C.........
138. Deference to the Opinion of the

World-Gyges' Ring-Actions of

Public Spirits-Whetters
139. Women more improveable than Men

-On Courtship - The Author's
Discoveries by the Use of his Ring


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