Imatges de pàgina
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Aaron, and his fasting, 493.
Abbeys cursed, iii. 519.
Abigail and Nabal, 559.
Absalom, iii. 88.
Absolon, the parish clerk, 124.
Absolon's ornamented shoes, 125.
Absolution, the, of the Friar, 9.
Abstinence a remedy against gluttony, ii. 233.
'Accidie," negligence arising from discontent, ii. SIX
Accoutrements of Emetrius, 83.
Acerbas, called Sichseus, iii. 19, 119.
Achilles, iii. 15.
Achilles and Hector, ii. 294.
ActEeon, 79.
Adam and Eve, 557.
Adam, Chaucer's scrivener, ii. 691.
Adain driven out of Paradise for eating, 402.
Adam, his fall the source of sin, ii. 164.
Ailam in the field of Damascus, 328.
Adam the father of all, ii. 190.
Adolphus, the fables of, 590.
Adornment of the temple of Mars, 76.
Adrastus, one of the Seven who went against Thebes,

3A: ». 370-
Adultery and its perils, ii. 239.
Adultery, the sin of, ii. 235.
Advocate, an, advises Melibeus, 255.
Advocates and physicians labor for lucre, iii. 406.
Athwato el Dmbolo, a story like the Friar's Tale, 469.
/limilian road, the, 510.
/Eneas, his flight from Troy, iii. 7.
.,Eneas in " paradise," ii\ 122.

VOL. III. 42

Mrieid, the first lines of, quoted, iii. 6.
Aineid, the, imitated, iii. 58.
/Eolus, god of wind, iii. 57.
iEson, iii. 133.

Agaton, an unknown writer, iii. 100.
Age grown shorter than she was, iii. 219.

Age, its safety, iii. 377, 379.
Agenor's daughter, iii. 83.
Agraulos, ii. J18.
Ahithophel, ii 322.

Alanus de Insulis, the "Universal Doctor," ii. 99, 342;

iii. 36.

Albertano of Brescia, 249.

Albertano of Brescia, his Consolatione et ConttiU, lxxii

Alcathoe, i.e., Megara, iii. 152.

Alceste, ballad sung to, iii. 88.

Alchemists, their practices, ii. 88, etc

Alcoran, the, of Mahomet, 180.

Aldine Chaucer, the, x

Aldiran, the star, ii. It.

Ale-stake, an, 27.

Alexander, Aristotle's instructions to, ii. 117.
Alexander the Great, and his fortunes, 351.
Alexander's dreams, iii. 34.
Alexandria, 3.

Alexandria, Rome, Troy, and Nineveh, ii. I00.

Algezir, the siege of, 3.

Algous, the inventor of the abacus, ii. 298.

Alhazen, Arabian astronomer, ii. 10.

Alice, the carpenter's wife, serenaded, 126.

Alia in Rome, 205.

Alia, king of Northumberland, 19a

Alia meets Custance in Rome, 207.

Alia mourns for his wife and child, 301.

Alliteration, ii. 134.

Almachius, prefect of Rome, ii. 76.

Almagest, the, of Ptolemy, 426, 432.

Alma redemptoris, 232.

Almsdeeds, ii. 262.

AInath, the star, ii. 50.

Alphabet, the Old English, r.

Alphonsus of Lincoln, 239,

Ambrose quoted, ii. 137.

Americanism, an, 511.

Amour, William St, iii. 443.

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Amphiaraus, the seer, ii. 370, 430, 677.
Amphion, king of Thebes, ii. 123.
Ancestors, 463.
Anchises, iii. 7.

Andromachus the elder, compounder of the Theriaca

Andromachi, 394.
Andromeda, her dream of Hector, 371.
Anelyda, her complaint, ii. 376.
Angiitis ad Virginem, a song, 131.
Anger and its fruit, 497.
Anger described by Augustine, ii. 193.
Anger, remedy against, ii. 209.
Angry folk to be avoided, iii. 321.
Anguishous, contrition should be, ii. 162.
Ann, sister of Dido, iii. 124, 131.
Anne of Bohemia, iii. 99.

Annueler, a priest employed to sing anniversary massei

for the dead, ii. 101.
Annus magnus, cxii.
Antenor, ii. 322.

Antenor and Cryseyde arranged to be exchanged, ii. 564.
Antenor taken prisoner, ii. 561.
Antichrist's men, iii. 452.

Aitticlaudianus, a work of Alan us de Insulis, iii. 36.
Antigone's song, ii. 457.
Antiochus, and his fall, 350.
Antony, iii. 103.

Apelles, and the sepulchre that he made for Darius, 438

Apelles, the painter, 384.
Apollo, a prayer to, ii. 40.
Apollo invoked, iii. 40.
Apostles, a wolf among, iii. 426.
Apostrophe to the house of Cryseyde, ii. 642.
Apparel, xxix.

Appetite, unmeasurable, ii. 232.
Appius cast into prison, 394.
Appius, the false judge, 389.
April, messenger to May, 167.
Arabian Nights' Entertainments, lxxvi.
Archemorus, ii. 677.

Architecture, the, of the House of Fame, iii. 44.
Arcite and Palamon found on the field of battle, 40.
Arcite delivered through the intercession of Perotheu*

Arcite offers Palamon to Emily, HJ.

A rcite speaks to Emily before his death, 104.

Arcite, the burial of, 108.

Arcite's fall, 102.

Arcite's triumph, lot.

Argument, otii.

Argus, iii. 135.

Argyve, the mother of Cryseyde, H. 587.

Ariadne, iii. 9-

Ariadne and Theseus, iii. 15.
A Hon and his cithara, iii. 37.
Aristotle and his philosophy, 12.
Aristotle on sound, iii. 28.
Aristotle's Ethics, iii. 85.
Armenia, ruled by Anelyda, ii. 370.
Arming of the knights at Athens, 94.
Armor of Sir Thopas described, 241.
Armorica, a knight of, ii. 29.

Arnold of Villeneuve, his Rosarium Philosophorum, ii.

Arrangement of the Canterbury Tales, Ivii
Arrows, five, of Sweet-looking, iii. 241.
Arthur, the king, 452.
Arveragus. of Cairrud, ii. 32.
Ascalaphus turned into an owl, ii. 633.
Associates of the Friar, 10.
Astrolabe, cxiv.

Astrolabe, the, referred to, ii. 361.

Astrological allusions, 360, 362, 577 ; ii. 3, It, 5a

Astrological hours, 17.

Astrology, xxiii.

Astrology referred to, 12a

Atalanta, 79.

Athalus Asiaticus, inventor of chess, ii. 306.
Athamas, king of Thebes, ii. 616.

Atropos, one of the Fates, ii. 604, 616.

Attalia, 3.

Attila, the great conqueror, 405.
"Attry," anger ii. 198.
Augustine, bishop of Hippo, 375; iii. 144*
\ugustine describes anger, ii. 192.
Augustine, his directions to monks, 8.
Augustine on avarice, 305.
Augustine on confession, ii. 255.
Augustine on matrimony, ii. 244.

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