Imatges de pàgina


After her service in such avise, 2190

That of my dreame the substaunce

Mighte once turne to cognisaunce,

And cognisaunce to very preve

By full consent and goode leve

Or elles without more I pray

That thilke night, or it be day,

I mote unto my dreame returne,

And, sleeping so, forth aie sojourne

About the yle of pleasaunce,

Under my ladies obeisaunce MOO

In her servise, and in such wise

As it please her may to devise,

And grace ones to be accepte,

Like as I dreamed when I slepte,

And dure a thousand yeare and ten

In her good will. Amen! Amen!

Fairest of faire, and goodliest on live, All my secret to you I plaine and shrive. Requiring grace and of complaint, To be healed, or martyred as a saint; 2210 For by my trouth I sweare, and by this booke, Ve may both heale and slea me with a looke.

Go forth, mine owne true hart innocent, And with humblesse do thine observaunce, And to thy lady on thy knees present Thy servise new, and think how great pleasanc* It is to live under thobeisance

Of her that may with her lookes softe

Give thee the blisse that thou desirest ofte.

He diligent, awake, obey, and drede, 2220 And be not too wild of thy countenaunce, But meeke and glad, and thy nature feede, To do each thing that may her pleasance, When thou shalt sleep, have aie in remembrance Thimage of her which may with lookes softe (live thee the blisse that thou desirest ofte.

And if so be that thou her name finde
Written in booke, or elles upon walle,
Looke that thou, as servaunt true and kinde
Thine obeisaunce, as she were there withalle;
Faining in love is breeding of a falle 2231
From the grace of her whose lookes softe
May give the blisse that thou desirest ofte.

Ve that this ballade reade shalle,
I pray you keep you from the falle.


Alone walkyng,
In thought pleynyng,
And sore syghyng,
Al desolate.


Me remembryng
Of my lyvyng,
My deth wyshyng

Bothe erly and late.

Is soo my fate
That, wote ye whate?
Oute of mesure

My lyfe I hate:
Thus desperate,
In suche pore estate,
Do I endure.

Of other cure
Am I nat sure;
Thus to endure

Ys hard certayn:

Suche ys my ure,1
I yow ensure;
What creature

May have more payn?

My trouth so pleyn
Ys take in veyn,
And gret disdeyn

In remembraunce;

Yet I full feyne
Wolde me compleyne,
Me to absteyne

From thys penaunce.

Bat in substaunce,
Noon allegeaunce1
Of my grevaunce

Can I nat fynde;

Ryght so my chaunce,
With displesaunce,
Doth me avannce;

And thus an ende.


Whan prestis faylin in her sawes,
And lordis turnin Goddis lawes
Ageynis ryt;

And lecherie is holden as privy solas,
And robberie as fre purchas,
Be war than of ille.

Than schall the lond of Albion
Turnin to confusion,

As sumtyme it befelle.

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Ora pro Anglia, Sancta Maria, quod Thomas

Sweete Jhesu, heven-king,
Fayr and beste of all thyng,
You bring us owt of this morning
To come to the at owre ending.


Go forth, King, rule thee by sapience;

Bishop, be able to minister doctrine; Lorde, to true counsaile geve audience;

Womanhode, to chastity ever incline;

Knight, let thy deedes worship determine; Be righteous, Judge, in saving of thy name; Riche, do almose, lest thou lese bliss with shame.

People, obey your king and the law;

Age, be ruled by good religion; True Servaunt, be dredful and keep thee undei law;

And, thou Poore, fie on presumpcion!

Inobedience to Youth is utter destruction; Remember you how God hath set you, lo, And doe your part as ye be ordained to.

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