The Compleat English Copyholder : Or, a Guide to Lords of Manors, Justices of the Peace, Tenants, Stewards, ....

E. and R. Nutt, and R. Gosling, 1735

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Pàgina 388 - ... of the body and bodies of all and every such son and sons lawfully issuing ; the elder of such sons, and the heirs...
Pàgina 421 - It seems, that a common nuisance may be defined to be an offence against the public, either by doing a thing which tends to the annoyance of all the king's subjects, or by neglecting to do a thing which the common good requires.
Pàgina 416 - EF his executors, adminiftrators, and affigns, or fome of them, fhall and will well and truly pay, or caufe to be paid unto the faid...
Pàgina 452 - ... at the will of the lord, according to the cuftom of the faid manor; by virtue of which faid grant thereof, he the faid GS became, and at the faid time when, &c.
Pàgina 581 - A right of way may also arise by act and operation of law : for, if a man grants me a piece of ground in the middle of his field, he at the same time tacitly and impliedly gives me a way to come at it ; and I may cross his land for that purpose without trespass°. For when the law doth give any thing to one, it giveth impliedly whatsoever is necessary for enjoying the same P.
Pàgina 559 - AA their executors, adminiftrators, or afligns, fome or one of them, fhall and will, upon the requeft, and at the cofts and charges of the faid M G.
Pàgina 451 - And whereupon he saith, that he himself was seised of the tenements aforesaid, with the appurtenances, In his demesne as of fee and right, in time of peace, in the time of the lord the king that now is, by taking the profits thereof to the value...
Pàgina 560 - Vicar, &c. of the faid pari(h and pari(h church, (hall •fhali' and will well and truly pay, or caufe to be paid, unto the faid...
Pàgina 490 - ever, of the Lord by the Rod, at the Will of the Lord, according according to the Cuftom of the faid Manor, by the yearly Rent of 8 d.
Pàgina 391 - AND it is hereby further declared and agreed by and between all the faid parties to thefe prefents, and the true intent and meaning of...

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