Worcester College

F. E. Robinson & Company, 1900 - 268 pāgines

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Pāgina 267 - A History of the College from its Foundation ; (2) An Account and History of its Buildings ; (3) Notices of the Connection of the College with any Important Social or Religious Events ; (4) A List of the Chief Benefactions made to the College ; (5) Some Particulars of the Contents of the College Library ; (6) An Account of the College Plate, Windows, and other Accessories ; (7) A Chapter upon the best known, and other notable but less well-known Members of the College. Each volume will be produced...
Pāgina 270 - We are glad to welcome the first two volumes of what promises to be an excellent series of College Histories. . . . Well printed, handy and convenient in form, and bound in the dark or light blue of either University, these small volumes have everything external in their favour. As to their matter, all are to be entrusted to competent men, who, if they follow in the steps of the first two writers, will produce records full of interest to everybody who cares for our old Universities.
Pāgina 93 - Oxford, with great pomp and solemnity. It is remarkable, when Dr Babington, the Earl's chaplain, did preach the funeral sermon, he tript once or twice in his speech, by recommending to their memories that virtuous lady so pitifully murdered, instead of saying pitifully slain.
Pāgina 120 - Arts, though but of two years' standing ; at which time his conversation being made public, and consequently his ingenuity and generous soul discovered, he became as much admired by the male, as before by the female sex.
Pāgina 123 - In those darke times astrologer, mathematician, and conjurer, were accounted the same things, and the vulgar did verily believe him to be a conjurer. He had a great many mathematical! instruments and glasses in his chamber...
Pāgina 25 - It is one of the most fascinating, and, at the same time, one of the most corrupting books in the English tongue.
Pāgina 132 - a great talk of converting Gloucester Hall into a College for the education of 20 or 30 Greeks in Academical learning, and to send them home, but these only wanted pelf.
Pāgina 201 - This woman dyed very rich, (in the 70th year or thereabouts of her age,) and hath left a vast deal to several charitable uses.
Pāgina 51 - The date of this document is about the end of the reign of Richard II. and the beginning of the reign of Henry IV.
Pāgina 81 - and all saints, I command thee to declare what thou art, that art behind at my back." " I am Bertram's boy,

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