Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

Multilingual Matters, 1 de gen. 2006 - 492 pągines
Written as an introductory text from a crossdisciplinary perspective, this book covers individual and societal concepts in minority and majority languages.

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Bilingualism Definitions and Distinctions
The Measurement of Bilingualism
Endangered Languages Planning and Revitalization
Languages in Society
The Early Development of Bilingualism
The Later Development of Bilingualism
Bilingualism and Cognition
Cognitive Theories of Bilingualism and the Curriculum
The Effectiveness of Bilingual Education
Effective Schools and Classrooms for Bilingual Students
Literacy Biliteracy and Multiliteracies for Bilinguals
The Assessment and Special Educational Needs of Bilinguals
Deaf People Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
Bilingualism and Bilingual Education as a Problem Right and Resource
Bilingualism and Bilingual Education Ideology Identity and Empowerment
Bilingualism in the Modern World

Historical Introduction to Bilingual Education The United States
Types of Bilingual Education
Education for Bilingualism and Biliteracy

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Sobre l'autor (2006)

Colin Baker holds a Personal Chair of the University of Wales, and teaches in the School of Education at the University of Wales, Bangor. Some of his previously published books with Multilingual Matters include: Attitudes and Language (1992), a Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (second edition in 2000), the Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education (1998 - with Sylvia Prys Jones) and The Care and Education of Young Bilinguals (2000). The previous editions of this book were published in 1993,1996 and 2001.

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