A Grape from a Thorn, Volum 2

Smith, Elder, 1881
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Pàgina 91 - Well, I should hope it was because she heard the rumour of your possible departure." " Not she," said Mrs. Jennynge, at which somewhat blunt sally Mr. Josceline smiled as though it had been the subtlest of epigrams. " Mrs. Armytage has found in a book from the circulating library," continued Anastasia, " a passage which has affected her most distressingly." " Dear me ; from one of the poets, no doubt," said Mr. Josceline ; "a delicate nature like hers must be easily unstrung by poetic suggestion."...
Pàgina 104 - And you will keep my little gift too," in Mr. Josceline's ear. " I have given a ring or two away in my time," reflected that gentleman when he found himself in his own apartment, " and in each case with a certain significance attaching to it. But I don't remember any one having given me an ' engaged ring ' before ; and it's not leap year, neither. However, the lady's booked, which is a great relief — my poor dear Ella.

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